So I split up with my girlfriend...


I placed a hand on the door in front of me and sighed, bringing in one last deep breath of fresh air before plunging myself into the traumatic experience ahead. I knew what I was in for, but I just couldn’t prepare myself. I simply don’t know how she can do it when it’s so hard for me to deal with this situation, let alone muster up the courage to meet her like this. I traced my hand across my hair and finally decided I was ready. I pushed on the door.

The smoky atmosphere in there is always overbearing. I coped with my mothers smoking for years, yet this place always caught me off guard. It’s not like she’s a smoker anyway, so I often wonder what she likes about this place. It’s a noisy, humid hellhole thick with the smell of people who have far too much time on their hands. Still, I suppose it isn't like she has much of a choice. We just had to manage in situations like this.

Prior to this meeting, it must have been close to a month since I saw her last. Times have changed though. Back in our heyday, she would constantly be by my side. All day, everyday, and she would never once complain about my company. It’s times like these that I can look back on with a smile, forgetting about the cruel future that lied ahead of the me in that memory. We simply lost track of each other. Everything fell apart before either of us could realise. It wasn’t until discovering this place that we decided to have another go at a relationship. It was here that we could go back to how things were, at least in theory. She’s never once mentioned the period of time we spent apart, but perhaps it’s just her way of moving forward. To me, it’s a strain on my heart that just won’t go away. 

I pushed past some people on my way to her, never paying them much attention and with my eyes fixated at where she sat. It was about this point where I reconsidered my options. I had friends in here, so it wasn’t like it would be a wasted journey if I turned around now. All I had to do was stop, but I couldn’t. I took a seat and stared at her. She had the same smile on her face as she did when I first met her, which comforted me somewhat. However, there is only so much you can take when the very woman you love is stuck in a cell, a thin yet solid glass window preventing all but verbal contact. Don’t ask what she did to deserve that as not even I know. It’s something I’d come to accept though, something I could have lived with should she ever be released. 

We talked. Talked so much about so many things that I wonder how our situation ever got this way. If only she could stay by my side like the old times, but it just isn’t possible the way that she is. We even acted like a young couple, playing silly games and talking about silly things. 

However, after our third game, I knew our time together was up. I was reminded that I would have to pay in order to continue our conversation, and this made me well up. Seeing her in this place with so many other men was already a heartbreaker, but to ask me, the guy who had spent every living moment for who knows how long with her, for pocket change to keep talking? It was the last straw. 

I started to gather my things so I could leave, while she stared back at me, counting me down on her offer. A tear falling from my eye, I ran from her and out the building. I will always remember the look on her face when she stood there waiting for money, as she was wearing that very smile that she wore so often back in our prime. My heart had been crushed, and it was finally time to accept that no matter how pure my love for that woman is, I would never play Love Plus again. 


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