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Annotated Anime: Ace Attorney Episode 5

So Episode 5 is the start of "Turnabout Samurai,” the third case in the original Phoenix Wright game.  Just like the game, it begins with Maya watching “The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo,” a very popular to...

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First Impressions: Ace Attorney

Growing up as handheld gamer during my middle school days, I played many games on the DS including the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series. What made Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney more interesting than your average Visual Novel is that it ad...

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Meiji era Ace Attorney game gets its first trailer

Ace Attorney is easily one of my top five favorite video game series. It's weird, it's got fantastic characters, and the music gets my blood pumping at all the right times. I loved Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, and to say I was excited for...

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Shu Takumi's next project is... Ace Attorney!

A bunch of interesting news came out yesterday from the Nintendo Direct, but what I found most exciting was an announcement from Nintendo of Japan, stating what Shu Takumi's next game would be. Takumi is one of my favorite game designers, i...

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New Ace Attorney titles hinted at in new interview

Coming up into the new year, several producers and directors at Capcom have let us know about some upcoming titles in an interview with 4Gamer. The biggest news is that Ace Attorney: Dual Destiny's director Takeshi Yamazaki is already worki...

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Big savings on Ace Attorney Trilogy HD right now!

Ace Attorney 5 got an English release recently, but maybe you are not caught up on the series. Finding the DS releases of the first three games might take some effort and maybe you carry your iPhone around more than your 3DS. Good news. You...

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 5 DLC arrives next week

Finished up Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies but hankering for more cases to solve? Capcom has heard your pleas and has announced a release date for the AA5 DLC case! You can fire up your 3DS on November 21st and download the c...

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Review: Ace Attorney 5: Dual Destinies

Phoenix Wright opens the game saying, "These are dark times." Since he left, things have changed a lot. Forged evidence has become the norm. Both attorneys and prosecutors will do whatever it takes to "win" a trial. "The ends justify the me...

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The twisty turnabout timeline of Phoenix Wright

OBJECTION! The cry rings through the court. His arm is raised outward with an accusatory finger pointing at the witness stand, commanding the attention of the entire room. Silence. Even the prosecution is taken aback at this outburst. Who c...

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Ace Attorney Dual Destinies available October 24th

Earlier today, Capcom announced the official release date for the upcoming courtroom adventure, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Dual Destinies, the latest exciting chapter in the Ace Attorney saga. The game will be available in both North Amer...

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Japan Expo to host Ace Attorney art director

With the first North American event set to take place later this month, Japan Expo has announced their Video Game Guest of Honor for the show -- freelance illustrator Tatsuro Iwamoto, perhaps best known for his role as the art director for ...

Ace Attorney 5 photo

This Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies character art is snazzy

Ace Attorney 5 (Dual Destinies for all you cats in NA) just released here in Japan this past week, and it's glorious. I'm toward the end of the second case, and it's everything I've ever wanted from a new Ace Attorney game. Expect a full im...

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Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies vid has some familiar faces

It's no secret that I'm excited for Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies. I've been waiting six years for a proper sequel to Ace Attorney 4, and it's finally within reach. At today's Japan-only Nintendo Direct, Capcom revealed a new trailer for Du...

Ace Attorney 5 pics photo

Edgeworth and co looking swag in these new AA:DD screens

Despite yesterday's flood of Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies (AA5 in Japan) info and, it looks like things aren't over yet. The official Japanese website has updated to include profiles for Edgeworth, Trucy, and new detective Gouzou Ban (JP na...

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New JP Ace Attorney 5 trailer and some familiar faces

Lots of Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies news going around today, not that I'm complaining. Information from the latest issue of Famitsu has finally come in, revealing that two major Ace Attorney characters will be making a comeback in Dual De...

Ace Attorney 5 photo

Japanese Ace Attorney 5 web demo available now

This just in folks, a playable demo for Capcom's Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies (3DS) is now available to try for free. The catch? It's Japanese only, and playable within your browser. I've already given it a try, and I can confirm that it co...


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