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A Charming Story of Yo-kai

Anime with Japanese folklore, such as yo-kai, as their concept has always intrigued me. From anime such as Yo-kai Watch to Miyazaki’s famous Spirited Away. I’ve always enjoyed it one way or another. Looking through FUNImation’s latest releases, I was happy that I stumbled upon The Morose Mononokean, since it went under my radar.

The series starts with the main character, Hanae Ashiya, encountering a small fuzzy yokai that clings to him, but also causes him to fatigue throughout his first week of high school, and was sent to the clinic. He later finds a number for an exorcist on a hidden flier and calls it in desperation. A young man named Haruitsuki Abeno answers the phone, who he asked to remove the yo-kai. Abeno is disappointed but decides to help him after the beast grows to large proportions. Using a beach ball, Abeno tells Ashiya that the yokai just wanted him to play with it. Five hours later, the yokai is satisfied and willingly leaves to the Underworld, the Yo-Kai world. Ashiya alone. Abeno then demands payment for his services, using Ashiya's lack of funds to guilt him into working off the debt as his assistant. The following day in class, Ashiya discovers that Abeno is his classmate.

The Morose Mononokean (Bluray)
Studio: Pierrot+
Licensed By: FUNimation
Released: January 16, 2018 (NA)
MSRP: $64.99

A little like Yo-kai Watch, the series is somewhat episodic, with each episode introducing a new yo-kai wanting to be exorcised to the Underworld. However, Ashiya, who initially was scared and wanting nothing to do with yo-kai, started to get attached to them and their world, and more than willing to help them. The story isn’t really too deep, but that’s okay. The series’ strong point is the Ashiya’s and Abeno’s character development, their relationship grows as they keep working together, with Abeno growing to respect Ashiya,and the Yo-Kai’s individual stories.

Unfortunately, there’s no option at all for subtitles when using the English track, while the Japanese version has English subs courtesy of Crunchyroll. I watched the entire series in Japanese so I can’t really make any comments of the dub. As for the extras, the typical textless opening and ending songs, as well as trailers is to be expected.

Based on the content the Blu-ray, it’s really hard to recommend buying the set when you can just watch the series legally in Crunchyroll subbed or in FUNIMation Now dubbed, but the series is really good it deserves support. I’m really glad I stumbled upon it since I missed it initially. 

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The Morose Mononokean reviewed by Christian Chiok



Impressive effort with a few noticeable problems holding it back. Won't astound everyone, but is worth your time and cash.
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