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Japanator Recommends: Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Vol.1

It's been quite awhile since Bandai has decided to take a trip back to Universal Century. Sure, you have the CG MS Igloo series, but those are side stories about doomed test pilots and hot spirits of death. They contain little if any of the...


Finally: Naruto Shippuden fighter to get online play

Despite my knowing next to nothing about Naruto in general, I have to say I enjoyed playing the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm fighting game, which more than a few folks dismissed out of hand for being a Naruto game. I though it was solid, pl...


Haruhi dub cast announced, Christina Vee not included

Well, Bandai has announced the dub cast for Haruhi S2... and it's exactly the same as S1's cast. Yup, that means Wendee Lee (NOT Christina Vee) will be voicing moe goddess Haruhi Suzumiya. Here's the complete cast list:Haruhi Suzumiya: Wend...


Bandai wants you to watch 7 minutes of Gundam Unicorn

Well, Bandai really wants you to watch all sixty minutes of the first episode, but will part with those first seven for free. That's how they get 'cha!From March 2nd through the 22nd, seven minutes of hot Gundam action will be available for...


Bandai announces more Code Geass manga

Shortly after launching its own manga-dedicated website, Bandai gave out a press release announcing more manga goodness. This time it's about new licenses that will be released in May and June 2010. First up is Code Geass Lelouch ...


Bandai warms my heart with an infant cosplay line

Must...have...babies. Must...have...adorable...otaku...babies.Oh, sorry- this news item has been interrupted by my maternal instincts. I guess I'll stop planning Sailor Moon costumes for my future children in my head and actually tell you w...


God Eater to seduce monster hunters in North America 2010

Liked Monster Hunter, but wanted more belts and zippers (that weren't carved from monster hide)? Ever wanted a single weapon that does everything? North American PSP gamers need look no further than God Eater, the Namco Bandai-published Mon...


Bandai launches manga site

Bandai Entertainment releases some pretty popular manga series (did I hear anyone say Gurren Lagann?), but until recently it had no site dedicated to just its manga.Well, those days are of the past. "It's long overdue," says Rober...


Multiple Gundam series streaming online now

Everyone likes Gundam, right? One of the standbys of the industry and still a solid series even today (well, Gundam 00 season one was great, but we'll ignore season two, okay?). Bandai, in preparation of the launch of Mobile Suit Gundam UC ...


Haruhi update! The ASOS Brigade is back?!

This post is under construction... again. I have no answers, only questions. Is an American release of Haruhi's second season just around the corner? Will Christina Vee be the new voice of Haruhi? Does Karrie Shirou make a good Mikuru? Is G...


Gundam Unicorn to be on sale exclusively at Amazon.com

Looking to get your Gundam Unicorn fix come March? Well, you're going to have to go to Amazon.com for it. In what I presume to be an effort to cut down on distribution headaches, they're going to be going with the largest online retailer to...


True Tears Rant: from TV to Blu-Ray and what is missing

True Tears is an anime from early 2008. It charmed me with its romance antics and beautiful background artwork. It is one of those shows in recent years that aired in glorious high definition. It is so striking as studio PA Works's first fu...


Ar Tonelico III calls itself 'The World's Greatest RPG'

Or does it?!?!Indeed, that's quite a bold statement to make for a B-list (even in Japan) developer (Gust) to make for their game, which is set to release in the wake of Final Fantasy XIII and on the same frickin' day as Tri-Ace's bullet-bla...


God Eater demo downloads a million, might sell that many

[As posted on Destructoid] Namco Bandai's awesomely-named Monster Hunter ripoff God Eater is looking to do quite well, if the demo numbers are anything to go by. Despite having gone live less than two months ago, the ten-mission PSP demo ha...


ASOS Brigade updates, hints at Endless Eight coming to US

While I was busy enjoying Christmas with my family, Bandai went ahead and made some updates the ASOS Brigade website, all hinting to the not-so-surprising idea that Bandai will license season two of The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi.Nebs ca...


Bandai creates Club MG for Japanese Gunpla fans

If you're a Gundam plastic model enthusiast like me, you're probably well aware of the woes associated with trying to find Gunpla overseas. Models that would normally cost $20 or so in Japan can often double in price due to import costs, an...


