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Hey there, and welcome to the latest installment of Shonen Showdown, the weekly battle anime and manga recap that, for lack of two copper coins to pay the ferryman with, opted to use its own logo as a sendoff for one of the greatest, oldest badasses to grace battlin'. Good night, sweet prince old guy.

This week, we're heavy on the manga side of the fighting equation, with just Chris' recap of Hunter x Hunter holding the line, and the latest in hilarity and weighty drama from the manga editions of Fairy Tail, Naruto, and a surprising-yet-unsurprising chapter of Bleach!


Chris Walden

Hunter x Hunter Episode 50

I do like these episodes with just Gon and Killua. There's something about the two of them acting like the kids they are while in the presence of extreme danger. It's a kind of fearlessness you certainly wont be seeing in Leorio until he manages to get good at this fighting business. That said, the poor guy is certainly getting the short end of the stick in this arc. Hopefully he's using his time off-screen to do some much needed nen training (like that'll happen). 

Seeing the Phantom Troupe together in the presence of Gon and Killua is quite the sight, though. We know enough about these guys to know that they would have little issue with taking them both out, should they fancy it (with the exception of Hisoka, who may do something stupid to try and save Gon). It was interesting to see that Nobunaga took an interest in Gon, but then again there are few characters in this show that don't take notice of him. He would give Monkey D. Luffy a run for his money. 

Come to think of it, the one thing I would like to see is some back story for the Troupe. I'm sure they all have their own reasons for being there, as stealing for the sake of it probably doesn't cut it (except for perhaps Uvogin). Hisoka is certainly attempting to abuse his position, so it's safe to say that the others have their reasons.

Nice to see a throwback to the pot-making terminology. I was certainly curious as to why they would go and describe all of this terminology, so it certainly makes sense to see it come into use. Perhaps we'll see Killua taking a few more hearts, in the name of treasure hunting. I'd watch it. 

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Kristina Pino

Fairy Tail Chapter 303

Another exciting chapter...! 

So while we've got a strong team in the tournament who are capable of winning, we've got a smaller infiltration team in the background going after Lucy and predictably headed by Natsu. I wonder, do you think there'll ever be romance between them? We've already got Levy and Gajeel, and Evergreen and Elfman, and that love triangle with Grey, Juvia and Leon, but I don't know -- the two main characters of the story? I'd love that, personally. 

Anywho, I guess it's kind of cynical of me to think that Fairy Tail is going to get their butts whooped in the tournament yet somehow still come out on top. I mean, Makarov's gotta balance their budget somehow, right? As for Lucy's predicament... that could be anything... we've already learned that Acnologia has a hand in this and that the point of Eclipse is to change the past. It could drastically change the present/future if that plan goes forward, and we've just had a time jump, so I'm definitely interested in which route the story will take from here.

Maybe we're in for some time re-arrangements and a Zeref-free world. But then would that mean that the dragons would reappear? Or perhaps it'd mean instead of Zeref, a constant threat since the early arcs of Fairy Tail, the new adversary will be Acnologia. That is, until some dope comes by saying they want to go back in time (again) to revive Zeref (somehow) and beat that story line to the ground.

There's a lot to think about.. and a little too much speculation on my part, yeah? I'll gladly welcome yours in the comments, too.


Josh Tolentino

Naruto chapter 605

Now we know Obito's motivation, and while we're still waiting on Kakashi's side of the story, we now know how his Mangekyou Sharingan activated. It seems that it doesn't really matter who does the whole "kill-a-friend" condition, so long as they've got the eye for it. Which basically means that Kakashi's had the Mangekyou since long before the time-skip, and yet didn't use Kamui, his "suck everything into a portal" ability, until long after. 

I guess that makes sense, though. I always did wonder how he went and activated his Mangekyou during that interim between "I need more power!" and "Check this sh*t out!". This is as good an answer as any. I'd really like to hear why he had to off Rin, though. The Mist ninjas seemed to want her corpse for some reason, so it could be some special quality that was never hinted at due to Rin's general uselessness and absence from the story.

Also revealed: Obito's ability to use the Hashirama Wood-Style tree jutsu. Is there anyone not capable of doing that? And if Obito could do it then, why hasn't he done so so far? When this gets back to the war at hand, will he and undead Madara do a tree-power combo of some sort?


Bleach chapter 511


'nuff said!


But hey, I'll say more. I think this, villains aside, is the most definite kill in Bleach so far. Of course, it had to happen to the old guy that stands for the establishment, and frankly was due to happen since Aizen.

I can't pretend to know the editorial process that goes on behind manga, especially not these sorts of manga, which are the closest Japanese comics get to the "run forever and ever and ever" style of western superheroes. But frankly everything that's happening here feels a bit like it should have happened as Aizen and the Espada were attacking.

Here Bach and his Quincies summon their army of Nazi gasmask SS dudes and await the arrival of the 0 Squad, which was, as predicted, their intention all along. Minus the Nazi gasmask SS dudes, this was more or less Aizen's plan as well, as far as we're aware at least.

I wonder if Kubo originally planned for it to end back then, but someone told him "NO, we don't have a replacement for your slot lined up yet, so keep going. 

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