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Shark to the head

As we’re in the thick of a pretty serious arc, the pace for One Piece has slowed to a crawl. Not only that, but there are so many different things going on that it’s taking forever for major plot points to deal with themselves. I mean, I spent a while in my last One Piece recap talking about Luffy’s fight in the C Block and that’s still going on here. 

So a couple of weeks later, I’m back now that some more story has passed us. Hit the jump to see what’s happened in the last couple of weeks!


Here are the major events that have occurred since last time:

  • Luffy and Chinjao’s fight reaches a strange conclusion after the old man reveals his beef with Garp. Years ago, when Chinjao was still a major power in the New World, he used his cone-shaped head to major combative effect. He also used it to open a glacier where he stored all his treasure. After an encounter with Garp, his cone head was crushed into the chrome dome that we see now. Well, Luffy undoes the work of his grandfather and slams his giant Haki’d fist into Chinjao’s head, forming another cone. Luffy wins and Chinjao leaves happier.

  • Sanji and Kinemon notice tons of Marines waiting to arrest the criminal element that participated in the tournament. Strangely enough, not a single person from A or B block has left the Colosseum.

  • The toy soldier shows Franky that all the toys were once human. They were transformed by a member of the Doflamingo’s family who has a devil fruit ability to turn whatever she touches into toys. The Toy Soldier leads Franky to the sunflower fields to meet up with the anti-Doflamingo Tontatta coalition, where Zoro is waiting with the Tontatta that stole his sword.

  • Usopp and Robin begin heading out with the Tontatta back towards Dressrossa to begin their operation against the Toy Factory under the Colosseum. They had back to the mainland and meet up with Franky and the Toy Soldier.

  • Zoro leaves the sunflower field to go back to the Sunny. On the way there, he bumps back into Sanji and Kinemon. Violet arrives and lets them know that Giolla, the Art-Art Fruit user, has attacked the Sunny and is heading toward Green Bit.

  • On the Sunny, Giolla has made the ship and the Strawhats aboard look like a mess. Brook rope-a-dopes Giolla and gets the spell broken. However, they don’t get the seastone cuffs on her in time, so she wakes up and creates some sort of hellish Britto-inspired disaster. With Brook running as a screen, Chopper loads up the Sunny with some cola and fires the Gaon Cannon. Easy peasy.

  • Law runs as hard as he can, but the combined forces of Doflamingo and Fujitora are just too much for him. Doflamingo pins him down and goes for the kill, but Fujitora stops the Warlord and simply arrests him. Doflamingo then reveals that 800 years ago, 20 royal families came together and formed an organization that became the World Government. Of those 20 families, 19 moved to Marie Jois and became the Celestial Dragons of today. The only family to reject that idea? The Nefetaris, aka Vivi’s family. Oh yeah, and one of those families was the Don Quixote family. So that means that Doflamingo comes from royal blood and is technically a Celestial Dragon himself.

  • As the D Block part of the competition begins, part of Rebecca’s backstory is revealed. Her mother was killed shortly after the Doflamingo insurrection while looking for food, despite the best efforts of the Toy Soldier. Afterwards, he stuck by her as she grew up, always protecting her. Cue those patented One Piece tears. After some punks try to kidnap Rebecca, the Toy Soldier saves her at the cost of becoming a wanted man…toy…whatever. The two escape and he begins training Rebecca on the art of fighting.


Outside of major events, I have to reiterate how much I love Bartolomeo. He’s constant source of amusement, especially whenever any of the Strawhats gets near him. While I don't think he'll last beyond this arc, I'd like to have him around later. Also, Oda does a good job in ramping up the tragedy game with Rebecca's back story. What's worse is when you find out the Toy Soldier's story. That really makes this feel like a sort of sequel to Alabasta, with Doflamingo taking the place of Crocodile and Rebecca replacing Vivi.

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