Scanlation Spotlight: Until Death Do Us Part


You've got a guy with awesome fighting skills protecting a weak but important young girl. The plot sounds pretty cookie-cutter, doesn't it? Well, make the guy blind, and give him a sword with a monomolecular blade. Does that make it a bit more interesting? Well, the scanlation group BakaFish has picked up the series, entitled Until Death Do Us Part. It's called that because as the girl escapes from her captors, she promises to stay with Mamoru (the blind guy) until death, since he's supposed to protect her. How does the blind guy fight so well? Well, over in a van (down by the river), Mamoru has a friend that's a tech whiz, and through a complicated system, has audio technology that allows Mamoru to "see" things in a grid-like system, and thus, kick some ass. Combined with all his training in how to use a sword, he's an impossibly overconfident fighter. I admit, the series does seem somewhat hokey and unbelievable, but isn't that what manga is all about? The series does trip itself up sometimes in its attempts at rationalizing everything through science -- so if you can ignore this problem, then you should be alright with the series. It leans on the theme of a tough anti-hero and a helpless maiden pairing up, much like in Gun x Sword and other series. Personally, this plot device can get a bit old quickly for me. The art for the series is decent, with the characters being clearly defined and unique. The action can sometimes get lost in the pages, as some of the panels take too few steps to show the action effectively. Otherwise, you've got a fairly by-the-books shonen muscle man and a non-threatening little girl who doesn't give off a strong loli-vibe. The series is typically shonen (i.e. God Len will download this right away), but it adds a twist by having a blind main character. So, if you want to see a character continually best the odds, although without the flair of Onizuka, you can watch a blind man go ahead and destroy all that he considers evil, while protecting this little girl. I'd reccommend this to all of you who are big shonen fans and love to see people and property get destroyed.

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