Superhero Time: All aboard the weeping express


No need to jump on if you are happy.

Choo, choo, we're taking off! By the way, watch your step, because this is going to be one fast ride. As a fair warning, once you hop on, the train does not stop. If you are desperate to get off, then you will have to overcome the negativity that's holding you back. 

It's not an easy task, but my experience with Go-Busters and Kamen Rider Wizard has taught me that facing one's self is the toughest challenge of them all. Not even the evilest of all evil can surpass its difficulty. 

Let's rush down the endless railway, as we reach our destination with a big smile. 


Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Episode 42

Running up cranes!

After that interesting run with Pink Buster, I was worried that we were going to go into a random episode that fails to top Hiromu's new love interest. But luckily, we get a new twist that will confuse many, since we are getting a Messianic Metaroid Megazord -- try saying that three times fast. 

Did I mention that he looks like a rejected relative of the Den Liner? Actually, the only resemblance is that he is a flying train. Though the real relative would have to be the Travelion from Magiranger. While the Travelion is limited to magical realms, he might as well be the Den Liner's older sibling/prototype. Wait a second, this isn't a segment about comparing magical trains from tokusatsu shows. Sorry for going off topic here. 

But anyways, Escape's got herself a new toy, and I think it's going to level out the playing field between her and Enter. However, we are seguing into that Holiday special, so we are going to have to wait for that follow-up that will take us into the resurrection of the Sky Net...um, I mean Messiah. I'm crossing my fingers that the celebration will be minor, and that things will shift into intensity. 


Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 14

Did you say my name?

I think I'm about to puke. Why you say, because the origin of the magic stones have been revealed, and it's not a pretty sight. It's like that moment when you find out that your favorite snack contains a harmful or disgusting substance that makes you want to lose your lunch. Though in exchange, my recurring theory is getting closer to being correct. 

If it's true, then it will bring together all of the previous battles that took place. Heck, I think that the appearance of the Cerberus Plamonster links everything that setup for Koyomi to find the stone that will bring about Wizard's Water Dragon form. In reality, I think that the real plan involves Soma becoming stronger by taking down the Phantoms that are sent to mess with the Gates. Each new form will make the Wizardragon stronger, which could result in the creation of the ultimate Phantom. 

Once the Phantom achieves a certain level of power, Soma is going to have to overcome his despair again. But for now, this is just another theory that's getting me excited for the rest of the series. And it might be the key that will awaken Wizard's super form. 

The concept behind this week's Phantom was rather neat, since he happens to be a bad egg within the group. Hopefully, Wizard will keep up these changes, because these new setups are getting juicy. 

You gotta hand it to Toei for advertising Movie War Ultimatum with the new doughnuts that Soma declined. Could that mean that this episode takes place after the movie? I guess this is something that we should just not think about, and wait for the movie to appear -- can't wait to see Mr. Kisaragi in action! 

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