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Anime Matsuri photo

Anime Matsuri X Cosplay Gallery Part 2 of 2

The official numbers are in and about 30,215 people attended the tenth year of Anime Matsuri, one the best anime conventions in Texas. Anime Matsuri is a yearly celebration of Anime and Japanese pop culture, taking place in the heart of do...

Anime Matsuri photo

Anime Matsuri X Cosplay Gallery Part 1 of 2

This past weekend was the tenth year of Anime Matsuri, a celebration of Japanese pop culture and other related interests, and I had a lot of fun despite trying to currently get over con funk. I ran into many awesome cosplay, which isn't su...

Week Ender photo

Week Ender - Anime Matsuri X Edition

The first day of Anime Matsuri is done and the second day is here! I hope everyone in attendance of AM (Anime Matsuri) is enjoying their time. I am probably gorging on yummy food truck food when this goes live and/or running around taking p...

OP Up! photo

OP Up! Anime Matsuri X Edition

I love Anime conventions, I am here today at Japanator because of some cool people I met up with at an anime convention. These gatherings allow fans to express their love for their favorite things in an fun environment filled with people do...

Anime Matsuri photo

See more Anime Matsuri cosplay from RealTDragon

Anime Matsuri was last weekend and I saw some great cosplay at the annual convention in the heart of Houston, Texas. I ran into RealTDragon there who happens to read Japanator and make a lot of awesome cosplay-related videos on Youtube.Rea...

Anime Matsuri photo

Anime Matsuri 2015 Cosplay Gallery 2 of 2

[Let's hang out and chat about Anime Matsuri tonight at 10PM Central! We have prizes to give out!]Here is the second batch of cosplay photos for you to enjoy! I apologize for the giant spread picture of Kaori from Your Lie in April, I too a...

Anime Matsuri photo

Anime Matsuri 2015 Cosplay Gallery 1 of 2

[Let's Chat about Anime Matsuri on our stream at 10PM Central on April 7]Part 2 of 2 Anime Matsuri Cosplay GalleryJapanator was back at Anime Matsuri, Houston's best anime convention this past Easter weekend and we've got pictures of some o...

Anime Matsuri photo

Japanator will be at Anime Matsuri 2015 this weekend!

Japanator is going to be at this year's Anime Matsuri convention in Houston, Texas this weekend! I'm gonna be there and taking pictures of y'alls wonderful cosplay so if you see this handsome gentleman (picture in the gallery) with the gend...

Anime Matsuri photo

Anna Tsuchiya to perform at Anime Matsuri 2015

Anime Matsuri is a favorite anime convention here at Japanator and we're going to be there for this year's upcoming festivities in the heart of Houston. This year's main music act for Anime Matsuri is the very talented Anna Tsuchiya, former...

Anime Matsuri 2013 photo

Anime Matsuri 2013: Cosplay Gallery Part 3

Well, this is our last cosplay gallery for Anime Matsuri. I swear there was a lot more awesome cosplay, just check out last year's galleries. However, the venue change made it a bit a difficult to move around for everyone and with even more...

Anime Matsuri 2013 photo

Anime Matsuri 2013: Cosplay Gallery Part 2

Here is the second wave of awesome cosplay from Anime Matsuri 2013 for your eye organs to feast on! Speaking of feasting, there were plenty of yummy food available to con goers thanks the awesome food trucks. These food trucks (pictured in ...

Anime Matsuri 2013 photo

Anime Matsuri 2013: Cosplay Gallery Part 1

It's that time of the year again when springtime comes to the heart of Houston, Texas. When the annual Anime Matsuri anime convention, gathers fans of Japanese pop culture for three days to celebrate our love for well... Japanese pop (and n...


Anime Matsuri 2012: Cosplay gallery part 4

As we deliver the finishing blow to the cosplay gallery for Anime Matsuri 2012, the final gallery will show only photos that were taken by Ashley Vilardi (Shown in the header image above.). Besides the amazingly spectacular Lotita dress tha...


Anime Matsuri 2012: Cosplay gallery part 3

It turns out that the person that was cosplaying Mr. Destructoid was none other than Red Veron himself. This must also mean that he has a partner in crime that was helping him out with capturing every cosplayer on camera. To make up fo...


Anime Matsuri 2012: Cosplay gallery part 2

I don't know the explanations, but somehow Mr. Destructoid found a way to invade Anime Matsuri 2012. And here I thought that no one from Modern Method was going to attend the con (I might be wrong.). Actually, that is most likely ...


Anime Matsuri 2012: Cosplay gallery part 1

Anime Matsuri 2012 is currently still in session during the weekend in the Woodlands area north of Houston, TX, and we manage to come across photos of the cosplayers that attended the con. There are also some photos of characters ...


