Superhero Time: Jenga might solve life's many problems


It might save your life one day.

In the latest scientific discovery to combat evil, we have learned that Jenga can help you conjure up the right ideas in stopping villainy in its tracks. The moment that you pull a block, your brain surges with a burst of energy that fills up your meter. 

Heroes that complete Jenga can transform into a problem solving machine that will bring an end to the darkness that resides in the universe. Until our research progresses into new heights, let's take a break from our experiment, as we check on the progress of Go-Busters and Kamen Rider Wizard


Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Episode 48

Did Escape really skin a Shiba Inu?

Wait a minute, did Escape just skin a Shiba Inu? I think a part of me has died inside. Actually, we didn't see her do it, but we did get an implication of the action. But wait, did she really skin it? Oh silly me, I forgot to take into account that Escape used her new ability to assimilate with the dog. Either way, that Shiba Inu is officially dead -- rest in peace.

Currently, I stand by my opinion that every Super Sentai series setups for a grand finale, which is unaffected by the overall quality of the story. Part of the greatness is from the major twist that happened last week, since we are now dealing with Hiromu's reaction to his new burden. Throughout the episode, I was almost contemplated on the idea of Hiromu attempting suicide, but then I remembered Enter's other ability. 

I really hope that this is the end for Escape, because the series cannot afford to revive anyone at this point in the story. Otherwise, the show has wasted another moment that has overstayed its welcome -- deaths are now irrelevant. But seeing how Go-Busters has only two episodes left, I'm hoping that the good finale streak continues. 

This might only be me, but I have a feeling that Escape's giant design was a shout out to Raiking from Gaiking: Legend of Daiku-Maryu. For one, she has a similar golden skull chest, and her wings and body resembles the robot's body structure. Then again, both properties are from Toei, so the design might have been an intentional reference. 


Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 20

Shabadoobie, play a piano to Henshin!

Oh my gosh, Wizard might be building up for the demise of our first casualty that involves a general. If Phoenix's death is not the aftermath, then his backstory is going to be used for a new spell that will affect Wiseman's plan. Before things go through a new change, Rinko might go through some trouble, as her digging puts her in a hostage situation. 

I wasn't too keen with this week's Gate, but seeing a classier Haruto and Wizard was worth the watch -- Rider Piano Playing. It also acted for a way to teach Shunpei a lesson in wearing such tacky outfits. However, if Shunpei ever comes in with a normal attire, you know that something is up. 

From the moment that things were playing different for the Gate, I knew that Beelzebub had something to do with the current actions before the show told the viewers. Something tell me that it's connected to the orchestrated number that was played during the first fight of the episode. There's also a chance that the Gate's phone is emitting an effect that inflicts the ignore status on people. Or we could go with the Lord of Flies bit and assume that things are going to get buggy. 

Under the random Gate bit, more mysteries are opening up, and Kosuke state of starvation can lead to some more banquets. This is a bit of a random thought, but if Phoenix has the ability to resurrect from his own ashes, does that mean that Beast could use him as an unlimited food source? Now I am really interested in the outcome, and my demand for a Phoenix vs Beast fight has awakened. 

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