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When trains and otaku come together

Do you love trains as much as you love anime? Well, someone on YouTube certainly does. Yes friends, this is in fact a cross over between the two. This channel is dedicated to filming trains, and basically playing anime openings over them. W...


Sentai brings us the K-On! and Colorful movies

That's right. Mugi and company are back for their London adventure. Prepare yourselves for another year of K-On! themed posts here on Japanator. Sentai has promised that the show will be released "soon" on Blu-ray and DVD, in both subtitled...


A Daily Dose of Music: Minako Kotobuki

Ever wanted to have your hair brushed by the Easter Bunny? Well, Minoko Kotobuki's new video for Kokoto Sukai can make all your dreams come true. It's a fun pop track with excellent rock sensibility and a crazy rabbit t...


A Daily Dose of Music: Our Favorite Anime Endings

Well guys and gals, it's that time again! We peek into that dark and disturbing place known as the souls of your all star Japanator editors. We had a great time sharing our favorite openings with you on The Daily Dose, but that's only half ...


K-ON! gets after school upgrade to the PS3

Looks like Sega will be porting its PSP music game K-ON! After School Live!! to the PS3. The port will feature updated graphics to the HD realm and the capability to share your PSP data with the new version, so you don't have to start all o...


Aki Toyosaki's Hey Jude cover is fun, even to hate on

I was figuratively crawling in my skin when I listened through Aki Toyosaki's cover of "Hey Jude," now on Youtube. It's not so much a murdering of a classic Beatles piece as much as hearing your average anime seiyuu pinching it up a notch i...


Licensing GET: K-On!! Season 2 heads west

Jealous that Hokago Tea Time are spending all of their time in London as of late? Well, it looks like we have news of the next best thing, as the second season of the moe-music show will be localised by Sentai Filmworks on both DVD and Blu-...


K-On fans visit London movie locations

The latest fad in anime location pilgrimages appears to involve K-On! fans visiting London real-life locations featured in the Come with Me film. Recently, a handful of threads plastered with fan travel photos have begun to spark up via ima...


Look surprised: K-ON! movie is making a lot of money

Like it or not, K-ON! is an incredibly succesful franchise. Testament to that is the news of how much money has been generated following the release of the film just two days ago. Just to reiterate, it's been out two days. With me? Good.&nb...


Do you know how much all the K-ON movie merch costs?

I'll tell you. A lot of money. More specifically, over 70,000+ Japanese Yen, according to an anonymous otaku who may or may not be the person who spent roughly $920 to buy all that stuff. Yup. Face masks, eye shades, clear files, posters, c...


Japanator Theater 08: BLAP!

Here we are again: Japanator Theater is here for another week, and this time I've got a special dose of strange videos, courtesy of your friend Bleeep. Tonight, we go through his collection of videos he created and his personal fa...


Happy Birthday Azu-nyan!

If you're reading this site you're probably doing one of two things. You've either ditched work, and are still partaking in your 24 HR marathon of Skyrim, or you are celebrating K-ON!'s adorable guitarists's birthday! Me? I'm stil...


Mad Bank-ON: K-ON!! merchandise makes 15 billion yen

In case you were thinking that Ho-kago Tea Time had finally gone away for good (clearly you were ignoring the continuing manga and the upcoming movie), new sales figures have confirmed Yui and crew's profitable popularity. According to Nikk...


Ho-kago Tea Time promote their film at Universal Studios

In celebration of the K-On! film showing on December 3rd, Universal Studios Japan will be holding a special event that will display life-size models of all five members. For coming to visit, you will also receive a commemorative 6-sided puz...


Want to date a fellow K-On! fan?

A big part of finding a great partner in life is having similar interests. How about dating fellow otaku? What if they were a K-On! fan? Well Yattaruimode is having an "i'm Single" event, just for fans of K-On! at the Roumant...


GO!GO! MANIAC on your iPhone

There's a new app for iOS called Strum Stage that allows you to bang out some pretty sweet guitar riffs, but that's not what I'm here to report. What is important is that they have featured a sweet demo of someone belting out K-On...


Full trailer for the K-On! movie is a riot!

The full trailer for the K-On! movie has finally been released on the official website, ready to tempt you out of your money for the December 3rd release. Fans will be pleased that there have also been three new songs confirmed; "Ichiban Ip...


K-ON! movie trailer streamed

Had enough K-ON! yet? I thought not. The official Website for K-ON!!'s first feature film began streaming the first teaser trailer on Friday, with the film opening on December 3 in Japan, in over 130 theaters. Additionally, advance tic...


