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A look at: Jeanne photo

A look at: Phantom Thief Jeanne Volume 1

By day Maron Kusakabe is a normal, everyday high school student. She lives in an apartment by herself, has a best friend who lives next door and she's a member of the rhythmic gymnastics team. What people don't realize, however, is that Mar...

Fairy Tail photo

A Look @ Fairy Tail Volume 33 & 34

Before we take a look at the latest volumes of Fairy Tail, let’s take a look at where we’re at in the story. The members of Fairy Tail are in the midst of the Grand Magic Games. Held to determine which guild is the strongest, Fa...

Import Preview: Exstetra photo

Import Preview: Exstetra

Every now and then a game comes along that changes the way you think about entertainment. It flips conventions on their head, and tackles common tropes in a way that completely alters the gaming experience. Video games have the power to eli...

Import Preview: Utakumi 5 photo

Import Preview: Utakumi 575

I quite enjoy the rhythm action genre.  By no means am I great at them, but there's something undeniably appealing about putting a comfy pair of headphones on and getting in the zone. I've always been big on the genre when playing hand...

Hello Kitty vol. 2 photo

A Look @ Hello Kitty: Delicious!

The first volume in the Hello Kitty (reviewed) series published by Perfect Square was all about travel, and it didn't disappoint; we went all over the world and beyond. This second volume promised to have our mouths watering, and once again...

Nisekoi photo

A Look @ Nisekoi, vol. 1

Nisekoi turned out to be one of those happy discoveries you sometimes stumble upon when you aren't looking for anything particular, read a silly synopsis, and think, "Why not?" I wasn't too sure what to expect from this coming in, except th...

A Look @ photo

A Look @ Wolfsmund

Wolfsmund is based upon the story of William Tell, and the rebellion looking to overthrow the Swiss Alliance. In between Switzerland and Italy, though, lies the St. Gotthard Pass – the only way to travel between those two countries. A...

Hobonichi Techo photo

A Look @: The Hobonichi Planner

The Hobonichi Planner (Techo) has been around for years, and it comes in three different sizes. But it's more than just a planner - it's a record of your daily life, and a vessel for your creativity, designed to serve as an "anything" book...

Hello Kitty photo

A Look at: Hello Kitty: Here We Go!

Today is the day that Japanator recommends you buy a Hello Kitty comic. Things sure are goofy around here. Hello Kitty: Here We Go! is the first volume in a collection of short comics chronicling the many adventures of the world's most famo...

Tanto Cuore photo

A Look @ Tanto Cuore iOS

Tanto Cuore is a tabletop card game where two to four players compete to be the best master or mistress of maids. Originally developed by Japanese game maker Arclight, this Dominion-style deck building game was ported by a West Coast-based ...

Elfen Lied photo

Impressions: Elfen Lied Blu-ray/DVD comparison

What's this? Another Elfen Lied review? Not quite. Like some other popular ADV shows, Elfen Lied was released several times. Not including digital releases, I believe this is the fifth time you can buy a new version of this show. While...

SMT: DS: Soul Hackers photo

A Look at: SMT: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers

Amami City: land of the high-tech, and test center for Paradigm X, a second-life sort of online social networking experience not unlike OZ from Summer Wars. It is here that you take the reigns as an unvoiced, generally unseen male protagoni...

Dysfunctional Systems Ep1 photo

A Look at: Dysfunctional Systems Episode 1

Earlier this month, Dischan Media released the first episode to their very first visual novel titled Dysfunctional Systems.  The story here is Winter, 14 years old, is studying to become a mediator in an Earth that is guided by all-kno...

Otaku Camera photo

A Look At: Otaku Camera

Tokyo Otaku Mode's Otaku Camera is a nifty little free app that lets you shoot pictures as if they were part of a manga strip. You've got all kinds of choices, and the app is available for both iOS and Android platforms through the App Stor...


A look @ Kyousogiga Dainidan episodes four and five

I will admit that Kyousogiga's new season wasn't as crazy as the first ONA, but there was still enough content for it to be an enjoyable series. While Kyousogiga Dainidan's episodes were episodic short segments, I had a feeli...


A Look @ Kyousogiga Dainidan episodes one through three

Back in 2011, Kyousogiga was one heck of a fun ride. It has girls with giant hammers, little kids chomping on demons, golden robots, and a confetti of bizarre and colorful action sequences that remind us of our crazy child-like imagina...


A Look @ Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteru Vol. 1

With the premiere of JManga a while back, their flagship title to attract fans was Masakawa Ishiguro's Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteru. The anime version of SoreMachi proved to be a popular title amongst fans, and was licensed by Sentai Fi...


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