Superhero Time: Identity theft is the new evil


Those villains are now stealing personal information.

Last Sunday marked the event that causes many people in the US to be mesmerized for many hours. To be honest, I still don't understand the big obsession over watching a hunter use a Super Bowl against a Superb Owl.

If I remember correctly, the Superb Owl can only be hunted during a special day, and it can only be killed with a Super Bowl. If the Super Bowl wins, the audience will get to feast on the tasty delicacy that can only be hunted during that special Sunday. However, if the Superb Owl wins, then no one will get the chance to eat the tasty bird, since it only appears during one day of the entire year. 

Watching someone hunt a rare owl may be great for most people, but most of us are too busy combating the evil that is identity theft. It can happen anytime, and its damages are very dangerous. In a way, it's like there is dark version of yourself that's ruining your good name and reputation. Luckily, we can combat this threat by filling up on some Go-Busters and Kamen Rider Wizard.


Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Episode 49

Jin uses Jenga to solve more problems

Thank goodness that Escape has kicked the bucket, because this means that Enter can be the center of attention during Go-Busters's final arc. Considering how my thoughts have been about Go-Busters, this latest arc feels like it came from another series, since I am feeling the series that I used to enjoy. The incorporation of Enter now having Dark Buster-like qualities reminds me of Brajira’s presence during the final arc of Goseiger -- another Sentai series that I have mixed feelings about, since they were both surrounded by some huge plot breaking twists.

We are one episode away from the finale, and we might have to deal with a last minute sacrifice, due to Jin’s new method for removing the final Messiah Card from Hiromu’s body. The timing of this event reminds me of Time Fire's death from Timeranger (If Jin dies.). Obviously, his circumstance was different than Jin’s, but Go-Busters might share Timeranger’s situation of killing off a major character.

As we enter another full circle, Subspace will be the final battlefield again, and everything is waging on Jin and Hiromu’s last plan. Despite my excitement to be free from the shackles of watching Go-Busters, a slight part of me is going to miss it a bit. When I mean a bit, I am talking about the segments that didn't fall apart. 


Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 21

The Four Dragoteers

My hunch about the Lord of Flies was spot on, except that his minions had a different form. But more importantly, the Dragotar (Dragon plus Avatar) is close to awakening now. Haruto’s mastery of the four dragons has allowed the White Wizard to help him tap into the mana of the Nine Tails…um, I mean Wizardragon. And back to serious business, I’m expecting his Super Form to use all four elements at once; unless if he gets access to an element that rules over all.

Knowing Phoenix, I knew that he was not going to turn over a new leaf, and Rinko should have known better. Oh wait, she couldn’t, due to not having the knowledge that we viewers are entitled to -- silly human, fictional characters can’t metagame. Even though he sees Medusa and Wiseman as a stronger force, his resurrection ability could ensure him the boost in power that he needs to oppose his superiors. However, his new decision will be a set up to his downfall, since Phoenix’s hotheaded temper tends to get in the way of his thinking.

The Drago Timer is a nice new gadget, but none of Wizard’s copy abilities have yet to come close to OOO’s Gatakiriba Combo. If there was one prop that it gets, it’s that each Dragon is doing their own attack, which is an improvement over the last few copy spells. In regards to the four-way Slash Strike used on Beelzebub, am I the only one that thought of Shinkenger? If there was a Wood Dragon, then the elemental circle would be complete. And for the sake of going with the opposite elemental pair up, the Wood Dragon's color will be based off a pink gem.

Things are looking rather tasty for Wizard, and Rinko’s investigation manage to open more doors for the series to explore. Sure, we will have to deal with more Gates popping up, but we can hope that the staff decides to change up these scenarios later on. Perhaps a ritual or a multiple Gates arc could be the remedy to adding more intensity to these arcs. Wizard had a slow start in finding its ground, and I think that we can now relax, as we experience the real tale that we've been waiting for. 

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