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Digimon Adventure tri. photo

Licensing GET: Shout! Factory grabs Digimon Adventure tri.

It's been a good while since Digimon Adventure tri.'s theatrical event occurred in North America. Luckily, this won't be the last that we'll hear from the original series' new sequel as Shout! Factory digivolves the film's first three parts...

JoJo's Bizarre Toonami photo

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure hitting Toonami this weekend

Announced earlier this year, this English dub release of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's first season, Phantom Blood, is releasing on Toonami this Saturday! Airing after Dragonball Z Kai, let's hope JoJo will get the wider audience it deserves. ...

Crunchyroll photo

Aw, snap: Crunchyroll enters the dub and home release field

If there's one unexpected piece of news to come out of Anime Expo '16, it's that Crunchyroll revealed that they're planning to release anime on Blu-ray and DVD with English dubs. The interesting thing about this announcement is that they're...

Sailor Moon photo

It's time to listen to Sailor Venus' new English voice

Wow. That was fast. I didn't expect Viz to release another Sailor Moon dub clip so soon. At least this means that we can finally see Minako/Sailor Venus' new voice in action. Overall, Cherami Leigh knocked it out of the ball park, which ac...

Sailor Moon photo

Rejoice! Viz is holding a Sailor Moon streaming event

If you missed out on watching Sailor Moon's English episodes at Anime Expo and Otakon 2014, then you'll be happy to hear that Viz's having a Sailor Moon Moonlight Party where they're streaming the show's first four newly dubbed ep...

Sailor Moon photo

Feast your eyes on two new Sailor Moon dub previews

Well played, Viz Media. Right when you've gotten us used to checking YouTube for the latest Sailor Moon-related dub previews, the company decided to upload their newest videos on Hulu instead. Despite Viz's unexpected move, I'm b...

Sailor Moon photo

Let's take a quick look at Sailor Moon's new dub

Back when Viz Media announced the English voice actors for the new Sailor Moon dub at Anime Expo 2014, I couldn't help but to be intrigued by their choices. With the first Sailor Moon boxset getting ready to hit North America on November 1...

4kids Kill la Kill photo

4kids takes on Kill la Kill: Meet Bully la Bully

I'm tempted to post this without comment, but that would be unprofessional of me. So meet Bully la Bully, the 4kids-style redub of Japanimation sensation Kill la Kill. Tumblr user Tony Le created the video based on this old pitch document,...

Attack on Titan photo

First look at Attack on Titan in English

To build excitement for the official premiere of the Attack on Titan dub at Anime Boston -- and to tear the geekier portions of the internet asunder with talk over whether certain voices are "too deep" or "just deep enough," -- Funimation ...

Mai Mai miracle photo

Mai Mai Miracle gets funded in a day, dub possible

All the Anime's Kickstarter for Sunao Katabuchi's Mai Mai Miracle is funded! The Kickstarter was approved some time yesterday morning Eastern time and it has reached funding early morning today. The 2009 Madhouse film from director Sunao Ka...

Eva 3.33 Dub Trailer photo

Pirate Asuka is dubbed in a new Evangelion 3.33 trailer

Ahoy me hearties! Ready to see Captain Asuka take this battle into space? No problem at all, as Manga UK have released a new trailer featuring the English dub cast for Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo. There's still a little bit of time...

Danganronpa Audio photo

NISA's Demon Gaze and Danganronpa to have dual audio

This news may only interest some of you, but as someone who lived through the anime dub/sub debate before dual audio DVDs made the issue moot, I wish more games have the option of both Japanese and English dubs available to players. NISA, t...

Dubbing photo

Will Sailor Moon get a new English voice?

I have to admit, as excited as I am for the new Sailor Moon anime we're supposedly getting one of these days, the question "Who's going to be handling the dub?" hasn't exactly been at the forefront of my mind. I'm more concerned about how t...

Ian Sinclair photo

JX: An interview with Ian Sinclair

Funimation voice actors are like Pokemon to me. I've got to catch them all. Well, there is one less that I have to catch because I now have Ian Sinclair taken off my list. Ian has done a lot work for Funi such as Dallas Genoard in Buc...

Sinternilklaas photo

JX: An interview with Michael Sinterniklaas

The always wacky and fun Michael Sinterniklaas was kind enough to sit down with me and talk about his work on both sides of the mic. He has worked on shows like GaoGaiGar as Gai Shishiô, Summer Wars as Kenji Koiso, and Eden...

Yamato 2199 Dub photo

AX '13: Yamato 2199 getting English dub

Hey, remember Star Blazers, the English incarnation of Space Battleship Yamato? Well, it's back! Sort of. Production I.G. and its partners are apparently opting to take advantage of Star Blazers' greater recognition in the west, and is pro...


