Strong Style: Cash-in time!


The Main Event of Invasion Attack!

It's that time of week again! Japanator's look at NJPW on AXS TV takes us back one more time to the Sumo Hall on April 5, 2015. This week we take a look at the main event of Invasion Attack 2015 in what should be a good one.

We get a greeting from Kota Ibushi to start off.

We start in the studio as we look at clips of the Japan Cup Final match. We replay Kota issuing the challenge for the IWGP belt to the roar of the crowd. He mentions that he can't be the only one to think he has a chance at this. He isn't focused so much on the belt as he is in facing Styles.


IWGP Title: A.J. Styles vs. Kota Ibushi

As we saw on this show a few weeks ago, Ibushi came out the winner of the 2015 New Japan Cup tournament. As a result, he is able to pick any title he wants to go for. Not surprisingly, he picked the big one and Styles for the opponent. Styles, of course, is the leader of the Bullet Club so we will see if any of them play a part in this match.

Kota comes to the ring carrying the New Japan Cup, which is a really nice piece of hardware. Barnett breaks things down, pointing out that Styles has the experience edge while Kota had his martial arts striking ability. Styles is out with Kenny Omega in his corner. Here's hoping that doesn't turn into anything, especially since Omega and Ibushi used to be partners.

We come back from break as the bell rings. They stare off and Ibushi's hand is all taped up something fierce. They posture a bit before finally locking up. They get to the corner and break cleanly. We lock up again Aj sends Kota out but he jumps right back in and go for another lock up. They get to the ropes before Styles gets in an arm drag. He jaws a bit and then they lock up again.

Kota gets in an arm drag, and another, and then the frakensteiner to send Styles out. Styles climbs back with the take over into a leg scissors, Kota gets a non-count on a backslide and then a small package leading to a roll up leading into Kota being set up for the Styles clash but he gets out of it, leading to Kota getting a NEAR 3 count on a rollup before Styles kicks out!

Test of strength and Styles tries to get the kick in, but Kota catches his foot. They whip into the ropes and Kota kicks Styles right in the gut. Styles tries to whip him but Kota reverses and low dropkicks him outside. Kota tries for the golden triangle moonault on the floor but AJ catches him. He tries for a suplex but Kota flips out of it. Styles catches Kota and suplexes him on the floor right on his face.

Back from break as Kota is hurt on the floor.  Kota struggles and gets in at the count of 19. AJ with a big slam and hits a high kneedrop. Kota whipped into the corner where Styles hits a flying clothesline. He follows up with several punches and a backbreaker. Kota fights out of a suplex and comes off the ropes, but gets nailed with a dropkick to the mouth for his trouble. Kota rolls out to the floor again. Styles climbs out and drops Kota across the barricade right in front of the time keeper's table and the belt.

Styles rolls Kota back into the ring and locks in the Muta lock! Haven't seen that one in a long time. Styles locks in a chinlock. Kota tries to fight out but no go. He wiggles out and they get to their feet only for Styles to land a forearm. They go into the corner where Styles tries to hit the springboard clothesline but gets clubbed in the gut to send him back out to the apron.

Out of commercial. Kota hits two roundhouse kicks and a moonsault to get a two count. Kota tries another kick but Styles catches it and drives an elbow in his knee. Styles gets a low dropkick right to the same knee. and then grinds out a lock on the knee. Kota counters out with some elbows to break the hold.  Kota gets a facelock but Styles lands a kick to the knee. Kota gets a leg whip sending Styles outside. He leaps up and just BARELY lands in the golden triangle moonsault. He takes AJ back in the ring and hits the springboard dropkick. Styles in the corner but Kota comes running into Styles' feet. Kota counters back to land a lionsault combo on the fallen Styles for two. He hits a snapdragon suplex but only gets two again. Kota picks Styles up in the corner. Styles spins around and hits the brainbuster right onto the turnbuckle. Styles gets up and hits Kota into a lionsault into a scorpion deathdrop! Cover only gets two. Styles goes for the clash but Kota counters out as they then trade kicks and strikes back and forth. Styles hits the Pele kick but Kota hits one of his own!

Back from commercial as Styles escapes to the apron but Kota comes over and gets on the top rope and wraps up Styles in an awkward looking lock as he is trying to suplex hm back in the ring. Styles counters sending Kota flying backwards. Styles then dives in with the springboard clothesline and adds to it with the bloody Sunday DDT. He doesn't go for the pin and tries for the Styles clash but Kota wiggles out. Styles then locks in the Calf Killer. Kota tries to reverse it into a pin but Styles rolls right through.

AJ grabs Kota's knee to pick him up but Kota lands strikes with the other knee! Styles then flattens Kota with a clothesline. AJ gets up and then sets up Kota for a SUPER Styles clash of the top. Kota counters and tries for the Frankenstiener on the ropes but Kota gets out thankfully. Kota jumps up and lands the frankenstiener but only gets two.

Kota goes for the powerbomb but when Styles is up with full weight on Kota's shoulders, Kota stumbles backwards awkwardly and drops Styles. That looked painful with all of Styles's bodyweight on Kota's neck like that. Kota recovers and picks Styles up again for the powerbomb but Styles counters out and hits a clothesline. Kota shakes it off and goes for the powerbomb again and nails it for 2. Kota stomps on AJ's face and Kota goes up, but Omega jumps up. The distraction was enough that Ibushi goes for the phoenix splash and AJ CATCHES him into the Styles clash and gets the win! That was really an impressive counter.

AJ celebrates as Tama Tonga and Yujiro Takahashi celebrate. Omega seems subdued and just claps a few times. Kota is then carried out of the ring.

Back from break as the Club celebrates in the ring, but Kenny has the boohoos. OKADA jumps in the ring and clubs everyone before nailing the rainmaker on Styles! Gedo says that it's payback for what Styles did to them in the same building the year before. Gedo lays down the challenge for the belt. Okada poses for a bit over the flattened Styles before leaving.

Backstage Okada says he is back for his belt and man is that welt on his face not getting any better.

Kota is not taking things well as he says this is the last big match for him. He gave it all he had and didn't get it. He says he'll get another chance with his own hands. You don't get these kinds of emotions in the stats.

In the studio, Kota says that AJ fooled him a few times during the match where he thought he had control but really didn't. When Kenny interfered, he felt like time stopped. Oddly, he says that it didn't effect the outcome of the match and hopes that Kenny will leave the Bullet Club and they could team again. 

This was a good one, even if it felt like it should have been twice as quick as it was. It seemed almost like a WWE style match, much like the Jericho/Styles matches we've been seeing lately. The knee psychology didn't really go anywhere but that finish was amazing. Maybe not the best match of the year but it was very enjoyable, the crowd got into it, and I had fun.

That's all for thiss week. Next week we are off to a new location! See you then!

We get a greeting from Kota Ibushi to start off.


We start in the studio as we look at clips of the Japan Cup Final match. We replay Kota issuing the challenge for the IWGP belt to the roar of the crowd. He mentions that he can't be the only one to think he has a chance at this. He isn't focused so much on the belt as he is in facing Styles.

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