Japanator Kind of Recommends: K-On!

For those of you who have yet to taste the Kool-Aid of K-On!, now's your chance to finally take a sip. Bandai has just released the first 4-episode disc of this series, and it's your chance to finally join the rest of us in the cult that is...


A look at K-ON! #2

Do I really need to explain what K-ON! is to you? It's that anime where nothing really happens, and a high school band makes me laugh and cry by slowing worming into my heart. Maybe that sounds closer to a description of the band Death Devi...


Japanese learn about the anime industry via documentary

So you thought the only people who did documentary series on Japanese culture and the fanciful world of anime were foreigners trying to find their country's greatest otaku? Nay, I say! Even regular Japanese must learn of their countrymen an...


YES: K-ON! manga relaunch to cover HTT's college years

YES, YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES. The new comic launches in Manga Time Kirara May 11th, and stars Yui, Ritsu, Mio and Mugi as they go through life at university. The next Genshiken? I think so. Also launching in Manga Time Kirara Carat is ano...


Rejoice: The K-ON! manga is set to return

You didn't think it would stay gone forever, did you? Cute girls doing cute things in a band is too cute to go away!A brief page in the latest issue of Manga Time Kirara (K-ON!'s home publication) promised a "spring restart", with...


K-ON!! and The Girl Who Lept Through Time Blu-ray covers!

Get ready, moe fans! Bandai Entertainment has just announced that their official English language website and trailer for K-ON!! is currently available! Bandai has also revealed that the Blu-ray and DVD for Vol. 1 of K-ON!! n...


Monday MADness: K-ON! x Kanye - POWER

[Monday MADness is a weekly column that highlights some of the best work in the world of anime music videos. Check out our archives for videos that will move your heart and make you want to pirate Final Cut Pro.]I really don't know wh...


Get your kicks with these K-ON!!, uh...kicks

Even as we had to solemnly bid farewell to the anime that simultaneously ignited and broke many a moe-fuled heart, there are still plenty of K-ON!! products to fill that void in your soul that can only be replaced by the girls of Ho-Kago Te...


K-ON!! fans can waste money on a branded cassette player

Oh man, the marketing guys in charge of K-ON!! must think they can take a dump in a box and have people buy it as long as it has a picture of Mio on the outside. Check out their latest scheme as found by Alafista: fans who preordered t...


You probably won't eat your K-ON!!-brand rice

Because it'll cause a heart attack once you do!While I really like K-ON!! I'm under no illusion that it isn't also carefully designed to manipulate its fans into buying all manner of ridiculous merchandise. Like this 7-pound bag of ric...


Politician's tweet takes a turn for the moe - and strange

I love it when Twitter messes something up like this. You've got your average politician, Meg Whitman, running for governor of California. Your spokesperson, Sarah Pompei, was retweeting a video that would help promote her cause. Of course,...

 from  our Community Blogs

Yui is RELOADING! while Mio grabs some pills in L4D-ON!!

Zombie killin' has gone moe, with this Left 4 Dead 2 mod found by Sankaku Complex. Yui, Ritsu, Mugi, and Mio are the latest survivors stuck behind in New Orleans, replacing the game's original cast. I'd complain about replacing Ellis with M...


NYAF '10: Bandai talks about Gundam, more Gundam, no duh

Bandai Entertainment loves its Gundam. Everyone knows this. Probably because Bandai in Japan produces every Gundam series and gives all the licensing rights to its North American counterpart, regardless of whether they ever want to release ...


Monday MADness: Vade Retro

It is K-ON! once again as this week we are going with "Vade Retro", an AMV one could consider an omake of sorts. Here Qyll has created a story to match the song, something that certainly is not easy especially when you are usi...


K-ON! pulls ahead of Bakemonogatari in Blu-ray sales

It's a sad day for fans of Senjougahara-sama, as Bakemonogatari's reign at the top of the Blu-ray sales charts is at an end. Despite the end of the K-ON! anime and manga (or perhaps because of it), sales for the third Blu-ray volume of K-ON...


Monday MADness: Guitar Pure Sound

It just wouldn't be a proper graduation without Johann Pachelbel's Canon, and Stratos chose correctly when he went with Jerry Chang's arrangement of it. While Stratos probably didn't have the girls' graduation on his mind when he creat...


K-On single is #3 on the sales chart

I'm not sure what the appeal is behind K-On, having watched a grand total of three episodes before falling asleep for the rest of my life, but judging by the music sales, people seem to like it. Brad seems to like it a good deal, and being ...


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