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It certainly feels like forever since the announcement of the My Hero Academia movie.  A lot of plot speculation rose from the fandom, one thing being between what arcs would the movie’s plot fall in. However, aside from a few major details here and there, I haven’t really kept up with the movie until it was announced that it would premiere during Anime Expo this year as well as Horikoshi’s first North American appearance in San Diego Comic Con. I was really bummed that I missed out on it. To see such a deserving franchise finally getting its movie treatment, it was really satisfying.

However, one thing that I was a bit disappointed with was that the movie took place between Season 2 and Season 3, so in other words – between the Final Exams Arc and Forest Training Camp Arc. It meant that a lot of the development we saw during Season 3 wasn’t going to be present.  While that in a way is a downside, the bigger upside meant that All Might still had his powers thus, he was still in action. The news ever got better when it was announced that fans would witness All Might during his prime days. This meant a lot to the fandom. Including myself. With more reason. I couldn’t wait to watch the movie.

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes
Studio: Bones
Licensed By: FUNImation
Released: July 5th, 2018 (Anime Expo), August 3rd, 2018 (Japan), September 25th, 2018 (NA)

The movie begins with All Might during his prime days when he was in the US alongside his sidekick and longtime friend – David Shield. During this sequence, you get to see the man in action – the reason why he IS the number hero ever and why people praise him so much. We witness feats that we haven’t seen in the series before like manipulating his place in the air by throwing high powered punches or rapidly dashing through the air. Not only that, but we need the man overflown with confidence, full of fire, and doing what he loves the most at his best – being a hero.

Fast-forward to present day, we see All Might and Midoriya in a plane heading to I-Expo - an expo dedicated to showcasing support items that enhances the heroes’ overall performance. It’s located on a secluded island were many top scientists do their research, with David Shield at the top of it all. As Midoriya and All Might get off the plane, they are greeted by enthusiastic fans surrounding All Might for autographs with many girls kissing him all over his face as well. Later on, we are introduced to Melissa Shield – David Shield’s daughter who plays an important part during the movie.

While Melissa is showing Midoriya around the premise, we witness that David already knows that All Might is weakened due to the injury caused by All for One. As All Might’s friend, he is worried about his worsening condition. After that scene, we learn Melisa is quirkless, just like Midoriya, as well as her dreams and how she wants to follow her father’s footsteps until we get interrupted by Ochako, Jiro, and Momo. We also get too see many of Class 1-A’s students as they were also invited to the island and the event by different means.

Upon seeing the scars on his hand, she shows him an invention of her own – the Full Gauntlet, as we seen Midoriya wear in the trailers. This gauntlet allows him to use 100% of his power in his punches with that arm without my damage to it as well. He really looks great using it.

However, Midoriya isn’t the only one that got to shine. During the movie, a group of villains lead by the villain Wolfram attacked the expo to retrieve a support item that enhances your quirk. During his ambush, he captures all heroes, including All Might who was invited as a guest speaker for the presentation event. It was up to Class 1-A to save the day. We get to see both Todoroki and Bakugou working together in action, which despite their differences, it was really cool seeing both in action. It was a bit conflicting too since Todoroki is my favorite character in the series while Bakugou is on the very bottom of my list, however, regardless of who your favorite character is, anyone can admit that both characters have excellent chemistry when it comes to battle.

However, I feel like it wouldn’t be a well-rounded movie if it all it had was action scenes. Luckily, the movie delivers with comedic scenes and good character interaction. We see the bro chemistry (or bromance if we’re going there) between Kirishima and Bakugou – especially one particular scene where Bakugou thanks Kirishima. I’m not into shipping at all but the KiriBaku fans will certainly enjoy it. Kaminari and Mineta’s funny moments as well, especially with how everything they do is an attempt to impress girls. I really liked that a lot of the characters played their role and were essential to the mission.

Among everything, I really enjoyed the chemistry between both Midoriya and Melissa – two individuals born without quirks trying to surpass their mentors – All Might and David, respectively. Melissa is really a down to earth character because as someone who was born without a quirk, she still gives it her best and never backed down. She was ready to give it her all and fulfil her dream of becoming like her dad, David. Additionally, I really enjoyed David’s character as well. You can tell that he’s a good guy that cares about people, and most importantly, his friend Toshinori Yagi, or as we know him, All Might.  

The movie isn’t perfect though. Wolfram, the main antagonist of the movie, is pretty boring. Aside from having contact with All For One, the character really lacks a lot of depth and we don’t really know why he’s a villain to begin with. I can’t really enjoy characters that are bad for the sake of being bad. However, during the final act of the movie, with witness the most spectacular scene in the anime, ever. Both All Might and Midoriya step up to take the villain down in a beautiful combination attack – pleasing anyone that is fan of their teacher-student relationship. To make matters even better, we see All Might pulling the greatest poses ever. I geeked out when it happened.

Having the opportunity to watch this dubbed, I got to say that all the voice actors outdid themselves. I usually don’t watch My Hero Academia dubbed as I usually just watch the episodes once they are available on VRV every Saturday morning. However, after watching this movie, it really made me appreciate the hard work that voice actors such as Justin Briner, Christopher R. Sabat, Clifford Chapin put into dubbing this series that we have grown to love. However, not all credit goes to them, but to the entire team, as well. I really appreciated Brina Palencia as Mineta and she knew how to portray the character well, and enjoyed every scene he was present in. Mineta is a funny character, and she presented that well.

Bones Studios outdid themselves with this movie as well. The animation is all the action scenes were top notch. Especially during the final climactic scene where we see our beloved hero – All Might alongside his protégé and dear protagonist Midoriya team up for one ultimate attack. That was really a wonderful sight. It’s definitely a movie that you have to watch in theaters, especially for that one scene, even.

Overall, I thought the movie was very enjoyable. There was a part where the plot moved slowly but for the most part it was highly entertaining. We had a lot of great character interaction involving the cast of characters as well as action-packed scene that I can’t wait to watch in the big screen. Every My Hero Academia fan should be hyped to watch this movie. 

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My Hero Academia: Two Heroes reviewed by Christian Chiok



Impressive effort with a few noticeable problems holding it back. Won't astound everyone, but is worth your time and cash.
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