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Destiny photo

Ryo Katsuji knows best how to recruit a Destiny fireteam

It's not entirely baseless to say that Japan's gamers haven't been quite as taken with the shooter genre as their comrades in America and Europe, but Glorious Nippon does house a small but dedicated fanbase for the genre. And in it, it see...

Metal Gear Solid V photo

Metal Gear Solid V's last commercial gives the bride away

Everyone knows Japanese commercials are delightfully zany, often bordering on surreal in a way that usually doesn't help much to sell the product itself. Thankfully for the world, Metal Gear is just as zany, perhaps moreso, and the la...

Shrimp Cannon photo

Want Shrimp Tempura in 3 seconds? Take this cannon

You never know where useful information will come from. For example, would you expect to learn a secret technique for preparing fried shrimp in an instant from...a wireless carrier? Yeah, neither did I.  NTT Docomo's promoting its LTE...

PS Vita photo

Sony invokes dongs to sell the new PS Vita

Remember that time in middle school you and your friends would get naked in the locker room and compare genitals? Me neither, but Sony does. This Japanese ad for the PS Vita calls up youthful PS-envy as young boys remark on the sheer size ...

Yamaha anime photo

Yamaha wants you to be the Master of Torque

We all strive to master something, be that mastering our destiny, mastering a foreign language (odds are it's Japanese if you're reading this), or even just mastering the art of killing time. Now motorcycle and keyboard maker Yamaha wants ...

Daily Dose photo

A Daily Dose of Ab Crunches: Wonder Core

Hiroko's out today, which leaves you trapped in here with me! Bahahaha! And for today's Dose, hot abdominal fitness courtesy of this commercial for the Wonder Core exercise machine, starring the sensational six-pack of Japanese actor ...

Attack on Titan photo

The Scouting Legion takes on the Bearded Titan

So what if they want to devour us whole for reasons unknown? The least we can do is make them look good while doing it, right? Apparently, that's Schick's logic for trying to hawk safety razors for the sake of mankind's greatest enemy, and...

CM photo

Schwarzenegger & Willis starring in new Kowa coffee ads

The latest bit of marketing for Kowa's new "Power" canned-coffee line features aging-action stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis getting their hands dirty and shouting power at the top of their lungs. While it's not unusual fo...

Ping Pong photo

Here's another colorful new Ping Pong CM

Briefly: here's the latest CM for Masaaki Yuasa's Ping Pong anime, based off of Taiyo Matsumoto's manga. They've been releasing character-themed CMs for the past few weeks and each one gives a little tease at what to expect from the Noitam...

PlayStation 4 CM photo

Watch Sony's latest Japanese PlayStation 4 ad

Check out Sony's latest commercial for the PlayStation 4, set to launch in Japan on February 22nd. The ad features a multi-cultural cast of gamers and cosplayers who, rather than actually play anything, jump around and pose for the camera....

Drakengard 3 photo

New Drakengard 3 TV CM in both Normal and Hard flavors

The first two Drakengard games are not very good. In fact it's no stretch to say that they're fairly bad. That being said, both Drakengard and Drakengard 2 (especially the former) are incredibly strange gaming experiences with dark twisted...

Tearaway photo

So this is how Japan plans to promote Tearaway

Hey, have you played Tearaway yet? You should, if you own a PS Vita, as it's pretty great. Media Molecule's papercraft platformer is set to soon charm the people of Japan as it has the rest of the world, and Sony's revving up its hype...

Sony ad photo

Water droplets sing in Sony's latest image sensor ad

There are great and/or funny covers of Pachelbel's Canon in D. It's a versatile tune that lends itself to creativity, and I've got a new one to show you. Sony has officially made my list of rad covers of the tune with their latest ad for t...

Madoka Magica photo

Madoka Magica The Movie -Rebellion- trailer subtitled!

So you're all set for the final Madoka Magica film, -Rebellion-, right? You've picked up your tickets and have planned your road trip to the theater (because it's that one theater that's kind of close to you but a little out of your way, y...


She's Winner! Hatsune Miku's Chrome ad wins at Cannes

Yes, that Cannes. The one in France. Well, the "Direct Lions" part of it anyway, the one that's concentrated on advertising rather than movies (cue snarky comment about all movies being ads anyway). Hatsune Miku, everyone's favorite five-y...


KFC gets weirder when Kyary Pamyu Pamyu advertises for it

Okay, so nothing Kyary Pamyu Pamyu does is quite as weird as her video for "PONPONPON," but she's still pretty far out there. Of course, no matter how odd you are, if you're an idol, you pretty much have to appear in ads. This is why Kyary...


Candy ad comes under fire for controversial AKB48 kiss

A recent ad for Pucchu candy featuring AKB48 has caught the eye of the Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization, a Japanese broadcasting standards group. They claim the ad, which depicts members of AKB48 passing a piece of c...


