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Chris Walden

Hunter x Hunter Episode 30

It seems the 200s are too much for Gon to handle, but he certainly manages to put up a good fight against the Marvel villain reject. By removing the protection he gets from his Ten, he was able to sense and evade the spinning tops that were being launched by him. It seems it was only a matter of time before he got hit, but even the onlooking Hisoka seemed pretty impressed by it all. Not bad, considering he learned it less than a day ago. 

Unfortunately, not all of his bones escaped the match in one piece, but it's nothing that some good old rest can't fix eventually. Wing makes it clear that he is not to overdo it while recovering, and that they will continue their training after he's in good enough condition to do so. I think we already know that it won't be too long until this happens. 

Interestingly we get to see Kurapika about to learn these crazy powers at the end of the episode, so it'll be interesting to see if Leorio will also get to learn it. Something tells me that all of the book reading is going to pay off in one way or another.

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Pedro Cortes

One Piece Episode 546

While Otohime is out with the Celestial Dragon, the people grow restless, finding themselves missing her speeches. One week later, the queen returns home to much praise and celebration. She reveals that she negotiated with the World Nobles and if she can get enough signatures, they can be relocated and not be stuck at the bottom of the ocean. 

Unfortunately, tragedy strikes when an assassin shoots Otohime. In the chaos of the moment, Vander Decken gets his chance to lock on to Shirahoshi for future troublemakings. The queen dies, surrounded by her kids and their promise to help to take care of each other. 

Yikes, leave it to One Piece to pull those heart strings. As usual, they succeeded in having me squirt some tears at Shirahoshi's death. Quite a powerful moment.

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Kristina Pino

Fairy Tail Episodes 127-128

So, while 127 was a total filler in which Lucy becomes invisible, hears some jokes around the guild about herself and then by the power of friendship is brought back to visibility, 128 actually introduced what I assume is the arc for this round of fillers. A relative comes bearing an object from her father, his last request being to pass it along to her.

No clue what the weird key-looking thing is all about, but it's odd that considering Lucy is kind of a major player in the next official arc they'd choose to make her a focus on the filler arc as well. I'm not opposed, it's just nice to spread things around a little bit. I suppose once this arc is over there might be another bout of fillers for good measure while the manga continues to put some distance between it and its place in the anime.

I'm intrigued, really. It might just be an interesting storyline what with all the church-burning and the magic council getting involved as well. I guess in a few weeks we'll see just how well the studio can pull it off while waiting for the manga to advance some more, though I'm still disappointed it didn't just take a break for a season or two.

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Josh Tolentino

Naruto Shippuden episode 262

The war is on, and once more Naruto proves itself much more comprehensible on screen than on page. This isn't meant as a put-down of Kishimoto's art or ability to make manga (though it could be taken as such, in certain respects), but the sheer dynamics of the typical ninja fight, especially now that they're engaging each other in large groups, full of folks with unique sets of abilities and tactics, all doing their own thing. It's only a shame that quality can't be very consistent given the size of the show's budget (or lack thereof).

Here, the first blows of the war are struck as Kankuro's commando unit tangle with zombie Deidara, Sasori, and Sai's undead brother. The real payoff scene here is when Kankuro pulls out his bitchin' new puppet. It serves Sasori right that he who turned his body into a puppet finally be puppeteer-ed himself.

[The strings of chakra lead you to turn and watch this stuff on Crunchyroll]


Kristina Pino

Fairy Tail Chapter 282

I guess there are good and bad things to take away from this chapter. For one thing, it looks like Mermaid Heel has it out for Jellal, who has seemingly turned a new leaf and might be Erza's boyfriend someday if he avoids getting his butt killed. It was great to see miss cat girl again, and I like her new design! I'm hoping she won't go into crazy-ville considering she's a pretty character and a big part of Erza's fragile ego. If she turns on Erza, it'll be another big drama I'm not up for.

As for the celestial spirit mage that got kicked out of Sabertooth... dang, that was harsh. It's nice that she only got shamed and kicked out, though, that way she could, you know, join a nice guild like Fairy Tail instead. It might be fortunate that Lucy and co. are the ones that find her in front of the lodging, though I'm not sure I want them to use the friendship powder on her because I honestly want to see Lucy claim the last three celestial spirits. Or could the keys have stayed behind in Sabertooth? If they were left along with her clothing, it's possible for Lucy to steal them, I suppose. That is, if she makes it out of this arc alive! Bua...ha...ha...ha... yeah ok, I'm sure it'll be fine.


Pedro Cortes

One Piece Chapter 666

Although the Yeti Cool Bros. said they've killed Zoro, Sanji/Nami and Brook, they probably only wounded them. Either way, those three are out of the fight for now while the brothers head off for the other Strawhats. The brothers, named Rock and Scotch, attack another group of Strawhats, taking Nami/Franky and shooting Brownbeard in the face. One of the brothers stays behind to kill the survivors while the other takes Nami/Franky back to Caesar.

 Back in the lab, we see how Law and Caesar met, which involved Law landing and dragooning his way into staying. We also see a bit more of Casear's twisted mind. Law gets up to go about his business, which will probably involve either Luffy or the Marines.


Josh Tolentino

Bleach chapter 491

Ok, now that it's been established that Uryuu (and presumably his father and grandfather) is more of an old-school Quincy, and that the Quincy of this new group are all "evolved", with their swords and fruity-ass angel-form bankai, we did apparently need to be reminded of the particle-sucking nature of Quincy abilities. It's all key to why they conquered Hueco Mundo as easily as they seemed to, and from the looks of things, Soul Society's likely to get proper wrecked by the time Ichigo gets back there.

Incidentally, I read somewhere that according to the official timeline, almost half of the pre-timeskip story arcs of Bleach, from the moment the crew entered Hueco Mundo to the last blow landed on Aizen, took place over the course of one day.

Think about that for a second, then remember that the Vandenreich's promise is to take down Soul Society in five days.

Prediction: The final chapter of Bleach goes to print in....2020.


Naruto chapter 585

Is that a Sound Ninja in your pants, or are you just a mad scientist ninja with identity issues?  

The answer is both, if your name is Kabuto Yakushi, and chapters like this are when you pull out your, frankly, grossest tricks. Tricks like this one:

Ah, the things one does in the eternal search for the self. Dr. Moreau would be proud. That said, the new chapter does contain some pretty cool repurposing of genjutsu on part of Itachi and Sasuke, as well as one of my favorite frames of the manga thus far:

That in mind, I doubt being cut in half would inconvenience Itachi much. He's like ninja Batman, he's probably got some kind of plan or failsafe for pulling off Izanami even in spite of that.

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