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AX '12: Sentai licenses a boatload of shows [Update]

[Update: Sentai added Kokoro Connect, Tari Tari, Space Brothers, Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita, andSomeday's Dreamers II Sora. Enough with these shows!] Sentai Filmworks does not disappoint its fans: sticking with tit...


AX '12: Nozomi licenses Aoi Hana, Ristorante Paradisio

While Sentai Filmworks drowned us in licensed titles, Nozomi and the folks at Right Stuf have announced some really high quality licenses: Hyakko, Aoi Hana, and Ristorante Paradisio. I, a full-grown man with a growing beard, squealed w...


AX '12: MangaGamer announces Orion Heart, Boob Wars, more

Anime Expo isn't just where you announce a metric ton of streaming or disc license acquisitions. It's also where you announce a metric ton of games, just like MangaGamer did at their panel. The titles they announced included games called Or...


Anime Expo pictorial days 0 and 1

As you all know, Anime Expo is exploding this weekend in LA. Now I know a lot of us couldn't go for some reason or another, points to self, but fear not. Our very own Jeff Chuang is on the scene capturing what he can in pictures. So you can...


AX 2012 adds guests, hopes you like Chihayafuru

A couple weeks ago on their AX Live they said they were done with Guests of Honors. I guess either they were all not on the same page or I just misheard them, because Anime Expo is now present a trio of guests from Madhouse's Chihayafuru pr...


Anime Expo 2012: Lots of guests, hope you like Fate/Zero

Anime expo has announced a truckload of guests last Thursday and you probably want to take note of who are now adding to an already long list of guests. I'm pretty excited about the Fate/Zero guests; if you're following along the ...


You too can enjoy Mikunopolis on BD/DVD this December

Are you a Miku fan (or at least Vocaloid-curious) who happened to miss Mikunopolis, Hatsune Miku's first western "live" concert at Anime Expo? I did, being on the other side of the Pacific, though I did catch Nico Nico Douga's livestream, s...


Anime Expo 2011 Cosplay Gallery

Anime Expo 2011 may be over, but the time for posting lots of awesome cosplay pics has just begun! We bring you today our epic AX '11 cosplay gallery, with photos of some great (and slightly less great) costume-play efforts, one of my favor...


AX 11: Kalafina interview, speaks about new album

The gothic lolita-style vocalist trio, Kalafina, returned to the USA for Anime Expo 2011. We were able to catch up to them and discuss how things have been since we last spoke in 2009. This is their first time in Los Angeles, too, so we're ...


AX 11: Miyuki Sawashiro interview, talks shop

Anime Expo 2011 brought to the States the voice behind many of our favorite characters: Miyuki Sawashiro. Well, Shinku from Rozen Maiden, Mint from Galaxy Angel, Puchiko from Di Gi Charat, Tsugumi from Kannagi, and Claire from Red Garden ar...


Awesome: Steadycam Guy's Anime Expo cosplay video

I've said it before, but I love the work that "Steadycam Guy" does at anime conventions. YouTube user acksonl goes everywhere with his full-body steadicam rig: Otakon, New York Comic-Con, and most recently, Anime Expo, which took place in L...


AX 11: Local news struggles to comprehend Mikunopolis

So! Mikunopolis happened, and it was awesome. Besides being awesome, it happened in America, where Miku isn't as big...yet. Therefore, it was only natural that local news outlets pick it up, to fill in their mandatory "human interest" block...


AX 11: Ladies, Aksys has Hakouki ready to court you

What's that you say, female gamers? "There are too many male-oriented games and I'd like to see a few that cater mainly to my needs for once?" Indeed, the gulf between male- and female- pandering is a little too wide to be healthy...


AX 11: Oh right, Aniplex bringing Blue Exorcist over, too

I feel a little bit sorry for Blue Exorcist. Not because it's a bad show or anything. That's up to you to judge and read about when Hiroko recaps each episode (excellently so, I might add) in our weekly Annotated Anime recap. I just pity it...


AX 11: Rejoice, Type-Lunatics, Aksys bringing Fate/Extra

It's a good time for you lot obsessed with all things Type-MOON, isn't it? First the Fate/Zero anime, then Carnival Phantasm, and now Aksys Games has stepped forward to provide. They're bringing over Fate/Extra, the Imageepoch-develope...


AX 11: Viz adds Professor Layton to its retinue

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Viz is licensing some anime again! Sadly, it isn't some incredibly strong shows that they already own the manga property to. On the bright side, though, we are getting the Professor Layton movies from the industry...


AX 11: FUNi renames Asobi ni Ikuyo, B Gata H Kei

I don't know why people complain so much about renaming sometimes. Sure, sometimes the name sounds weird or not as good as the original, but more often than not there are good reasons behind a distributor renaming a licensed show. Ones such...


AX 11: NIS licenses Kimi ni Todoke!

Finally. Our good friends at Nippon Ichi just announced their latest license: the utterly painful, yet so rewarding Kimi ni Todoke. It's been a staff favorite: you've heard us talk about the series endlessly, and now it's your chance t...


