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Fan poll selects most powerful robot

The argument about the strongest robots in anime is one that will continue in perpetuity. I mean, it's hard to get any sort of consensus about what to even include on the list. Giant robots are one thing, but do you include androids and gyn...

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Japanator Unboxes: Gurren Lagann DVD box set

Some time back, you may remember that Aniplex rescued Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann from the depths of license limbo. This meant two things: the release will come with a bunch of extra stuff and it will be pricey. Based off Sal's post, both o...

Gurren Lagann is back photo

Giga License Breaker: Aniplex rescues Gurren Lagann

It shouldn't be a surprise to people that the Gurren Lagann TV series would get revived by Aniplex USA, since they were the ones who licensed the two movies in North America. Knowing who the hell Aniplex is, they plan to re-releas...


A Daily Dose of Battles: Team Dai-Gurren vs Anti-Spirals

Let's literally kick things off with our first themed Daily Dose of 2013! The week, your favorite Japanator editors let you know which famous anime battles get their adrenaline going, fists clenched, and showcase what we all crave. Epic ba...


Take a peek at the walls in the old Gainax building

Have you ever heard the expression, "If these walls could talk?' It most certainly applies in the case of the old building that super anime studio Gainax used to call home. I have no idea what kind of awesome insanity was going do...


Gainax invades Phantasy Star, encourages cosplay

Whether you love it, hate it or feel absolute apathy, the Phantasy Star series continues to live on in the format popularized by the seminal Phantasy Star Online, released on the Dreamcast 10 years ago. While not so big in the states, the s...


AX 10: Kamina Aniki is more bro than bro

Here at Japanator, we love Kamina. We have statues of him. We "fight the power" in his name.So when the closest approximation of his earthly form visited Anime Expo this past weekend, you know we had to be there. The Japanese voic...


Katsuyuki Konishi makes announcement about Anime Expo

Katsuyuki Konishi, a.k.a. the Japanese voice of Gurren Lagann's Kamina, has a special announcement regarding Anime Expo, and he's made a video just for his loyal fans. Konishi's official confirms that he will be appearing at Anime Expo as a...


These are the best Gurren Lagann toys ever

This is perhaps the best bit of Gurren Lagann merchandise ever. No, not a fully articulated model of Gurren Lagann or Lazengann or any of the mecha. Not a working replica of Yoko's sniper rifle or a Core Drill keychain. It's these.They're L...


Pierce the heavens with your Gurren Lagann cosplay skills

Anime Expo is happening on July 1st through 4th in Los Angeles. If you're attending, that's the most essential piece of information you need to know.But! If you're just an ordinary Gurren Lagann cosplayer, here's another bit of need-to-know...


Aniplex to start publishing in the US with Gurren movies

Well, how's this for something to wake up to? Aniplex America, who we've seen working with Bandai Entertainment for a number of years, has finally decided to get into the distribution market. For their first trick, they're going to be relea...


Gurren Lagann Parallel Works 2 out on May 26th

You know those awesome music videos GAINAX did featuring characters from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann in new "stories" or environments (or just sticking their fingers where they don't belong)? Well, we knew a second set was coming s...


Mario goes Gurren, pierces the heavens in Galaxy 2

Look at you, Mario! Look at yourself. I believe in you. Luigi believes in you. Buta believes in you.Drill! Drill on. Through the planet, into the sky.  Nintendo announced that Super Mario Galaxy 2 is coming to the Wii on May 23rd, and ...


Tuesday Otaku Debate: Leeron Littner vs. Bobby Margot

Greetings, readers of Japanator. I have returned from the *ahem* Catgirl Empire facility on Sesharrim, and I'm all the better for it. The Imperial mind engineers sensed my weakness, and upgraded me to strengthen my resolve. All glory to the...


Now you can really pierce the heavens with your drill!

Have you ever felt bullied, picked on, or even hurt by someone much larger than you? Have you ever wanted to fight back with all the power in your soul? If so, then this was made especially for you. Over at Moeyo, prototype images of the fa...

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I Just Finished Gurren Lagann

What's this? We're promoting community blogs again? That's right, folks, our staff is on the lookout for great cblogs! If you write one that impresses us, it just might wind up on the front page!I'm going to need to let my thoughts and emot...


Bandai launches manga site

Bandai Entertainment releases some pretty popular manga series (did I hear anyone say Gurren Lagann?), but until recently it had no site dedicated to just its manga.Well, those days are of the past. "It's long overdue," says Rober...


Man Day: Kamina my Love, I love you more than Colette

Maybe it's brash of me to declare my love to you right after Colette, but who can be bothered with etiquette whilst in the throes of passion? Kamina, I want you more than a full box of Dark Chocolate Pocky, and I know that you're enough of ...


Confessions 17: Simon

Hello.We hope that We are not intruding upon your Day of Men, but We thought the moment opportune to engage in what you Spirals call a "confess-ion."We hereby submit Our confess-ion to one Spiral in particular, the one who leads t...


Man Day: Why I am better for Kamina than Yoko

Ah, Kamina. There is nothing more GAR than an image of your face. I know that the flame that burns twice as bright usually only burns half as long, as that old adage certainly applies to you. Usually, I find myself drawn to the more feminin...


Aniki said there are just some things a man has to see...

I learned a lot of things from Aniki when I was younger. How to fight. How to be a man. How to lead. But now he's gone, and I can't keep trying to lean on him when times are tough.There's one thing I never forgot that Kamina taught me: Ther...


Anime Expo 2009's best cosplay: Gurren Lagann

We stopped dead in our tracks when we saw the above cosplay, from the anime Gurren Lagann. Impossibly detailed and impeccably scaled, this cosplayer gave us and other photographers the best poses to go with his great get-up. Kaminas, Simons...


upLark announces 1/8 Nia Teppelin figure

After what seems like literally dozens of figures of Gurren Lagann's Yoko, fans of Nia can finally immortalize a beautiful new version of her as a part of their toy shelves. Announced by upLark (formerely EyeUp) recently, this beautiful 1/8...


Gurren Lagann x Persona 4 videos are my new addiction

[As originally posted on Destructoid] You've got to love what the inspiration of a fan can result in. In the video examples you see after the jump, you'll see the eyecatches from Gurren Lagann modified to feature all the characters and boss...


They sure know how to market Yoko's ass...ets

Some of you may have been counting down until today, when Yoko's idol CD Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Sparkle Yoko Box goes on sale. There's also the special DVD version, featuring Yoko's PV and some other materials. Eva had talked about this...


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