Anime Matsuri '09: Desutoid's Guide to Heart Break Avoidance

Being a Pimp/Super Dancing/Blogger Robot for Japanese Pop culture is tough, and whenever I roam the crowds at anime conventions decked out in Pimp Robo Gear, heads are guaranteed to turn and women are swept off their feet. You'd think that ...


Anime Matsuri '09: Child's Play Charity Auction

Video games have become more and more a part of the Anime convention experience as of late, and has become a common sight at anime conventions much like terrible Death Note cosplayers. Anime conventions have always been a joyful experience ...


Anime Matsuri: The RPG

A long time ago, in the age of the internets and the 3G iPhone, there was a boy named Len who traveled to a far off land in order to take part in the Anime Matsuri. Len only wanted to experience the same yearly celebration as his fellow adv...


Anime Matsuri '09: The Green Power Ranger is dead to me

Remember when I was all like "OMG! Green Ranger!?!" Well those glorious days are done, and Jason David Frank are dead to me.You know, I'm sure it was all just a "wacky" mix up, but I did not (as in the opposite of did) g...


Anime Matsuri '09: Dragonball Evolution liveblogged

I can't believe I'm doing this. Seriously. I'm here at Anime Matsuri, here at a theater, preparing to liveblog Dragonball Evolution. This is...yeah.But someone had to do it, right?I'm not even a Dragonball person. I'm not even a movie perso...


Anime Matsuri '09: FUNimation panel liveblog

Here it comes, rapid-fire style, devoid of all personality. I'm tired. Dinner soon? Announcements: Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood streaming at FUNimation.com -- but you knew that. Airs four to five days after it does in Japan. Thursday at...


Anime Matsuri '09: We miss Anime Insider

So, last year we perused the anime/manga section at Barnes and Nobles, this year we checked out Borders. We were on a mission! Dale wanted to find the latest issue of Shojo Beat, and everyone else was looking for the vaunted last issue of A...


Anime Matsuri '09: Remembering the Yaoi

Alright, so Dale, Len, Redzie, Gia, and I are sitting in a cramped cozy hotel room the night before Matsuri. After eating Italian and then running up and down a local Target, we started reflecting back on some of the good times last year. D...


Weekly Recap: Countdown to Matsuri Edition

We interrupt your regularly awesome week at Japanator for a very special announcement! This coming Easter weekend, Japanator will be at one of the most awesome anime conventions this side of the western hemisphere! That's right, ANIME MATSU...


April music calendar - too many cons edition

April is finally here (well, just about) so it's time to take a long hard look at the upcoming events! This month, it's all about the anime cons. Sakura-Con, Anime Matsuri and Kawaii Kon are all taking place at the same time, April 10-12th...


Miyavi to rock Anime Matsuri in Houston, TX, April 10-12

We love Anime Matsuri. Look, we love it enough to give it its on tag on Japanator. We love it enough to insist that you go if at all possible -- it's that great of an event.And you know who else is going to love it this year? Miyavi. Follow...


Our favorite con, Anime Matsuri, launches their 2009 Web site

Not counting the upcoming Otakon in a couple of weeks, our network has been, in some form, at every major convention this year. And to be quite honest, I'm tired. Worn out. I look forward to Otakon because most of the Japanator family will ...


Podtoid-san 55: For realz edition. No April fooling.

Trust me, there is absolutely no symbolism inside the fact that Podtoid-san will be recording on Aprils fools day, its just coincidental. Since it'll be the first chance for a couple of us to talk since Matsuri, I'm confident it'll turn int...


Podtoid-san 54: We're at Anime Matsuri!

As promised, we took the time out of grueling, unforgiving (hot tubs, hentai, and beer) schedule at Anime Matsuri to record our very first live Podtoid-san. This all took place in the Japanator Suite (I hope they rename our room that) of th...


Anime Matsuri 08: J-Fashion Show? So fierce!

[Editor's note: Ladies and gents, give it up for Tim Sheehy. Tim is a new guest editor that will be assisting with con coverage from here on out. He also loves J-music almost as much as Zac.]Saturday was packed full of events, performances ...


A Japanator Fairy Tale: How Jtor saved Porn-mas

sh1nd0kun writes:i heard you guys hosted the ecchi panel i was supposed to host, but i was knocked out until 2. if u did, thanks guys ^_____________________________^As you may or may not know, anime conventions have...


Anime Matsuri 08: Go speed dater, go!

This is too cute! Our morning panel was immediately followed by an anime speed dating event. Following some of our new friends we went in for a closer look. I should have mentioned this before, but Redzie was the one rocking out with the ro...


Anime Matsuri 08: Japanator panel (the AM one)

The description of our panel:"Japanator.com is site dedicated to not only the anime phenomenon, but also several other aspects of Japanese culture such as music, politics, and awkward events. The site has been featured on G4 as ell as ...


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