Hendane to sell Little Hands charity doujinshi

If you've ever been to a dealers room in an anime convention, you are probably aware of Hendane. They're the guys shouting "YAOI!" at the top of their lungs and selling everything from paddles to computer games. Actually, I got my PC copy o...


Not at Anime Expo? Watch Mikunopolis on Nico Nico Douga

"Mikunopolis". That's what they're calling Miku's big Anime Expo debut concert which happens at 2000 (8PM for you 12-hour folks) on July 2nd. That's this weekend! Just three days from now! It's too bad that I can't go, though. I'm stuck her...


Don't miss out on the Wakfu panel at Anime Expo

Square-Enix as you might (or might not) know is publishing upcoming MMORPG Wakfu (developed by Ankama in France) in North America, so they're going to be hosting a spiffy panel at Anime Expo this year to show it off! If you find yourself wa...


Just Dance: Nirgilis to appear, perform at Anime Expo

July 1st through 4th is just a few weeks away! In case you need to be reminded of that week's significance, it's the week Anime Expo happens. This close to showtime, however, the hits keep on coming. The latest addition to AX's star lineup ...


Rejoice: Miyuki Sawashiro to guest at Anime Expo

If there weren't enough reasons to rejoice at your ability to visit 2011's Anime Expo, or curse your inability to visit 2011's Anime Expo, here's a another one. Veteran voice actress/singer Miyuki Sawashiro will be joining the guest-of-hono...


Breaking: Hatsune Miku to "perform" at Anime Expo

I wasn't quite sure what was going to be happening at Anime Expo this year. Their list of guests so far seems a bit small, but with the likes of Danny Choo and Vic Mc..whatever his name is, I'm sure there are plenty of people who are exc...


PenguinsProject, sunzriver to be at Anime Expo Miku panel

Now here's some old news I totally forgot about until a certain car commercial tripped my Miku-radar: Vocaloid groups sunzriver and Penguins Project are set to appear at  the fan-produced panel at Anime Expo this July. The panel, ...


Anime Expo hosting an Anime and Manga Studies Symposium

Looking for something a little extra special while you're at Anime Expo? The folks at the Anime and Manga Research Circle are going to be hosting a series of discussions throughout the convention weekend on a series of topics. The group has...


Anime Expo to premiere Last Exile: Fam The Silver Wing

To me, Anime Expo embodies the moniker "go big or go home." They always do their best to blow the top off the LA Convention Center by cramming it chock full of every guest under the sun. This year looks to be an extra-special one, seei...


Rejoice: Anime Expo hosting a fan-produced Vocaloid panel

As if Anime Expo wasn't a happening enough place to go to, the announcement's just hit that Delusion Production House is pushing through with its third annual fan-produced Vocaloid panel "Mirai no Neiro: The Sound of the Future". Besides th...


AX 10: Kamina Aniki is more bro than bro

Here at Japanator, we love Kamina. We have statues of him. We "fight the power" in his name.So when the closest approximation of his earthly form visited Anime Expo this past weekend, you know we had to be there. The Japanese voic...


AX 10: Some memorable booths from Anime Expo show floor

There were so many memorable booths from Anime Expo that it was really hard to pick out the very best ones -- so honestly, I won't. I'll just highlight some booths that I felt were memorable in their own way, for both the right and wrong re...


AX 10: Right Stuf licenses Utena and Sora no Woto

Time to play catch-up on all the news that came out. FUNimation and Right Stuf's panels happened to be running concurrently, so we had a bit of troubling covering both at once -- and it's a shame, too, because they had some big announcement...


AX 10: Cosplay gallery part 6 + bonus photos

Here's our 6th and final cosplay gallery from Anime Expo 2010. I know, I really wish we had more to show you. On the bright side, we've managed to toss in a couple extra, including a fantastic full body shot of the infamous Jack-in-Box Kami...


AX 10: Cosplay gallery part 5

Here's our sixth cosplay gallery from Anime Expo 2010. Before I go into it, I want to thank the guys at Kotaku and our sister-site, Destructoid, for highlighting all our hard work this past weekend. We had a lot of ...


AX 10: Cosplay gallery part 4

Our fourth gallery from last weekend. There are some lovely photos in this set, though for whatever reason, my favorites seem to be Lord Shingen and Nobunaga. I'm not even sure why -- maybe it's the fake mustache and crazy fa...


AX 10: Cosplay gallery part 3

After AX and 4th of July, I'm in need of some seriously detox. I'm not even kidding when I say my head feels about as bloated as Kamina-Jack up there. For those of you in other countries who probably have no idea who Jack is, click here. An...


AX 10: Cosplay gallery part 2

How's everyone's 4th of July so far? I know most of you are probably busy with fireworks, marathoning your favorite anime, or just knocking back beers and bbq'd ribs, but I figured you might enjoy some more cosplay from Anime...


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