Lucky Star manga hitting stores back-to-back due to delay

We recently got word from Bandai admitting that there were some problems with the production of the second volume of the Lucky Star manga, and so Volume 2 will be hitting store shelves this Tuesday, followed up shortly by Volume 3 making it...


Sgt. Frog procures an RPG from Namco Bandai

The paperwork finally went through, and the patriotic soldiers starring in the Sgt. Frog manga and anime getting the RPG-adaptation supplies that they've desperately clamored for. Entitled Keroro RPG: The Knight, the Warrior and the Legenda...


Kurokami Blu-Ray will be dub-only

Remember the bad old days of the sub/dub wars, before the dual-language DVD became ubiquitous?  When there was actually a need to pick one over the other, because you couldn't have both on VHS? If you remember, you will probably be pre...


Our continuing God Eater coverage is mandated by heaven

Namco Bandai's new Monster Hunter-killing PSP game God Eater is looking better and better, and it is our heavenly duty to cover things that do that.Japan's premier gaming rag Famitsu has gone and put up a walkthrough for several missions fr...


TGS 09: God Eater clearly has it in for Monster Hunter

If you didn't know yet, Monster Hunter is the hotness over in Glorious Nippon. It's everywhere, and its elements are worming their way into games right and left. All the same, there hasn't been any game as obviously aimed at slaying Capcom'...


NYAF 09: Bandai Entertainment industry panel

Anime. Let's go! Rob Napton and team was on hand to present to us their latest and greatest products. "Due to the recession, we don't have any new titles to announce. Contracts negotiations are taking longer. In 2010, we're moving more...


Reminder: Tickets are on sale for Eureka Seven feature film

While waiting for Inglorious Basterds to start, I was sitting there chatting with my friends when I was suddenly interrupted by a big splash of animation out of the corner of my eye. It was a reminder that Eureka Seven: Good Night, Sleep Ti...


SDCC: Bandai Entertainment almost had an announcement, almost

Well apparently the Bandai panel tonight is going to be more of the same that we've seen at Anime Expo and Otakon, though with no confession sessions or fun surprises. Speaking to Robert Napton, their director of marketing, earlier today, h...


Japanator Recommends: Sword of the Stranger

When it came time to sit down with this film, I couldn't help that I was already a bit apprehensive. I had recently watched the old Rurouni Kenshin OVAs (again), which some of you may remember were released in America as...


Desktop Doraemon talks to you, thinks it's drafty in here

As we all know, The Machines will eventually take over. I for one welcome our future robot overlords, but not everyone is as receptive to mankind's inevitable, glorious destiny. It seems the people of the 22nd century have realized this as ...


Don't count Bandai out of this con season just yet

As you may have noticed, Bandai was noticably absent from every con so far this year, including North America's longest running anime convention, Project A-kon. However, in a recent e-mail exchange with Bandai'...


Manga spine designers try their hardest to kill off OCD fans

I wouldn't go so far as to consider myself OCD, but I do like it when I own a series of something and the spines all match up. I was less than pleased when Viz changed their logo several years back, but I'm not so far gone that I need to ha...


Kurokami gets a near-simultaneous release on Crunchyroll

Bandai Entertainment is pushing forward on Crunchyroll, releasing Kurokami a week after it's Japanese broadcast. According to people at Bandai, they're turning towards Crunchyroll as a marketing tool to drum up excitement for the show's DVD...


Bandai bringing Lucky Star OVA to the US

At WonderCon this past weekend, Bandai Entertainment announced that they've licensed the Lucky Star OVA and will be bringing it here to the US. That's it. Really. You can see the press release after the jump if you don't believe me.'tis not...


NYCC 09: Bandai Entertainment

Now, I'm a big Robert Napton fan, but sometimes I wish he'd bring a friend to his panels. Compared to the upbeat festival Bandai put on at Otakon, I can't help but feel like having co-panelists might make Napton happy. Reminders of things B...


Bandai lays off some of its staff, issues plenty of delays

Well, the effects of the economy are creeping their way into our anime markets, with nothing much that we can do about it. Over the weekend, there was some hubbub on twitter and in the Bandai source code, but I was too busy being sick to ca...


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