Survey says: Just what on earth is gap moe?


No, it's not moe girls as seen in clothing from The Gap (and how boring would THAT be?). Thankfully. According to a recent survey over at What Japan Thinks, gap moe is described as "a contradiction in exhibited characteristics that people find cutely attractive". In other words, when a tough sports guy like Oguri Shun in Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (see above) randomly gets drunk on fermented pickles and suddenly ends up kissing all his guy friends. Oh wow ... I've experienced gap moe!!!

If you hit the jump you can check out a list, based on a survey, of what actions from both sexes cause that gap moe feeling. Looking at the men's list, I admit that I am a total sucker for the cool tough guy with the whimsical smile, the tears, and the sweet desserts guy. This is so much more appealing to me than actual moe, which I find boring and kind of predictive. This is it, Japanator ... I've found the version of moe that speaks to me! I feel liberated!

Q: What men’s actions cause a gap moe feeling? (Sample size=698, women)

Rank   Score
1 A cool and tough guy with a whimsical smile 100
2 When a guy who seems to play the field earnestly discusses relationship issues 56.9
3 Glasses on a guy who usually wears contact lenses 51.0
4 Emoji in an email from a cool guy 42.3
5 A dandy who likes sweet desserts 42.1
6= A tough guy’s trembling voice 33.8
6= A cool guy’s tears 33.8
8 An unreliable guy’s abrupt decision 29.5
9 A country accent in a guy who looks like a city kid 27.2
10 A thin guy stuffing his face 26.7

Q: What women’s actions cause a gap moe feeling? (Sample size=468, men)

Rank   Score
1 A girl who usually wears trousers in a skirt 100
2 Glasses on a girl who usually wears contact lenses 80.8
3 A cool and tough girl with a whimsical smile 65.8
4 When a girl who seems to play the field earnestly discusses relationship issues 51.7
5 A cool girl’s tears 46.7
6 Emoji in an email from a cool girl 39.2
7 A staid girl’s one-liner joke 35.8
8 A tough girl’s trembling voice 29.2
9 An unreliable girl’s abrupt decision 24.2
10 A thin girl stuffing her face 23.3

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