Preview: Ni no Kuni

It's been less than a week since the Ni no Kuni demo landed on the PlayStation Network for Studio Ghibli and Level-5 fans alike to clamour over. It offers two trips into the game, each at about 25 minutes long apiece, but perhaps that isn't...


Trailer for new Pokemon movie would make Freud blush

I've mentioned a few times that the Pokémon films are a guilty pleasure of mine, and the latest (the fifteenth, no less!) is no exception. The film is gearing up for its premier on December 8th by offering a short snippet on the off...


Jamie Lee Curtis, Christina Hendricks to dub Poppy Hill

GKids, the company behind the New York International Children's Film Festival, announced the English-language cast for the upcoming release of Studio Ghibli's Up on Poppy Hill. Some of the headliners include X-Files' Gillian Anderson, Jami...


No dub in European version of Virtue's Last Reward

There may not be a solid release date for the European version of Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, but pre-orders have certainly been available for quite some time. 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors has gained itself quite the cul...


Inu Yasha: The Final Act coming to DVD and BD in November

Inu Yasha: The Final Act, the long-awaited conclusion of the epic Inu Yasha series which went on and on... forever... is slated to be immortalized in DVD and Blu-ray with dubs this coming November, according to this article by Crunchyroll f...


Neon Alley launching sooner than you think

[Update: A small correction has been made, with regards to Neon Alley being a 24-hour programmed channel, rather than an on-demand service. More anime channels? Sounds good to me!] Is your PS3 at the ready? You might want to get those upda...


FUNimation shares English dub cast for Panty & Stocking

A little more than a year after announcing their license, FUNimation finally announced the English cast list for Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt at Anime Central. Jamie Marchi will be trying to get laid as Panty, with Monica Rial...


North American BD Edition of Arrietty: double the dubs?

Though details are slightly fuzzy on the deal, it would seem that at least the Japanese version of the Secret World of Arrietty Blu-ray release is going to have both the American English and U.K. English dub tracks on it. The source article...


Japanese viewers increasingly prefer dubbed foreign films

As one of those Flixist guys, I always agree with the sentiment that movies should be seen with their original audio tracks, subtitled for foreigners, especially in the case of live-action, no matter what country you're in. It's something I...


Durarara!! Blu-ray with English subtitles, only in Japan?

The upcoming Japanese Blu-ray release of the very cool anime Durarara!! has recently been confirmed to contain both English subtitles and dubbed audio. This certainly isn't the first time this has happened, but it's still a very odd oc...


Prepare your ears for the English Madoka trailer

I should start off by qualifying that I don't really watch any dubbed anime, so my ability to judge the quality of them is probably a bit off. I have to say the voices are just not doing it for me. Are English audio dubs always re...


Ole ole~ Princess Jellyfish dub cast, trailer announced

A gamble was taken when Princess Jellyfish was licensed by FUNimation back in May. One that Japanator and fans absolutely wanted this beautiful and lovely series to win, obviously, but still, it was uncertain as to how the se...


NYAF: Tiger & Bunny also getting dubbed

More revelations from the New York Comic Con! Viz Media have confirmed that Tiger & Bunny will be receiving an English dub, so that's good news for the dub loving folk out there! They stated that it's currently in pre-production, so we ...


NYAF: Blu-ray and English dub for Madoka out Feb 14th

Aniplex of America have announced at the New York Comic Con that the Puella Magi will soon be appearing on DVD and Blu-ray outside of Japan. The first volume of these will be released next year on February 14th, followed by the remaining tw...


Highschool of the Dead getting dub on The Anime Network

To be honest I'm not really a huge dub person, at least not in the sense that its presence (or lack thereof) influences the average purchase decision, but I can certainly understand that a lot of folks do love their English-language voice a...


New reel for Durarara!! English dub, Freeman still badass

Well, we've been watching the promotion videos for a while now, and some of us have finally pre-ordered it online, but how does the English dub hold up in Aniplex USA's new Durarara!!, released on January 25th? Well, thanks to a newly relea...


Gackt to make guest appearance in Supernatural anime

Pop star Gackt is set to do a guest voice role for Supernatural the Animation, an anime based on the original American television series Supernatural. Gackt will be voicing a character named Andy, who also appeared ...


Japanese Lucky Star BDs to have English Dubs, Subs

A common complaint I hear among my circle of anime friends is the lack of good anime blu-ray, especially shows owned/licensed by Bandai. I also find myself agreeing with their sentiments, as I'd prefer to own shows like Haruhi, Gundam 00 an...


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