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Review: Starless: Nymphomaniacs' Paradise

So here I am, brand new writer for Japanator looking for content I can write for the site. The offer is made to review a game that I had heard plenty of buzz about in Starless: Nymphomaniac's Paradise, a visual novel type game from Japan th...

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Rejoice! English language Steins;Gate game hits March 31

After what seems like ages of waiting and wondering, JAST USA has announced that the English language version of the Steins;Gate visual novel will be available for purchase on March 31 of this year. That's right, it's finally coming. For t...

Starry Sky photo

JAST talks about difficulties with Starry Sky

Sometimes, the reality of business ruins the fun for everyone. This time around, that adage refers to the state of Starry Sky, a popular visual novel targeted to female audiences. Two years ago at Anime Expo, JAST expressed interest in lice...

Steins;Gate pre-orders photo

El Psy Congroo: Steins;Gate pre-orders are now up

To those who have been waiting to join Rintaro in his experiments to mess with the science behind time travel, JAST USA has prepared the applications for people who wish to join his lab. In other words, you can now pre-order the PC version ...

Steins;Gate English photo

El Psy Congroo: JAST USA to localize Steins;Gate game

Hey, it's me! The Organization has been sent reeling, with the latest blow for freedom, justice, and SCIENCE struck. Operation "Based JAST" has concluded successfully, and the veteran agents at JAST USA have delivered the announcement that ...

Saya no Uta photo

Rejoice?! English version of Saya no Uta ships

The English language version of Nitroplus' notoriously disturbing adult visual novel, Saya no Uta, is now shipping. Yes, I'm well aware this is coming a bit late. Doesn't make it any less important. Huzzah! Penned by Gen Urobuchi (Fate/Zero...


No cheating: School Days HQ is now in stock at J-List

Good news visual novel fans that love to purchase their games through J-List, School Days HQ is now in stock and shipping for those who decide to purchase the game.  While I have not experienced anything related School Days, I did...


Japanator Kind of Recommends: Aselia the Eternal

You know, I have always wanted to play a visual novel game that takes place in a medieval fantasy world. Then I get the chance to check out Aselia the Eternal, a game that focuses on this type of setting. My only experience with a visu...


Jtor Kind of Recommends: My Girlfriend is the President

Ero games. They are normally titled something like Yukkuri Panic: Escalation and Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber. So when you scroll through these titles you have to stop at a title like My Girlfriend is the President. Politics? In a er...


AX 11: JAST USA has many releases, plus Nitroplus games!

Anyone following the English-language visual novel scene will know that JAST USA's kind of a big player in the field. It's basically the VN equivalent of FUNimation or Viz Media, and having that kind of clout in the field can score it some ...


JAST's giving away the Heart de Roommate H-game for free

That is, if you buy three other games from them this month. Check out the JAST USA store to pick out a few titles before February 28th, and then you'll get your copy of Heart de Roommate, for free! The offer includes preorders of upcoming g...


JAST announces Aselia the Eternal, a non-ero game!

JAST USA, known for bringing over ero-ge ever since the early days of the Internet, has announced their latest title: Aselia the Eternal, an RPG/Bishojo game that had great success on the PC. Except, they're not bringing over the ero-filled...


JAST USA brings My Girlfriend is the President to America

Our lovely friends at JAST USA have just informed us that they've licensed the ero-ge My Girlfriend is the President, a game we were excited for back when it was first released in 2009. Now, you too can finally fulfill that fantasy of datin...


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