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Unite The Four Nations!

It wasn’t too long since The Alliance Alive was released on the Nintendo 3DS, with the game releasing on Summer 2017 in Japan and March 2018 in the west. Even though the Nintendo Switch has already come out worldwide, the Nintendo 3DS was still receiving titles. Personally, given that I didn’t enjoy The Legend of Legacy at all, I looked past it. However, a year and a half later after the North American release, the game was ported and enhanced to the Nintendo Switch, this time the game being published by NIS America.

Although The Legend of Legacy wasn’t really good, I have heard good things from The Alliance Alive. Thankfully, I got to play a demo at Anime Expo 2019 and noticed the vast improvement between both games. My biggest issue with that game was that it felt too repetitive and shallow. I also thought the story had potential initially, but it felt flat as I kept playing. While naturally I wouldn’t get the full picture of the story by just the demo, The Alliance Alive is the superior game, from a gameplay perspective. However, that’s a given as the game is written by Yoshitaka Murayama, known for his work on Suikoden.

The Alliance Alive HD (PlayStation 4, Windows, Nintendo Switch)
Developer: Cattle Call
Publisher: NIS America
Released: Oct 08, 2019
MSRP: $49.99

The game takes place in a fantasy world divided into four lands separated by ocean. A thousand years prior the game’s story, the world of humans was invaded by Daemons, who feared an energy from the human realm called Chaos. Their invasion culminated in the creation of a barrier which caused catastrophic climate changes and generated a cross-shaped flow of energy dubbed the Dark Current to destroy much of humanity.

You’ll get to play as nine characters, who are all part of the Night Crows—a human resistance group who fight the Daemons and aim to restore control of the world to humanity. What I’ve enjoyed about the gaming having multiple protagonist is that it shows the game world’s perspective from different views due to the versatile cast of characters on each chapter. It was interesting seeing contrasting perspectives, which is more present as the story progresses.

These characters include Galil, a young boy with a kind personality; Azura, a cheerful woman who often drags Galil on her adventures; Renzo, an optimistic young man with a wealth of information; Barbarosa, a monster soldier who swore loyalty to Azura's father after he saved his life; Vivian, a historian and the daughter of a Daemon overlord; Ignace, Vivian's Daemon butler; Tiggy, a young girl studying the Dark Current; Gene, a man who has acquired magical powers due to an associated with the Daemons; and Rachel, a kind-hearted mercenary.

Just like to The Legend of Legacy, The Alliance Alive is a turn-based RPG game but without the repetitive and shallowness from their previous 3DS’ title. A feature I always enjoy in JRPGs is autopilot which speeds up the battling process and minimizes the grind work while at it. It’s especially useful when dealing with constant enemy encounters. 

I can’t make a proper comparison to the original Nintendo 3DS release as this is my first-hand experience with the game, but looking at the game from a standalone perspective, as someone who hasn’t played the original version, it was a satisfying experience. The visual enhancements are noticeable given the remastered port, but sadly it doesn’t include any other additions from the original port such as voice acting, which would have been appreciated given the details given to the cutscenes.

Given that besides visual upgrades, such as better detailed textures and redrawn character models, the game didn’t receive any new content added, so it’s a bit difficult to recommend the game if you have already played the original 3DS version to the fullest and aren't interested in full visual upgrades, despite it being excellently done. However, that doesn’t stop it from being a well-done remaster, making it both the Switch and PS4 the right choice to play the game on, even with the possibly cheaper 3DS alternative. The game is a fantastic JRPG that belongs in any enthusiast’s of the genre.

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Review: The Alliance Alive HD Remastered reviewed by Christian Chiok



Impressive effort with a few noticeable problems holding it back. Won't astound everyone, but is worth your time and cash.
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