Subtle-yet-spiffy otaku wear: Gundam-themed neckties


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Gundam fans who also occasionally (or often) wear neckties, rejoice! There's a new set of awesome accessories for you, and they're available at the Odaiba Gundam store as well as the Neopasa store in a Shin-Toumei highway rest area in Shizuoka.

At a glance, the ties don't look like they're Gundam-themed, but like I said, it's subtle. The emblems of Char Aznable, Ramba Ral, or Zeon are in the back, and the front designs will be a reflection of it, be it the color of their suits or in the case of some of the striped ones, actual model numbers. The dotted Char Aznable tie, on the other hand, has little Zaku heads as its spots. Check out the gallery for a look at all 14 of these brilliant new accessories.

Like the Legend of Zelda key necklaces I featured recently, they won't draw too much attention from muggles in the wild, but your fellow nerds in the know might notice and give you a high-five. Each tie is priced at ¥7,800 and produced by Strict-G in collaboration with Robert Frazer.

My favorites? Char Aznable style, of course.

[Source: Strict-G |via Tokyo Otaku Mode]

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