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Japan Expo USA photo

Rejoice! Urobuchi to attend Japan Expo USA

Are you sad that you didn't get to meet Urobuchi at Anime Expo 2014? Well, now you're in luck, because Gen the Butcher's attending Japan Expo USA. Not only that, you'll also get the opportunity to get the guy's autograph while you're there....

K Project photo

K: Missing Kings to premiere at AX and JX

Before the film opens in Japan, K: Missing Kings will premiere at Anime Expo and Japan Expo. King Records announced this information a few hours ago.  It opens in Japan on July 12th, but will air in LA at AX from July 3rd - 6th. In Par...

Dempagumi.inc photo

JX: An interview with Dempagumi.inc

The fun loving group of Dempagumi.inc was kind enough to sit down with me and chat about some of the things that they like. I will warn you right now, the audio does peak when these girls get going. So if you have your speakers up or your ...

1000say photo

JX: An interview with 1000say

The electro-pop band 1000say was kind enough to sit down with me and chat a bit about how they started and what 1000say means. We also talk about their tastes in music which was actually surprising. The range was quite large in what they l...

Ian Sinclair photo

JX: An interview with Ian Sinclair

Funimation voice actors are like Pokemon to me. I've got to catch them all. Well, there is one less that I have to catch because I now have Ian Sinclair taken off my list. Ian has done a lot work for Funi such as Dallas Genoard in Buc...

Sinternilklaas photo

JX: An interview with Michael Sinterniklaas

The always wacky and fun Michael Sinterniklaas was kind enough to sit down with me and talk about his work on both sides of the mic. He has worked on shows like GaoGaiGar as Gai Shishiô, Summer Wars as Kenji Koiso, and Eden...

Omatsuri photo

JX: Photos from the Omatsuri performance

As I touched upon in my Day Two impressions post, the Omatsuri performance was something that you shouldn't have missed it you were there at Japan Expo. It's not often that you get to see these types of festival celebrations outside of Japa...

Japan Expo USA photo

JX: The Sunday cosplay of Japan Expo

As promised, I am here with your cosplay fix from Japan Expo! Unfortunately, I went a bit light on the Saturday photos because of schedule conflicts, but I returned Sunday ready to start snapping away pictures of anyone that I came across. ...

Japan Expo USA photo

JX: An interview with Evangelion's Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

There are moments that define your otaku life. Some of them are minor, like getting that special edition of whatever you like, and then there are some that are huge, like meeting the man that created the series that solidified your very ota...

Japan Expo USA photo

JX: Viz reveals their newest manga plans

I don't know about you, but it looks like Viz has shifted into a manga overdrive with their latest announcements from Shojo Beat and Shonen Jump. On the digital side of things, Skip Beat, W Juliet, Sugar P...

Japan Expo USA photo

JX: Hands-on with Hatsune Miku Project Diva F

Many fans were pleasantly surprised when Sega announced the upcoming release of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F. Based on the previous installment for Sony's PlayStation Vita which was released exclusively in Japan, this latest title will mark...

Japan Expo USA photo

JX: Noriyuki Iwadare Band live concert gallery

I love the music in Lunar: The Silver Star Story. You know, the one back on the Sega CD many moons ago. It was the first Japanese RPG that really moved me in many aspects. The story was great and the anime cut scenes were something to behol...

JX: 1000say photo

JX: 1000say concert

I will have to admit flat out that I have not heard of the band 1000say before Japan Expo. It's very sad that I haven't after hearing their music and seeing their energy and passion on stage. Throughout the whole concert it was starting to ...

JX: Cosplay photo

JX: Saturday Cosplay

I'm glad I had at least some time to take some cosplay photos. Still there is not enough of them to satisfy me so I will be going out again a stalking...err looking for some more cosplayers tomorrow. Hopefully some of the ones that I missed...

Japan Expo photo

JX: Day two impressions

Saturdays at a convention are always the best day of the convention. You have the whole day to do everything that you want without a time limit of any sort. I mean, there is no need to go to work or school tomorrow, right? With that, Japan ...

