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Hayao Miyazaki receives honorary Oscar

Legendary writer and director, Hayao Miyazaki accepted an honorary Oscar this weekend, highlighting his prolific career. While the road hasn't been smooth over the past few years for the Studio Ghibli head honcho, there's no denying the ma...

Animator Expo photo

Animator Expo's trailer contains some amazing visuals

If you've been in the mood to experience some beautiful anime shorts, then you'll be happy to hear that the Anima(tor)'s Exhibition'll showcase 30 different pieces by different directors on niconico. Interestingly, Hideaki Anno and Studio ...

When Marnie was There photo

Feel the charm of Studio Ghibli's When Marnie was There

There's a lot of whispers going around about the upcoming animated film, When Marnie was There. The movie is the famed animation house Studio Ghibli's first film without any involvement from founders Isao Takahata and Hayao Miyazaki. Needl...


Viz releasing Princess Mononoke: The First Story

Just about everyone is a big fan of Hayao Miyazaki's output, especially Princess Mononoke. But I imagine not as many folks know about the original story (of the same name) that Miyazaki put together. The book was a collection of rough illus...

Wind Rises Critique photo

The original Otaking and his 99 cents on The Wind Rises

The Wind Rises opened in theaters last Friday in the States, did you see it? Yes? Great. Because now you can pick up a copy of Toshio Okada's review and critique of this Hayao Miyazaki masterpiece on Amazon, in English. Toshio Okada, better...

Hayao Miyazaki photo

Does Miyazaki dislike anime fans?

There is so much going on for Hayao Miyzaki right now. It was recently his birthday, he's making his last film, and he's retiring. He's a mastermind, really. No one can argue with that after seeing his films and following along with him eve...

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Hayao Miyazaki photo

Get your Miyazaki figure soon

A new figure is being released in honor of Hayao Miyzaki, and it's not Ghibli themed. Martin Hsu has designed a 6 inch tall figure of the man himself. That's right, we finally get a Miyazaki figure! How cool is that? Bigshot Toyworks announ...

Miyazaki photo

Major Miyazaki love shown on The Simpsons

You know, for as much as people criticize The Simpsons, there are still moments that make me love that show. This is one of them. In one of the latest episodes, Homer and a companion stagger out after some intense drinking and wander into ...

The Wind Rises photo

English dub cast of The Wind Rises announced

With only two months until The Wind Rises blows into US theaters, the dubbing process is well under way. Leading the movie will be Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Jiro Horikoshi, along with Emily Blunt as his love interest, Nahoko Satomi. Here's th...

When Marnie Was There photo

Ghibli's 2014 film is revealed by TOHO

Sure, we may still be waiting for both The Wind Rises and The Tale of the Princess Kaguya to venture out of Japan, but let's forget that for a minute and get excited for another new film! Film distributor TOHO has recently revealed its line...

The Wind Rises photo

Review: The Wind Rises

Hayao Miyazaki's latest movie, The Wind Rises, is a story about a historic person: the project lead on the Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter plane. It's decidedly unlike the imaginative, family-friendly adventures that Studio Ghibli is best known...

Manga photo

First images of Miyazaki's new manga

As you heard last week, despite his supposed retirement, Hayao Miyazaki appears to still be hard at work -- but this time he's doing a Warring States era samurai manga! NHK's profile show, Professional, took a peek into what Miyazaki is wor...

Miyazaki photo

First official US trailer for The Wind Rises arrives

Here's a quick look at The Wind Rises from Disney (and Touchstone Pictures)! This is the first official trailer for the film in the US, but it doesn't feature any dialogue at all. I imagine the dub is not anywhere near finished and Disney ...

Miyazaki manga photo

Miyazaki spinning new yarns, this time about samurai

ANN reports that Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki has spilled the beans on a project Miyazaki is currently working on: a manga set in the warring states period of Japan featuring samurai and badass sword-fighting. I think that deep, deep down,...

The Wind Rises photo

American poster for Miyazaki's The Wind Rises

Here's your first look at the North American poster for The Wind Rises from Disney. Hayao Miyazaki's (possible) swan song will be arriving on our shores on February 21st, but it will also have an Oscar-qualifying run this weekend into next ...

Hayao Mizayaki retires photo

Watch Hayao Miyazaki retire...live on the internet!

In case you hadn't heard, legendary animator and all-time anime great Hayao Miyazaki is retiring. Best shed a tear, and perhaps consider opening your wallet to pick up any of his films you haven't seen yet. "But wait!" you say. "Miyazaki's ...

Hayao Mizayaki retires photo

Hayao Miyazaki retires from the world of feature film

72 year old Hayao Miyazaki announced his retirement from making feature-length films at Italy's Venice Film Festival during a press conference.  To give you all an idea of how big this news was here in Japan, the announcement was made ...

The Wind Rises  photo

Licensing GET: Disney grabs The Wind Rises

Are you sad that you won't be able to see The Wind Rises in New York City next month? Well, the inevitable has happened, because Disney has revealed that they will release the movie in North America! While the release date remains unannounc...

Nausicaš photo

Much to my dismay, Nausicaš sequel is not impossible!

Let's label this one as news I totally did not expect! On a recent television interview promoting The Wind Rises, Studio Ghibli's Hayao Miyzaki revealed he would not be apposed Hideaki Anno taking the reigns of a sequel to the 1984 anime c...

The Wind Rises at NYFF photo

Congrats, New Yorkers: The Wind Rises to be shown at NYFF

The New York Film Festival is getting a nice addition, and a part of myself is upset that I'm going to have to miss out on the action. But anyways, it turns out that The Wind Rises will soar into the festival's lineup for this year, which m...

Nausiccš glider photo

Nausiccš inspired glider takes flight

Fans of Hayao Miyazaki's classic, Nausiccä of the Valley of the Wind should take notice of this sweet video. Engineer Kazuhiko Hachiya has been working on the design for his OpenSky project for over 10 years at this point, inspired by...

Kaze Tachinu trailer photo

Watch the trailer for Miyazaki's latest, Kaze Tachinu

You could rightly call me ignorant for it, but I honestly had no idea that Hayao Miyazaki's latest film, Kaze Tachinu ("The Wind Rises") even existed. And now it's out, or soon to be out, and there's a sweet trailer you can watch...


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