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JapanaTour photo

JapanaTour: A boat ride around Tokyo Bay

As your plane arrives at Narita airport, your heart begins to race; after all, you'll be walking the streets of Tokyo, hanging out in Shibuya, and getting lost in the labyrinth known as Shinjuku station. However, there's something you may h...

Hitchhiking in Japan photo

5 Days A Hitchhiker: An Abridged Tour of Japan

The thought of hitchhiking as a form of travel sounds crazy; the implementation of actually doing it in Japan sounds impossible. Well, here's to the crazy ones who want to hitchhike in Japan. In short, I hitchhiked from the east to the west...

Vacation to Tokyo photo

JapanaTour: Where to start when planning a Tokyo vacation

In case you're planning a trip to Japan in the future (like for the 2020 Olympics), or even if you're there right now for Tokyo Game Show and are looking for suggestions, here's a list you didn't ask for but totally need. I've even gone thr...

Capsule hotels photo

Capsule hotels in Japan: A brief video tour

In this video, you get a quick tour of the general dorm facilities at a capsule hotel in Japan. Obviously, I left out stuff like the shared baths and the lobby/common area, since that would involve either a) being arrested or b) shooting v...


JapanaTour: Sayonara!

Well folks, this is it! It's been a great six months writing about the most fascinating place I've had the pleasure of visiting, and hopefully you'll benefit from what I had to say when you make your own pilgrimages over there. Don't ever b...


JapanaTour: Kyoto

Ever wondered what it would be like to cut Tokyo in half, then stick it together the wrong way around? That's what Kyoto is. Probably.  Welcome back to JapanaTour, where we'll be looking at Kyoto as our very last location. Don't worry,...


JapanaTour: Arcades

I used to go to arcades once. Then she left me.  ... I had to get around to this eventually, didn't I? There's a lot to say and a lot to love about Japanese arcades, and you'll no doubt spend a good amount of time rooting around them i...


JapanaTour: Otaku Tourist part two

I love the smell of retcon in the afternoon.  I've opted to use 'tourist' instead of 'pilgrimage' from now on, mainly because not all of the places I feel I should talk about really count as an otaku pilgrimage. Not that it really matt...


JapanaTour: Wonder Festival

Today's episode of JapanaTour is all about the wander festival, where thousands of people gather in a large field to walk about aimlessly.  Actually, I lied, as that's next weeks instalment. This week will be all about Wonder Festival ...


JapanaTour: Shibuya

Today's episode of JapanaTour is all about the electric spectacle that is famous for it's fashion, music and stormtroopers.  When Japan is mentioned, a lot of people automatically assume that the entire country is a busy metropolis wit...


JapanaTour: Odaiba

Today's episode of JapanaTour is brought to you by the letter φ.  I'm not sure if you are aware, but Sega is a pretty big deal in Japan. Sega owned arcades are fairly commonplace in Tokyo, so there's no surprise that they have...


JapanaTour: Otaku Tourist part one

JapanaTour: now running on Valve time.  I'll admit, I'm nearing the end of places I can write about. Having only visited the country on holidays, my time there has been rather limited, so I figure it's high time I focus on some of the ...


JapanaTour: Sendai

THIS. IS. JAPANATOUR! Apologies for the two weeks of no-show, I had a really silly deadline at University I had to make amongst other things. But never mind that, as this week we'll be heading to lands once trodden by the One-Eyed Dragon hi...


JapanaTour: Akihabara part two

Welcome back to JapanaTour, the series of articles that are created by mashing my fingers on a keyboard until something half legible appears. Raising the bar, folks!  It's time for a second trip into the otaku wonderland known as Akiha...


JapanaTour: Osaka

Welcome back to JapanaTour, the series of articles that should never be made wet, exposed to sunlight or fed after midnight.  Continuing from last week, we will be staying out of Tokyo to take a look at Osaka. Wait, Osaka? Honmaya! Lik...


JapanaTour: Hiroshima

Welcome back to JapanaTour, the series of articles that are written in my spare time, between watching Pokémon, Godzilla and Ghibli films.  The next few JapanaTour articles are going to feature places outside of Tokyo, where the...


JapanaTour: The Suica and the Shinkansen

Welcome back to JapanaTour, the series of articles that appear every Thursday. Today, we're breaking the rules and putting this out on Friday. No one can stop me now! It's time for a short break from awesome Japanese locations, so I'm going...


JapanaTour: Fuji-Q Highland

Welcome back to JapanaTour, the series of articles that explores every nook and cranny that the Japanator site has to offer. This week, we talk about the front page! Back to sensible! If you're considering visiting a theme park in Japan, th...


JapanaTour: Akihabara part one

Welcome back to JapanaTour, the series of articles that makes me spend more time thinking of a witty opening line than actually writing meaningful words! This week, it seems I have the daunting task of describing Akihabara, the place I imag...


JapanaTour: Ghibli Museum

Welcome to JapanaTour, the series of articles that makes you painfully aware of the sorry state your bank account is in. Or is that just me? Today we're heading for Inokashira Park in Mitaka to visit the one and only Ghibli Museum. If you d...


JapanaTour: Namja Town

Welcome back to the JapanaTour, the series where we make you want to spend lots of your precious pennies. For the greater good!  We're heading for Ikebukuro this week, a place that some of you guys may be aware of due to the fabled Oto...


JapanaTour: Shinjuku

Apologies for there being no JapanaTour last week, I was unfortunately stuck in hospital. I'm fighting fit now though, so we'll take our third glance at glourious Nippon! This time we'll be having our first look at the Shinjuku, a bustling ...


JapanaTour: Nakano Broadway

It's Thursday and it's midnight over here. That can only mean that it's time to go on a JapanaTour! This time I'll be talking about Nakano Broadway, a place that I could safely describe as a smaller Akihabara. Even better if it is a rainy d...


JapanaTour: Comiket

Welcome to the first edition of a new segment us folks like to call JapanaTour, a glance at some of the awesome places and events Japan has to offer. The authors of these articles will be people who have actually visited the place at hand, ...


Japan offering 10,000 free plane tickets to foreigners

Ever since the devastating earthquake earlier this year, the amount of tourists visiting Japan has plunged, with some prefectures reporting an 80% drop. It's understandable, but it's putting the hurt on an already-damaged industry. Luckily,...


JapanaTour: A first-person walk through Fushimi Inari

Fushimi Inari, located just outside of Kyoto, Japan, is an amazing site with its thousands of torii gates. You'll walk (and eventually hike) through countless gates as you walk uphill towards amazing views of the surrounding area. You could...


JapanaTour: Kyoto's Kiyomizudera Temple

Set in the mountains of eastern Kyoto is a lovely shrine called Kiyomizudera. A UNESCO World Heritage site and once a candidate for one of the Wonders of the World, this is one of Japan's most famous landmarks, and on just about any day you...


JapanaTour: Nishiki's Food Market in video

We've taken you to Kyoto's Nishiki Food Market in picture form before, but a visit again last weekend let me film video of the amazing street and all of its charms. Nishiki is the freshest food, tastiest snacks, and just about anything food...


JapanaTour: Kyoto's Nishiki Food Market

One of the most amazing sights (and smells) I've ever come across is Kyoto's Nishiki Food Market. This is a long, covered, and very photogenic shopping street in the downtown Kyoto area, and is probably one of the old capital's most unique ...


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