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JAM Project photo

AB 2014: JAM Project press panel

At Anime Boston 2014, epic anime theme song (anison) rock team JAM Project performed and threw a couple great shows. Japanator was able to join in on their press panel and take some Q&A time. Here are the juicy details about their inter...

Anime Boston photo

AB 2014: The Cosplayers

Anime Boston 2014 brings out the cosplayers from the US Northeast. If you look at what parades through the bigger cons' halls in the year, the earlier cons give you an indication of what's to come later in the year. Take a look at the galle...

Attack on Titan photo

First look at Attack on Titan in English

To build excitement for the official premiere of the Attack on Titan dub at Anime Boston -- and to tear the geekier portions of the internet asunder with talk over whether certain voices are "too deep" or "just deep enough," -- Funimation ...

Anime Boston photo

Anime Boston 2014 is upon us!

Anime Boston, the biggest anime convention up in New England region of the US, finally returns to its March weekend date, and for once, not at the same time as PAX East. This coming weekend (3/21-23), expect the usual costuming horde to des...


Anime Boston '12: Halko Momoi Press Panel

Over at Anime Boston, singer-songwriter, seiyuu and self-proclaimed Queen of Akihabara Halko Momoi was kind enough to sit with a bunch of us press-types and go over what makes her tick and what drives her to travel around the world and spre...


Anime Boston '12: Sentai Filmworks panel round-up

There's nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, am I right? Sentai Filmworks just announced at Anime Boston that they will also be streaming Kids on the Slope and Mysterious Girlfriend X. Both shows will be available for your view...


Announcements from Funimation's panel at Anime Boston

More news just in from our friends stationed at Anime Boston. Funimation announced on Saturday that they have acquired rights to simulcast the series Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, Is This a Zombie?, and Jormungand. All three titl...


Anime Boston '12: Vertical brings back Paradise Kiss

While we're not up at Anime Boston this weekend, we still got word from Vertical that they've licensed Paradise Kiss by Ai Yazawa. Previously, Tokyopop had held the license for this five-volume set, but since the company went under, Vertica...


Live in Los Angeles? Don't miss Redline!

Surprisingly good racing anime movie Redline is going to be showing at an independent movie theater in Los Angeles from Dec. 2 through the 8th! Seriously, if you haven't watched it, you should go see it. Even if you have watched it, it's gr...


Anime Boston '11: Cosplay gallery #2

In terms of cosplay, Anime Boston really stepped it up this year, with an even greater variety of costumes, and some whose craftsmanship was really great! So Bob and I have decided to share with you even more of our findings from our trip. ...


Anime Boston '11: Cosplay gallery part 1

Anime Boston is over, so Crystal and I decided to be gracious enough to share our cosplay booty with you all. As in, our spoils, our prizes, not butts. Though there may be some booties -- the butt kind -- in there somewhere? No promises. Th...


Anime Boston '11: FUNimation licenses Fairy Tale and more

Fans of "fourth pillar" shonen anime Fairy Tail -- a.k.a. Kristina -- will be ecstatic to hear that FUNimation has finally licensed the popular series. And unlike the normal license/release process, FUNimation will be putting it out on DVD ...


Licensing GET: Sentai Filmworks grabs Senko no Night Raid

Want to know what really happened in 1931 on the eve of World War II? Senkou no Night Raid will tell you, and apparently, what really happened was that the Sakurai Kikan, a bunch of espers from the Imperial Japanese Army infiltrated Shangha...


Anime Boston 2010: Recapped

Easter weekend this year marked Anime Boston 2010, which is back in its traditional slot in the year. Japanator was there to represent and snap a couple pictures, ask a couple questions, and walk a thousand mile in search of the next viral ...


Anime Boston 2010: Funi gets Eden movies, Spice & Wolf II

Anime Boston may be a little quieter when it comes to big announcements than it has in the past, but Funimation still managed to come up with a few no-brainer acquisitions to promote at their panel on Saturday. Even though they haven't put ...


What questions do you want to ask Nobuo Uematsu?

Anime Boston is coming up, and the big headliner for the event is the legendary music composer Nobuo Uematsu. We're planning on interviewing the man at the convention, and want to solicit you guys for some questions. Now's your chance to as...


Nobuo Uematsu to appear at Anime Boston

Like many of you, I spent my childhood glued infront of a game system, devoting hours of my life grinding away in battle after random battle in an effort to beat the latest Final Fantasy. Each time, I fell in love with the story and charact...


Japanator interview exclusive: Kalafina

As you may have heard, Kalafina paid a visit to Anime Boston at the end of May to promote their first full length album. The did a little Q&A, a meet & greet and a live performance. By all accounts it was a huge success.Here at Japa...


Kalafina key takeaway from Anime Boston 2009

Kalafina came and conquered the crowd at Anime Boston. They were pretty, and pretty glorious. As a last-minute measure I was able to record down just a fraction of the excitement up at Boston this past weekend. This is a post from the persp...


ADV has no plans for Blu-ray

Anime Boston is one event I wish I could have made this year, but unfortunately my schedule wouldn't let up enough for me to fit it in. If anything, I'm sad about missing the Kalafina concert. I'm sure people who got to see it had...


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