Japan Expo USA photo

JX: On meeting Noriyuki Iwadare

I'm currently decompressing from our second day of Japan Expo, here in Santa Clara. If you've been wondering why we've been so quiet about the expo itself, we actually spent most of our first day hopping from interview to interview with bar...

Demon Master Chris  photo

It's Dungeon Time! MangaGamer acquires Demon Master Chris

It looks like MangaGamer has a surprise for those that like adult games and dungeon crawler RPGs. Going by the name of Demon Master Chris, this game allow players to control demons by using force to remove them of their clothing. In a way, ...

Japan Expo photo

JX: Day one impressions

It's been a busy day for us here on day one of Japan Expo USA. Tim and myself were running all over the place trying to see what this convention has in store for us. You know, in between guest interviews and such. We were able to make it ou...

Yen Press's newest titles photo

JX: Yen Press gets SAO, Accel World, and more

Well what do you know, Yen Press has pulled an interesting wild card at the first Japan Expo USA, and it's another beacon of hope for people that wish to see more light novels in North America! To those that have been wishing to own the phy...

 from  japanator
Japan Expo photo

Getting ready for Japan Expo

The night before Japan Expo is upon us. Tim and myself are burning the midnight oil gearing up for the event. Just got done eating some sushi and knocked back some drinks looking forward to what we have planned tomorrow. Stuff like the You ...

Gaming photo

JX: Japan Expo's E-Gaming Arena is a thing

Gamers lucky enough to join us in Santa Clara this weekend are in for a bit of a treat. Nexus Gaming Alliance Inc. -- the folks responsible for running the some amazing on-site gaming for events like MAGFest, Anime Boston, Gen Con Indy, and...

Japan Expo photo

Contest: Guest Announcement and Win More Tickets

As you all know, Japan Expo is right around the corner on August 23rd - 25th in beautiful Santa Clara, California! If you haven't already bought your tickets to party already, we are going to give you guys another shot at winning some more ...

Japan Expo photo

Contest: Win Tickets to Japan Expo!

It's only a couple weeks away until Japan Expo launches its first convention on US soil! I had the pleasure of attending the show they did in Paris last year, and was totally blown away by all the entertainment, and exciting things that wer...

Japan Expo photo

Japan Expo to host Ace Attorney art director

With the first North American event set to take place later this month, Japan Expo has announced their Video Game Guest of Honor for the show -- freelance illustrator Tatsuro Iwamoto, perhaps best known for his role as the art director for ...

Daily Dose photo

A Daily Dose of Music: May'n

Due to Hiroko being trapped in a mountain of work, I have been appointed with watching over Daily Dose once again. Preparing for her newest album release on July 24th, a preview of her May'n song known as ViViD as went up for people t...


Japan Expo USA announces Dempagumi.Inc as latest guest

Japan Expo USA just announced Dempagumi.Inc as their Musical Guest of Honor (one of many, I'm sure) for their first con. Set to take place August 23-25 in Santa Clara, Demapgumi.Inc will be bringing the nerd factor loud and proud. The six-...

Japan Expo guest photo

Japan Expo 2013 to bring in Ace Attorney composer

Japan Expo, the largest Japanese pop-culture event in Europe, is coming to America this August, and like any good con, expo, or other big event, it's bringing guests. They've just announced their second guest, and it seems that they're bri...


Japan Expo USA announces Yusuke Kozaki as first con guest

Remember all of our Japan Expo coverage? The whole event for the American Press was a lead up to the announcement of Japan Expo USA. Set to run from August 23-25 in Santa Clara, CA, the con just announced Yusuke Kozaki as their first guest ...


Japanator Interviews Naoki Urasawa

While at Japan Expo, the one guest I had to speak with was Naoki Urasawa. He's the creator of some of the most amazing manga titles of recent years: from the haunting tribute to Astro Boy in Pluto, to the absolute page-turners that are...


Japan Expo '12: Kaze President hates America

While at Japan Expo, one of the interesting events that happened was during the Awards Ceremony. Kaze, now a division of Viz, was accepting an award for the best shojo manga published that year: Dengeki Daisy. During his acceptance speech, ...


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