Saimoe 2010: Groups C and D: Celty didn't win edition


Another round of Saimoe - Japan's Ultimate Annual heart-attack pageant - has ended, and you know what that means: a new gallery post, partnered with increasing bitterness about Rin's defeat last week.

Groups C and D's first round have passed, though, and left otaku with with eighteen new heroines to prep for the next level of competition. It also left me with another addition to my deepening pit of bitterness, namely the defeat of Durarara!!'s Celty Sturluson. Dammit!

Check the header above to see how spiteful I am, picking Celty for the header image (awesome wallpaper design courtesy of our own Ben Huber) instead of an actual winner, and read on to find out who's going on to the next round.

The winner's circle this round can best be described with "The Three S's", which correspond to "Saki, the Service industry, and Sakura-colored hair". With that in mind, you can infer that pink-haired girls, maids, and cast members of mahjong loli anime Saki took up many of the top spots.

August 16th saw a win by Saki's Yuuki Kataoka, probably better known as "Tacos". Because she's obsessed with tacos. I'm more of a burrito person myself. Unfortunately for Negima! fans, no amount of hot Pactio action could save Asuna Kagurazaka from being defeated by Seitokai no Ichizon's Kurimu Sakurano.


The next day deepened my bitterness yet more, as my spicy wolf-eared waifu Holo (of Spice and Wolf) had to hand the match to Baka and Test's Mizuki Himeji. She has pink hair, which proves my third "S". Unfortunately for people who'd like to see winners who are legal, K-ON!!'s Sawako-sensei couldn't defeat Kanamemo's Saki Amano. Dammit, otaku! Vote for the right people! Sawa-chan's the right people!

Thankfully, neither Saki nor Hidamari Sketch took away a win on August 18th, as K-ON!!'s Nodoka, empowered by the strength of her bottom-rimmed glasses, managed to beat back Hidamari Sketch's Yoshinoya and Saki's Tomoki. The service industry (my second "S") represented this time as well, with Shana's maid Wilhelmina Carmel winning out.


Speaking of the service industry, a maid from an actual maid show, namely Hayate the Combat Butler's Maria, took one of the top spots come August 19th. Taisho Baseball Girls' Koume didn't wake up at 8AM, though, and was forced to forfeit to Saki's Koromo Amae. 


August 20 was a win for both conservatives and liberals, seeing as Hisa Takei (from Saki) is the most conservatively-dressed person on the show, and Railgun's Kuroko is perhaps a little bit too liberated, especially with regards to yuri rape. Satomi Arai's grown on me, so I don't begrudge voters one bit for throwing poor Tsuruya-san under the bus for this round. Not...*sniff*...one bit.

Celty and Holo may have lost, but I had held out hope for Macross Frontier's Sheryl Nome to win August 21st. Sadly, my hopes were crushed by Railgun's Mii Konori, whose boobs probably weigh as much as a Valkyrie fighter. Hmph! Oh, and big surprise, a Clannad character also won again, Kyou Fujibayashi.

August 22nd was the worst day ever. Not only did my beloved Celty lose to a Hidamari Sketch character, but yet another Saki girl (Mihoko Fukuji) won in group C! I suppose mahjong is just that powerful. It works both with manliness and with moeblobbery.

Guess what happened on the 23rd? A Saki character won! Hajime Kunihiro even managed to beat yandere legend Mion Sonozaki. Oh, and Underwater Ray Romano Utawarerumon's Aruruw also won, which for some reason strikes me as a really weird sort of outlier. Not that I'm complaining, because I think Ray Romano's a decent comedian.


And on the 24th, a Saki character won. Again. This time the big-boobed loli, Nodoka Haramura, who dishonors her name by trying to take it from K-ON!!'s Nodoka Manabe. She also beat B Gata H Kei's aspiring slut, Yamada. Hanamaru Kindergarten's Nanako also won, which surprised me, because she looked like a person who had already passed preschool, which reminded me that I probably need to watch that show sometime.

And there's your Saimoe update. Prevent another Celty- or Rin-level defeat by voting for your spouse. Instructions can be found at AnimeSaimoe.org.

Who did you pick? Were they destroyed by falling mahjong tiles, too? Sound off!


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