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Hello Kitty Diving Suit photo

Hello Kitty diving suit is just in time for Shark Week

Sanrio has done it again! The company behind the world famous Hello Kitty character has gone to new depths to bring you the latest in Hello Kitty merchandise. Like below sea level deep. Yes, Sanrio, in collaboration with Osaka-based World D...

Extreme Hello Kitty photo

You think you like Hello Kitty?

Everyone loves the iconic Hello Kitty a little bit. Strangely, I don't think I've encountered anyone that outright hates the frozen faced feline. In fact, most ladies I hang out with are bound to have a couple Sanrio goods on some sort in ...

Hello Kitty photo

The cutest Kendo players should wear Hello Kitty armor

A Twitter pic snapped by Ayatan at a recent Hello Kitty expo caught the cutest kendo bogu I've ever seen. I wonder whether it's fully functional? The most customizing I ever see on these pieces are in the stitching or occasionally the mater...

Hello Kitty vol. 2 photo

A Look @ Hello Kitty: Delicious!

The first volume in the Hello Kitty (reviewed) series published by Perfect Square was all about travel, and it didn't disappoint; we went all over the world and beyond. This second volume promised to have our mouths watering, and once again...

Hello Kitty volume 3 photo

Hello Kitty is preparing to surprise you in April

This week saw the release of Hello Kitty Delicious!, the second volume in the new Hello Kitty manga series being published by VIZ Media's Perfect Square imprint. And hot on its heels is the listing of Hello Kitty Surprise!, which has been g...

Hello Kitty shoes photo

New Hello Kitty shoes are a stylish delight

As if to emphasize the established fact that Hello Kitty is always in style, Randa have revealed some new shoes featuring Hello Kitty designs on them which are available now in stores and online. There are two styles of shoe to choose from....

Uniqlo photo

Uniqlo getting ready to stock loads of pop culture tees

There's a whole new tee collection set to hit the shelves at Uniqlo sometime around Februrary and March of next year, and I'm thrilled to report that designs and characters from Disney, Sanrio, Peanuts, LINE, and even the Simpsons (and more...

Hello Kitty photo

Hello Kitty is excited for Christmas

Hello Kitty is ready for Christmas, and so am I! I mean, it's November. That's time to start decorating, right? Well, this lovely stocking is up for grabs on Neatoshop. What you see in the picture below, is Hello Kitty's head popping out at...

Hello Kitty photo

Chogokin Hello Kitty will shoot you with her rocket paw

There's a Chogokin Hello Kitty figure in the works. That's huge news for people who know what Chogokin means, but for the rest of you this means soon you would be able to purchase a Hello Kitty toy with rocket punch.  Rocket punch is a...

LINE stickers photo

Sabokappa and other recently released LINE sticker packs

The LINE sticker shop has updated once again with more cute packs to tempt your wallet! Besides some soccer- and Disney-related releases, we've got a Hello Kitty-themed set, one featuring imposter Kappas, and some mascots that require you f...

Hello Kitty photo

Hello Kitty x Sephora goods on sale now

The holidays are almost upon us, and you've probably got quite a few friends and family you want to buy gifts for, right? How many of them are Hello Kitty fans? How many of them love cosmetics or cute accessories? Probably all of 'em, right...

Hello Kitty vol. 2 photo

Hello Kitty's next target is your stomach

Following the release of Hello Kitty: Here We Go! (reviewed), Perfect Square have updated their site with the listing for the second book in the series, titled Delicious! Delicious! will be released on January 7th with the price listed at U...

Hello Kitty caramel apple photo

Surprise party guests with Hello Kitty caramel apples

Rosanna Pansino is one of my favorite YouTubers, particularly because of her Nerdy Nummies series in which she makes all kinds of snacks and foods with a geeky twist. She's made videos about making Rilakkuma pancakes, Dragonball Z-themed c...

Hello Kitty photo

A Look at: Hello Kitty: Here We Go!

Today is the day that Japanator recommends you buy a Hello Kitty comic. Things sure are goofy around here. Hello Kitty: Here We Go! is the first volume in a collection of short comics chronicling the many adventures of the world's most famo...

Hello Kitty: Here We Go! photo

Travel the world with Hello Kitty in a new graphic novel

Hello Kitty: Here We Go! was announced way, way back when Perfect Square was still called Viz Kids. The newly re-branded VIZ Media imprint have announced the first book in this new series is now...released! Head on over to your favorite boo...

Halloween Donuts photo

Japanator Eats: Halloween treats at Mister Donut

Today marks the first day that Mister Donut is selling this year's Halloween goodies, so naturally I had to go check it out. They've got a big selection of Hello Kitty and Halloween-themed sweets, and I somehow managed to pick out just two...


Giving those Hello Kitty sweets at Mister Donut a try

I mentioned these sweets in a post a while back, and I even dared to write that I would make it a point to visit Mister Donut and try these things out! On Saturday, I fulfilled my promise, and the video above is the result.  Since I m...


