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The worst out of the five movies out so far

It was really exciting news for me when I found out that the last three Digimon Adventure tri movies were going to hit theaters. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, I couldn’t watch the first movie in theater, so it made me happy that after so many reasons, I watched my first Digimon movie in theaters. The fourth movie, Loss, must be my least favorite movie out of the five that are out so far, but that really didn’t stop me from enjoying my first experience with Digimon in theaters. I think the cheesy English dub kind of helped too. 

Digimon Adventure tri: Loss
Studio: Toei Animation
Licensed By: Fathom Events
Released: February 1st, 2018 (NA)

So Loss starts off with the original Chosen Chidlren, both Daigo and Maki included, fighting against the Dark Masters. During the battle, four of them evolved into the Harmonious Ones while Megadramon sacrificed himself to destroy the Dark Masters with the Harmonious Ones' powers. Afterwards, the movies move onto the Chosen Children trying to reestablish their friendship with their rebooted Digimon partners.

As they are trying to reconnect with their rebooted Digimon, they briefly come across Meicoomon, who has retained her memories of Meiko despite the reboot. While others seem to have better luck reestablishing their friendship with their Digimon, Sora has trouble reconnecting with Yokomon (who turns into her Rookie form, Biyomon, later on alongside her other fellow Digimon), who appears hostile towards her, which is really the main conflict in the story.

Loss had more character development than Determination, or at least one that wasn’t forced. Sora has always been a character that look out for others, but not herself. With Biyomon and the rest of the Digimon not having their memories, Sora was alone in her struggle to be friends with Biyomon. In Determination, at least made some story progress and set up for the third movie.

At least with the second movie, the slice of life is enjoyable, but in Loss, excluding Sora’s character development, and Biyomon evolving into Phoenixmon, I reached the end of the movie more puzzled than ever. What bothered me the most was that Takeru and Patamon got mistreated once again. We barely got to see Seraphimon in action. Takeru barely got any character development or a conflict of his own to overcome.

The movie did have a purpose though. While nothing it didn’t move the story forward too much, at least in my opinion, it was there to rebuild the friendship between the Chosen Children and their Digimon. We even got to see Wargreymon, Metalgreymon, and HerculesKabuterimon back in action, fighting against the reborn Dark Masters. The movie ends with Meicoomon out of control, which sets up for the next movie, Coexistence, definitely the better movie out of the five, as it should be.

Kind of like Dragon Ball, I can say that I grew up with the Digimon English dub, but at the same time I didn’t since I came to the US in my late childhood/early pre-teen years, but it still felt very familiar and nostalgic especially with Joshua Seth back in action. The dub was as fun and cheesy as I remember it, and though some scenes felt slightly more comedic compared to it’s original tone in the Japanese version, I really enjoyed it, especially since it really didn’t alter any important story context. The cheesiness in the dub made me enjoy the movie a bit more, too. The voice acting is general was good too.  

Even as my least favorite Digimon Adventure Tri movie, it makes me really happy that this was in theaters instead of a direct Blu-Ray release. I wasn’t expecting my theater to be full, but I know it was packed for other theaters around the country, but it was full enough that everyone had a good time. I can’t certainly wait for the other two movies when it hits theaters.  

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Digimon Adventure tri: Loss reviewed by Christian Chiok



An exercise in apathy, neither solid nor liquid. Not exactly bad, but not very good either. Just a bit "meh," really.
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