Superhero Time: Merry Birthmas


Two great holidays join forces.

No, I did not spell Merry Christmas wrong, because a close friend of mine is getting two holidays bundled into one GLORIO package. Separately, both occasions are very fun to celebrate, but the two can clash when they are fused together. Luckily, me and a couple friends kicked off the holiday celebration on Christmas Eve, so it gave us the chance to celebrate Birthmas Day on the 25th. Not only was it a jolly good time, we actually went through a perilous journey that took us through swamps and shark infested waters. 

With our heart of fire and justice, it didn't take much to fight our way through the gators and aquatic predators that intend to hold us down. While the obstacles have been slain, the painful strike from Superhero Time's holiday episodes are the ones to watch out for.

Now it's time to sit next to the campfire, and face the second wave of carols that Go-Busters throws at us, with Kamen Rider Wizard adding its two cents to the so-called festivities.


Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Episode 44

Messiah's last appearance?

Dear Go-Busters,

Your attempt in psyching us out is not going to work a second time. In fact, your efforts have only cheapened the impact that you were going for during your closure to this two part arc that you refer to as a holiday special. I will applaud you for having a major battle on Christmas, but this would have been better if this was going to be the real finale for the series. 

I will confess that your special was above average, but the potential that could have been emotional was drained of its magic. While it did bring an end to Escape's interference in Enter's plans, the execution felt like they were reusing the ideas from episodes 29 and 30, which saddens me, because I felt that they did a good job with the first psych out finale. Even the massive Megazord fight with Ene-tan laying down the mandatory movie reference was not enough to give this episode a crowning moment of awesome. 

It was very obvious that we were not going to see the last of Enter, but it's going to take a huge effort to wrap up Go-Busters in an enjoyable matter. Don't let me down, Go-Busters, because Enter still deserves that final spotlight. However, you do get some points for having J pose as a Christmas tree. 


Salvador G-Rodiles


Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 16

A Wizard Christmas

I didn't expect to see Wizard to have a holiday episode, which is a rare thing for Kamen Rider, since the holidays rarely dominate an episode. Wiseman was shown lurking in, so I hope that he starts to act more. Oh boy, here I go again with my broken record talk. Apologies for the repetition, folks, but I am yearning for the moment where he reveals his true motives. 

At least my theory about Phoenix being weak against Water Dragon was torn to pieces, as his resurrection ability is still in effect. Something tells me that it's going to take some serious research to take him done, unless if Haruto can take him down as he is still recovering his mana. 

In accordance to how things went, I think that Santa Claus is officially a wizard/ring crafter, because there's no way for anyone else to enter a person's underworld at the moment. And Rinko's Christmas humiliation was a bit silly, with her expressions and all. 

Things are looking to pick up again, since the next episode is going to be the debut of the second Rider, and he is looking rather beastly. A magical golden lion might be the right trick that will get Wizard going again. So I am eager to see what kind of role he is going to play in the main story. 

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