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Kill la Kill photo

Kill la Kill Senketsu hoodie now up for pre-order

Looking for the best way to stay warm this winter without getting the cops called? It's Senketsu, of course! But, you know, in hoodie form. COSPA is back with more Kill la Kill-inspired clothing, and I'm sure this hoodie will fit the bill f...

Kill la Kill photo

Kill la Kill cosplayer causes commotion

This past weekend at AFA, or Anime Festival Asia, police were called in on account of a revealing cosplay. Kill la Kill is a new anime which we all know has some pretty revealing attire. One cosplayer who had taken a liking to Ryuko Ma...

AA: Kill la Kill 06 photo

Annotated Anime: Kill la Kill Episode 06

It feels like Kill la Kill has found its groove. After a strong set of episodes, Imaishi and co. follow up with another right hook in the form of entry number six. The focus moves away from Ryuko and Mako, this time casting the spotlight on...

Simulcasts photo

Madman kills Kill la Kill simulcast due to leak

Bad news for Australian anime fans: Madman Entertainment has canceled their simulcast of Kill la Kill. Why, you might ask? It seems that the latest episode came out a little earlier than it was supposed to, which had Aniplex hot on their he...

AA: Kill la Kill 05 photo

Annotated Anime: Kill la Kill Episode 05

That was one hell of a rush. After the over-the-top madness that was last week's Kill la Kill, episode five brings things back to the ground level, resulting in what I think is the most tight package thus far. Writer Nakashima slows things ...

AA: Kill la Kill 04 photo

Annotated Anime: Kill la Kill Episode 04

Last week, Imaishi and his team brought Kill la Kill to an early climax of sorts. Our main characters had a face off, buildings were destroyed, and people were blown into the sky. This begs the question: how do you follow up something so bi...

Kill la Kill photo

Here's some cool Kill la Kill merchandise for your body

Have you been eyeing Ryuko's midriff-baring outfit with envy? Maybe wanted a superpowered kamui of your own? Well, sadly, that doesn't exist yet. But you can get pretty close with this Kill la Kill t-shirt from Movic. It features the eyepat...

AA: Kill la Kill 03 photo

Annotated Anime: Kill la Kill Episode 03

Kill la Kill's third episode is about as climactic as anime can get without outright ending a series. It's a packed 24 minutes that devotes a majority of its run time to a large scale battle between the two leads, stopping only briefly to d...

AA: Kill la Kill 02 photo

Annotated Anime: Kill la Kill Episode 02

There's a moment in episode two of Kill la Kill where Mako gives a rousing speech about truth, love, and friendship. Through a complicated series of gestures and poses, she articulates why Ryuko is one bad mofo, before handing her new best ...

First Impressions photo

First Impressions: Kill la Kill

I made it two minutes into the first episode of studio TRIGGER's Kill la Kill before feeling a huge, stupid grin take over my face The way I see it, that's got to be some kind of record. The latest TV anime by Hiroyuki Imaishi (Gurren Lagan...

Kill la Kill sketches photo

Kill la Kill Instagram filled with awesome rough sketches

It's impressive how much TRIGGER and Aniplex have been pushing their brand new show, Kill la Kill. I don't just mean in Japan either; they've done a remarkable job of giving English speaking fans stuff to enjoy in the lead up to the first e...

Kill la Kill English Site photo

Kill la Kill USA Official Website launches

I'm perhaps unreasonably hyped for Trigger's first original TV anime, Kill la Kill. My love for their OVA Little Witch Academia knows no bounds, and the projects that the core staff worked on prior to creating Trigger are all personal favor...

KILL la KILL photo

Daisuki.net to simulcast KILL la KILL in five languages

As if we weren't hyped enough as it is, Aniplex of America will be teaming up with Daisuki.net, which will be joined alongside Crunchyroll and Hulu, to simulcast their upcoming series KILL la KILL, set to premiere October 3rd. For...

Kill la Kill 30 sec CM photo

Kill la Kill 30 second CM is to die for

A few days back we posted a link to the latest Kill la Kill CM. It was only fifteen seconds long, but it was the first real look we've had at the series since it was first announced by TRIGGER. Aniplex since has uploaded an extended versio...

Kill la Kill photo

This new Kill la Kill CM has me hyped

One look at this 16 second Kill la Kill commercial tells me everything I need to know about the series. Read as: I need this show in my eyes right now. Trigger's (Little Witch Academia) first original TV anime series is looking every bit a...

Aniplex gets KILL la KILL photo

Otakon '13: Aniplex licenses KILL la KILL

[Update: Aniplex's Press Release on their  KILL la KILL license has been added.] Well, it looks like Imaishi's upcoming title is in a bit of a predicament here, folks. During this year's Otakon, Aniplex USA has revealed that they ...

Kill-la-Kill photo

New Kill-la-Kill characters revealed in Newtype

My level of hype for Trigger's upcoming TV anime, Kill-la-Kill, has reached impossible levels at this point. Sushio, one of my personal favorite key animators is handling the character designs, and the duo behind Gurren Lagann have reunited...


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