Super Mario Manga from 1987


A co-worker of mine recently brought this Japanese manga magazine into work. He knows I'm...interested...in Japanese culture. He didn't know anything about the magazine and can't remember how it came into his possession. Turns out it's called Shogaku Ninensei (Grade School Sophomore), was published in 1987 by Shogakukan (who seem to publish just about everything in Japan) and has some retro video game goodness between its covers.

I've collected some of the most interesting bits here, including an entire chapter of a rare Super Mario Bros. manga, some Dragon Quest III action, and a bunch of other strangeness (aka PC Engine!).

I asked some fellow Jtorians for some translation help, and WestCabaretDrive rose to the challenge. He provided a full translation to the Mario manga, as well as titles for the other stuff. Enough background, you want the pics! After the jump!

Bowser: Mario, try and challenge my special labyrinth!

Bowser: I am always fearsome. Today, the labyrinth I created will beat my enemy.


Mario: He said it's a special labyrinth! Quick, let's do it! Let's do it!


Peach (running down straight corridor): Oh, looks like we can handle it.


Mario: Now the path splits up.


Mario: Which way should I go...


Bowser: I think the right-side is fun.

Mario: Shut up!

Mario: This is what I do when I'm lost! (he punches a hole in the wall)

- Bowser: Amazing...

- Peach: A boulder!

- Bowser: There are many traps within this labyrinth.

- Bowser: Mario, drop dead!

Bowser: Uh oh, I'd better run too! Mario: You're an idiot. - Peach: That was a close shave. - Bowser: It's fine. There's a bridge. - [b]Bowser: Woah...

Peach: Kappa, we're going ahead! (Kappa is a Japanese turtle monster) Bowser: Oh, shit!


Bowser: It's too soon to relax and think you've made it.


Mario (not listening): Heh heh, thank you!


Mario and Peach: Waaaaah!

Bowser: Awww too bad.


Bowser: It would have been fine if you'd gone this way.


Bowser: Who was it who made this trap?!


Mario: I was worried, but it was a good workout!

PC Engine with some pixel guy rubbing his crotch all over it.

Dragon Quest III! They sure don't make 'em like this any more.

Here are a couple pages that I didn't get a translation for, but I still think they're weird enough to be worth posting. Something about two guys raiding a television show and molesting people. You have to admit, the weather girl was totally asking for it.

This is from a rather long section devoted to two kids running around inside the digestion system of a huge model girl. They learn exactly what it's like to go from food, get sprayed with digestive juices, be converted poop and lose their clothes in the process. Wait, what now?

Have you ever seen someone pound a guy in the nuts with such glee before? The talking poo is a nice touch as well.

There's actually a ton of great stuff in this thing and just goes to show how dense Japanese magazines can be. I'm continuously amazed by the amount of content they manage to squeeze in. You really could spend a month reading these things. This one issue alone has several different paper types and printing styles, along with posters, cardboard cut outs and stickers and a couple mini-manga books.

For a few more scans, you can check out the set I have over at flickr. Again, thanks to WCD for the translation!

I expect some filthy captions to follow in the comments. GET TO WORK.

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