Hello Kitty just got a little bit sweeter (and doughy-er)

Beginning April 1st, Mr Donut will be stocking Hello Kitty sweets in Japan. If there were one thing that would get me to go back to that store and give their donuts a re-try, it would be Hello Kitty donuts and other delicious-looking offeri...


Viz Media to print all-ages comics featuring Hello Kitty

Viz Media have announced that there will be two new titles released this year featuring Hello Kitty and published by their Viz Kids imprint. The first title will debut at this year's San Diego Comic Con and is a one volume comic titled Hell...


Sanrio makes even more new friends

Sanrio is back with another zany collaboration! This one is definitely interesting to readers as they have teamed up with some of our favorites. First up is a really adorable Hello Kitty/ Vocaloid venture, including all your favorite synth ...


Hello Kitty spices things up a bit

In more things that should not mix news. Lingerie maker Hanky Panky, has licensed Japan's favorite sassy feline, Hello Kitty. While the actually designs are pretty tasteful, I'll keep my Hello Kitty gear limited to less ...


Get buried in style with Hello Kitty

Today in "Hello Kitty Things That Somehow Exist": coffins! Death has never been... cuter? Ok, I don't know. This is just one of those odd things that you look at and then move on with your day. Check out the header and gallery for two coffi...


Hello Kitty packs a sonic punch

Sanrio is non stop this season with the crazy Hello Kitty tie-ins going on. Next up is a pretty cute looking Hello Kitty wireless speaker system. Not to rely on cute, the ad actually takes us back to 80's, with a spoof on Maxell's Hi-Fideli...


Fly the adorable skies with Hello Kitty

Why oh why am I getting all the Hello Kitty news.... Taiwan based airline EVA Air will be rolling out Hello Kitty based flights for the Taipei market. From the outside in, everything is Hello Kitty, from the baggage tags to the headrests to...


Another order of wings Kitty-chan! Kitty-chan??

Really? Really?? REALLY?!?! Sanrio must be hard up for cash after getting the Evangelion crossover. Hello Kitty is now part of a tie-in with Hooters in Japan as a one-day-only Valentine's Day special. The first 1000 customers will receive a...


Hello, Kitty Genesis Evangelion

Sanrio, GroundWorks, and Khara have teamed up to bring you a Hello Kitty, Evangelion mash-up. This is to coincide with the third movie coming out this fall, Rebuild of Evangelion: You Can (Not) Redo (or Q in Japan). There are a total o...


Elle o Kitty?

One of Japan's most popular exports, Sanrio's Hello Kitty, ended up in an unlikely place this month. Things are starting to look up for you girl! The fierce feline graced the cover of Taiwan's Elle magazine. I don't have much backgroun...


New collaboration between Hello Kitty and... One Piece?

Sanrio, a company that specialises in creating character goods, will launch a somewhat unique venture in November of this year by bringing the worlds of One Piece and Hello Kitty together at last. Of course, this means nothing but glorious ...


Sanrio's 50th anniversary 'Small Gift' event in LA

Sanrio, creator of the world famous Hello Kitty, is celebrating it's 50th anniversary with a special event here in Los Angeles and in Miami. They also have a "Pop-up Shop" touring multiple cities in the US. And lucky for you guys,...


Dutch court declares Sanrio character a ripoff of 'Miffy'

She may not be the main character or even a well-known character, but Cathy the rabbit, a character from Sanrio's Hello Kitty franchise, is now being thrust to the forefront of a copyright debate. According to Mercis BV, a copyright managem...


My war with Hello Kitty is called on account of CHAINSAW

You all laughed at me when I officially declared war on Hello Kitty- or at the very least gave me a slightly incredulous look, which is basically the same thing. Now that you've seen this abomination, do you realize the threat we're facing ...


Hello Kitty alarm fails: blogger demands retribution

This morning, my special Hello Kitty Alarm Clock did not go off. My kind and thoughtful future in-laws purchased said alarm clock just for me, and it has failed in its sole duty to make an obnoxious high-pitched noise at a particular time. ...


Tuesday Otaku Debate: Hello Kitty vs Gloomy Bear

Last weeks debate was interesting to say the least. It was our second music debate and since the last one had to do with pop idols, I tried going with something different by taking two very different rock bands and pitting them up against e...


Hello Kitty goes moe at Comiket

Hello Kitty is popular the world over (my sisters and I were frequent visitors to the Sanrio store that used to be at the local mall), but now, Sanrio seems to be making a push to introduce the brand to a new audience with plenty of money t...


Forget Neverland Ranch, I'm going to Hello Kitty Castle

Have you ever wanted to just get away from it all? To be able to put your worries aside and envelope yourself in the persona of some other, much happier and carefree person? Or thing?Well, now you can! In Taiwan, at least, and what better p...


Hello Kitty and Star Wars get mashed together, form stickers

Blah blah blah, text text words blah. I know, you're only here to look at the awesome Hello Kitty and Star Wars mash up. I don't blame you. I mean, after all, that's why I'm posting this in the first place. I agree. It's awesome. In the int...


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