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Japanator photo

Japanator Eats: Cratz, Mike, and More Edition

I've been wanting to order some Japanese snacks for quite a while, and if you are a fan of the site, you probably have thought about it too. Recently I finally buckled down and ordered some goodies from JList. When it arrived I took out the...

Kill la Kill photo

New Kill la Kill shirt pays homage to Tarantino

I would think by this point, everyone could agree that KILL la KILL favors style over substance, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. A lot of great show and films have done it over there years but nobody seems to embody that definition ...

Steins;Gate pre-orders photo

El Psy Congroo: Steins;Gate pre-orders are now up

To those who have been waiting to join Rintaro in his experiments to mess with the science behind time travel, JAST USA has prepared the applications for people who wish to join his lab. In other words, you can now pre-order the PC version ...


No cheating: School Days HQ is now in stock at J-List

Good news visual novel fans that love to purchase their games through J-List, School Days HQ is now in stock and shipping for those who decide to purchase the game.  While I have not experienced anything related School Days, I did...


J-list morphed into K-List for April Fools

Did you guys think that having the entire staff of Japanator be temporarily stuck in a parallel universe in which it's still the year 1997ish was bizarre? You should have seen the prank that what our friends over at J-List put together for ...


J-List has a funny Valentine's Day sale going on

Looking to get your sweetheart some sweets for Valentine's Day? Or are you going to be Forever Alone? Whichever category you fall into, J-List has a humorous sale going on that we just had to mention. For the month of February, J-List is of...


J-List, MangaGamer setting up their quake aid promos

Have you donated yet aid relief efforts in Japan? If you haven't yet, and don't prefer to do so directly or through some other strange means, perhaps J-List and MangaGamer have some incentives to send your way. The two vendors of things gre...


Interview: JAST USA manages a profit on every ero-ge

As a follow-up to our MangaGamer interview, we took some time to sit down with JAST USA, the company behind a huge number of titles such as My Girlfriend is the President, May Club and Three Sisters' Story. Oh, and they're J-List. You know,...


Say hello to the sexy new J-List

J-List has been the staple of importing Japanese products for a long time now. Since the beginning of the Internet, it feels like. And, as much as we here at Jtor might love the service and its offerings -- it looked a bit dated.Rejoice, fo...


Totoro hiragana board brings education and whimsy

So you've been wanting to learn Japanese, but how exactly do you go about it without becoming entirely too dismayed and unable to remember all that tricky hiragana? Well, the Totoro hiragana puzzle board might just be ab...


J-list has Snake Juice

Internet store J-list is one of the handiest damned sites ever for the otaku set. It's everything for every otaku. For me it's Japanese iTunes gift cards. For you it might be ero hon. You know, whatever. They also seem to be pretty quick at...


These Touhou Tribute shirts are the perfect fandom cover

Alright, Touhou fans. Time to show some pride and slap that fetish-inspiring game series on your chest with these "Touhou Tribute" shirts (available for all you girls, too!) Drawing from the classic Final Fantasy-style art, this d...


Moe encyclopedia teaches nothing but cuteness.

Moe, you say? Encyclopedia, you say? For years, we have faced the conundrum of why we can't have both an encyclopedia and moe, all in one conveniently adorable package. Or at least this has been a problem for me, if not the rest of you.The ...


Who says you can't say 'I love you' via murder?

Yandere girls are decidedly not my jam. I leave them to Jake, since he seems to have a special fetish for girls who could kill you at a moment's notice. I guess it makes the sex better?Well, whatever your reason for loving yandere girls are...


When They Get Wet is my new favorite Higurashi porn title

I always have to applaud the Japanese porn industry for its willingness to target the otaku groups with their titles. We've seen TMA parody series after series, and this new item, and some of the other companies dip their toes into the otak...


School uniform encyclopedia is good for design reference

At least, that's how I'd like to think of it. In an ideal world I imagine some kind of up-and-coming fashion designer might leaf through this book, titled "High School Uniform Encyclopedia ~ Zukai Joshiko Seifuku Hyakka" and findi...


Know your moe: Moe uniform encyclopedia published

Moe casts a pretty wide net. If it's cute, someone's going to find it moe. But if there's one thing about moe that is a fact, it's that uniforms are moe. Any kind of uniform, really, so long as the thing wearing it can be reasonably called ...


UUNNNHH! The Great Virgin...you-know-what

This linked material is Not Safe For Work.The folks at J-List have a new product called the Great Virgin... [cough], well, you know what I mean. This onahole is for those that want to experience a "pure" woman. Well, she's not rea...


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