Shonen Showdown: Happiness Charge PreCure Episodes 3-4


PreCures can't fall in love

It's another double dose of Happiness Charge PreCure as I get up to speed on the series for regular Shonen Showdown coverage! This week we're rapidly developing some characters and checking out some new PreCards. I'm ready for the third PreCure to make her appearance. How about you?

Episode 3

Megumi and Hime are getting along swimmingly, and Blue bestows the Cure Lines upon them, tools for communication that they can only speak to each other on. He also warns the duo that no one can find out about their alter-egos, lest evil befall those close to them. You'd think common sense would prevail and you wouldn't even have to tell them not to go blabbing about their PreCure identities, but this is anime and sometimes common sense goes out the window. At least this'll give the duo a way to keep in touch, because every magical girl needs some sort of communicator, right?

This episode finds Megumi struggling with keeping her secret identity concealed, which shouldn't be a problem for normal people, but given her propensity to overreact and overthink things, she's got quite the issue on her friends. Bratty childhood friend (and possible love interest?) Seiji overhears Megumi talking on her Cure Line to Hime and works it all out -- he's in the know, and it only took a single episode. That's got to be some sort of record. At least it's not like Sailor Moon, when Usagi couldn't deduce Tuxedo Mask's identity despite kissing him and interacting with him as well as Mamoru. [Editor's Note: Hey. Heeeeeey. Be careful when you talk about Usagi-sama.]

There's a new Saiark terrorizing the town, and this time it's led by the prissy Hosshiwa, who wants to turn all the love and happiness in the vicinity into sweets for her to devour, because all the despair is so delicious to her. A bizarre candy land crops up as her Saiark rampages through, and this time Seiji happens upon the scene before the PreCures do. Surprisingly, he holds his own pretty well before succumbing to the monster's strength as he was destined to do, and Cure Princess and Cure Lovely have to step in to save him.

Lovely's all fired up because of Seiji getting hurt, so she goes all out, even going so far as to be the first PreCure so far to use one of the PreCards in battle. She choose Cherry Flamenco, and the art style quickly changes to this awful, artificial-looking CG art style just like the credits at the end of the show. I'm not a huge fan, despite the colors and the smoothness of the animation. It just looks like I'm watching a Vocaloid or some such.

At any rate, with the monster felled and Seiji out of trouble, it turns out Seiji didn't know about Megumi's PreCure status until right then, and his knowledge makes him useful enough to join the team. Blue officiates Seiji as a member and gives him his own Cure Line, while imparting one rule to the girls: PreCures musn't fall in love! Romantic tension in how many episodes?

Episode 4

As our two PreCures settle into life together as partners and friends, it's decided that Hime should attend school with Megumi, which she thinks is the greatest idea ever when she realizes she can make friends there. She's all about some friendship, even though she's painfully shy when it comes down to introducing herself and actually meeting the kids at school who just wanna meet the cute new transfer student. Hime's pretty annoying in that regard. She talks a lot of game, but she never follows through. That's what this episode is actually about -- Hime's crippling shyness and desire for more friends, and the duality of her happy-go-lucky personality.

I have to admit it's a little silly to watch Hime roll around in sadness when there's no reason for her to, especially when people just reach out to her at all times with friendly gestures and she clams up or runs away. It takes a run-in with a lonely teacher who thinks his students don't like him (weirdly, hiding out in a gym supply room) to turn the episode around, and as soon as you meet him you just know he's about to become instrumental in a Saiark transformation. When he does, Cure Princess takes center stage, and finally for once in the show so far shows some fighting spirit. It's about time. The catalyst? Thinking the school's going to be destroyed before she can befriend Yuuko or thank her for her kindness.

Cure Princess single-handedly defeats the Saiark with the "power of friendship," or so it seems, and we get to check out another weird CG PreCard transformation that looks like it wouldn't be out of place in a video game or some sort of rhythm game. For all the fanfare, this was a really quick battle, but at the very least Princess seems to be demonstrating some combat prowess so she won't be completely useless in the future. That'd be pretty rad. With new PreCards acquired and a new friendship with Yuuko formed, maybe the third PreCure will be called upon soon!

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