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A Trip Down Memory Lane

It’s been forever since I last seen anything related to the Ramna ½ franchise, and it makes me really happy that Viz Media is releasing the series via Blu-ray and DVD releases. I still remember the early Saturday mornings watching all kind of anime, including Digimon, Dragon Ball, Card Captor Sakura, and Ramna ½. I still have memories of having a sticker album in which had multiple scenes of the entire series and buying the packs weekly trying to fill up the entire album.

While I’ve seen the entirety of the series, of almost all of it, since I do remember missing episodes, and I missed some of the early episodes as well, I’ve never seen any of the movies or the OVA, so getting this Blu-ray set made me happy and I’m glad that I got to revisit memory lane. 

Ramna 1/2 OVA & Movies Collection (Blu-ray)
Studio: Studio Deen
Licensed By: Viz Media
Released: September 19, 2017 (NA)
MSRP: $54.99

So this packing includes three discs containing three movies – The Battle of Nekonron: The Fight to Break the Rules, The Battle of Togenkyo: Rescue the Brides!, and The Super Non-Discriinatory Shodown: Team Ranma vs. The Legendary Phoenix and 11 OVA episodes. It’s been over 14 years since I last seen Ramna ½ but I still had some of the main points retained, and I feel like you don’t need to have the series fresh in your mind to enjoy these movies as long as your know the characters, their relationship and why they transform.

In the first movie, Happosai’s lecherous ways put the Tendo Dojo and all who live there in danger. A woman named Lychee has arrived at the Dojo seeking revenge over a damage scroll. Just when it seems that Happosai may be in trouble for an unlikely crime, Prince Kirin and the Seven Lucky Gods appear and abduct Akane. I really liked the fight between Kirin vs Ramna. It really showed that he is a smart fighter, however, I don’t think that Kirin was an interesting antagonist, especially when all he ate was just Rice and Pickles. Not too much goes on the movie and it’s kind of forgettable.

The second movie is more interesting, in my opinion. In this film, Ramna and the Tendo family are enjoying a beautiful summer excursion on a yacht near Togenkyo Island until they were hit by a brutal storm and sent there. However, the unthinkable happens and one by one the girls start to disappear, and peaches are left in their place. To unveil the mystery, Ramna takes his female form and discovers the truth about why the girls went missing.

The antagonist of the movie and the ruler of the island, Prince Toma, due to the presence of cursed waters that turn anyone male, women on the island are a rarity. I really liked this movie since not a lot went down. Basically, the girls had to compete to see who would become Toma’s wife but Ramna took the competition too seriously, and got neglected by Toma. The fight between Ramna and Toma was fun to watch as well since it wasn’t on just one setting. Additionally, the fact that Ramna got rid of the cursed water when he could have used it to stay male was interesting too.

The third movie wasn’t as long as the other two movies. It was basically the length of an episode. It was really a refresher to watch after around five hours total of both movies. Basically, Kuno obtains the Legendary Phoenix Egg that is said that whoever is possession of it, will master the arcane sword attack known as the Ho’oken. It is said that there’s danger when the egg is placed on one’s head. Sadly, after Kuno encounters Ranma, he carelessly places the egg on Kuno’s head. Unfortunately for Ranma, the legend is true, and the phoenix starts attacking him. The OVAs are as long as regular episodes, and they all have their own story. If you liked the series, you would enjoy a marathon of all the OVA episodes.

The English dub was enjoyable, but not too outstanding. Most of the time I watched the series in Japanese since that’s what I grew up with, and I wanted that nostalgic feel. The subtitles like a lot of Viz Media release are a bit lazy as always since it only has one English subtitle track and it’s the one for the Japanese dub. So if you’re the type of person who wants to watch the English dub with subtitles, you’re out of luck and might as well just watch it in Japanese or no subtitles.

I’m very satisfied with this release and would recommend it to any Ramna ½ fan. 

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Ramna 1/2 OVAs & Movies Blu-ray Set reviewed by Christian Chiok



A hallmark of excellence. There may be flaws, but they are negligible and won't cause massive damage.
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