Jean Reno continues to play Doraemon in awesome CM's

Remember a while back when we posted about French actor Jean Reno starring in a series of Japanese commercials based on Doraemon? Yeah, there's more. The Toyota commercials take the Doraemon characters and age them by about twenty years, ma...


I don't really understand the PS Vita's first commercial

Now, you could watch the commercial below and argue that there's not all that much to understand besides the platform's release date (December 17th in Japan), and the text that says "The Future of Video Games is Changing". But what's with t...


Here's the new Fate/Zero commercial to go loony over

Yes, and there is a good reason to go loony, because we're just weeks out from its Fall 2011 debut! So feel free to get hype, Type-Lunatics! The next several commercials' worth of your Youtube time will be spent watching watching the previo...


Tommy Lee Jones is making new BOSS commercials

It never fails. Take someone to Japan for the first time and it seems like the first thing they do is jump back in surprise at advertisements for Suntory's BOSS coffee. I'm so used to seeing it that the ads never look out of place to me. I...


An ode to itchy crotches, sung by Japanese salarymen

This ad, found after the break, looks like a normal ad for a product, with lots of salarymen gloriously singing about some sort of product. But that's only because you likely don't understand Japanese. If you did, you'd realize they're sing...


Perfume launch new English site & get their drink on

I love Perfume! Japan's hit technopop outfit are having gigantic year, finally gaining some much deserved exposure in the US. Their classic hit Polyrhythm was just featured in the sound track for Cars 2 film. To celebrate their la...


Arashi's Nintendo CM series continues with Nintendogs

The peeps at Nintendo are very smart. For instance, they know that Nintendogs sells like hotcakes, and they also know anything with Arashi on it sells like hotcakes. What's the solution? Why, to combine the two things of course. Let's have ...


Submit to the adorable zombie apocalypse in I Love Zombie

Zombies are horrible creatures, the remnants of humanity reanimated into a mockery if their former lives. Their slow shambling, their mindless craving of human flesh, their ability to grow their numbers through infection...I probably don't ...


Creepy robot recommends bug spray in this commercial

Android recommended! If it's good enough for this rubber faced robo-gal, then it's definitely good enough to keep the mosquitoes away from your real flesh and blood. Or...wait a minute!This Japanese commercial for Kincho Preshower bug repel...


AKB48 members get pimples in this new CM

Here's something you don't see often: idols showing off pimples to their critical public! Alafista spotted a new ad for pimple cream featuring Yuko Oshima, Haruna Kojima, and Mariko Shinoda of AKB48 fame. A pimple shows up on each...


Darth Vader helps promote Galaxy S in new Docomo CM

And by "helps promote" I mean standing around and listening to a guy play on his guitar.I'll be honest, the only way I could link Darth Vader and the Galaxy S together in my mind is... uh, Darth Vader is from a long time ago, in a...


New Mardock Scramble CM reminds you this movie exists

After the Sunday airing of Star Driver, a new commercial showed up, advertising Mardock Scramble. This is the first of three films by Studio GoHands based on a series of cyberpunk novels by Tow Ubukata. It follows a young prostitute named R...


Otousan hates the new guy; I love the new pots

HAHAH! These Softbank commercials keep on getting better and better. Kai-kun is seriously becoming a better actor with age. His portrayal of a pissed off Otousan is spot-on here.I love how angry he is. He doesn't like what's going...


Du the SUSU bra dance with me!

You don't even have to know what SUSU bras are to enjoy this commercial. Hell, you don't even need to be a bra wearer to get it. Japanese company Wacoal likes to put pretty blondes dancing in their bra commercials, but the dances are so sil...


Utada Hikaru's new Pepsi CM

I can't even remember the last time I saw Hikki-chan in a commercial -- it must have been years ago -- but this recent ad for Pepsi Nex reminded me of how much I've missed her. I wouldn't call her matronly or anything, but she's definitely ...


Instant noodle ad ushers in the age of Skynet

Oh god. This is it, isn't it? They warned us about Skynet, how it would become self-aware and spread itself to all machinery across the globe. But we didn't listen!Now, Nissin has unleashed the first of our robot overlords in this extremely...


Final Fantasy 14 live action trailer stars TOMA!

So this morning, my best friend sends me a link to this video and says, "Hey ... doesn't this guy look familiar?" Since I transformed said friend into a j-drama addict, of course he recognized j-actor Toma Ikuta, who has been gett...


Won't someone think of the bears?

I feel for this poor bear. He's drowning in sweat due to global warming, so he has to shave his fur off, and just as he's getting to it, he's caught in the act by a little girl. How embarrassing could that be? Almost feels like he got caugh...


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