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#Girls und Panzer

Fury photo

Let a Girls und Panzer girl take all the tension out of Fury

[Update: It seems Kadokawa's taken down the video. We'll update the post with a new source as soon as we can find one.] Far be it from me to tell people how to promote things, but the way Brad Pitt's new war movie Fury, about a tank crew s...

Girls und Panzer photo

Four-minute Girls und Panzer Vita game trailer, Vor!

Remember that tiny peek of the Girls und Panzer PS Vita game I showed last week? Where we had ten seconds of actual video? Forget about that. THIS is the trailer we've been waiting for. It's a rather substantial trailer, running at nearly ...

Girls und Panzer photo

Master Panzerfahren with Girls und Panzer's latest shots

Hey tankers! There's a new game coming out for you lot that isn't World of Tanks, War Thunder, Battlefield, or ArmA! Heck, in regards to mood, it's probably the opposite of those, and it's called Girls und Panzer: Master Panzerfahren, ...

Girls und Panzer photo

Girls und Panzer Vita game gets a trailer

The first trailer for Namco Bandai's upcoming Vita Girls und Panzer action game, Senshado, Kiwamemasu! has hit the net. To no one's surprise, it features both tanks and girls. It also looks like it could possibly be a competent tank action...

Girls und Panzer photo

Girls und Panzer gets Vita game next spring

Namco Bandai Games has officially announced Girls und Panzer: Senshado, Kiwamemasu! for the Playstation Vita in Japan. The game is set to hit next spring, and is currently classified as a Dramatic Tank Action game. Everybody can breathe a s...

Girls und Panzer photo

Sentai fields an army for Girls und Panzer dub cast

Sentai Filmworks has announced English vocal cast for Girls und Panzer. It's not really my bag to follow all the dub acting news, but this list is pretty impressive, both in name recognition and in length. Like the Japanese dub, which ...

Girls und Panzer  photo

Girls und Panzer's gets a new trailer with English voice

I wasn't prepared to love Girls und Panzer as much as I did. The combination of a great female cast, fantastically choreographed action, and a tight underdog story won me over in no time at all. A huge high school girl cast means it'll be ...


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