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Attack on Titan: Jr. High photo

First Impressions: Attack on Titan: Junior High episode 1

Attack on Titan is one of those series that it doesn't matter what they do, people pay attention to it. The graphically violent and gruesome series shot to popularity first as a manga and then as an anime series. Soon all kinds of spin-offs...

Attack on Titan photo

Attack on Titan sells over 30 million volumes of manga

According to the Oricon sales charts, the Attack on Titan manga series surpassed 30 million copies sold this last week. This comes right after the release of the series' 13th volume, which itself sold over a million copies. This is pretty b...

Ah! My Goddess photo

Ah! My Goddess manga ending next month

After 25 years of publication, Kosuke Fujishima's Ah! My Goddess will end in the next issue of Kodansha's Monthly Afternoon, on sale April 25. There's also mention of a "super important" announcement, but no other details are known at this ...

Manga photo

Kodansha makes three big announcements

On their official tumblr (is that where all the cool kids are hanging out these days? I wouldn't know), Kodansha Comics made three big announcements this week including two new licenses and the reveal of a brand new omnibus release. Ready t...

Sailor Moon photo

Review: Sailor Moon

As a Sailor Moon fan, or "Moonie" of 15 years, it's kind of amazing that I never got around to reading the entire manga until now. I guess it's not that weird when you think about it; early on, I was all about anime and had little interest ...

Manga photo

Japanator's 2013 Holiday Guide: Manga

Black Friday has already come and gone, which means that the days are quickly counting down before you need a gift. Bookstores are still a viable retailer for manga, which saves you with that last-minute gift. Are you standing in front of t...

Attack on Titan  photo

Attack on Titan prequel is reprinted by demand

So apparently there will be a prequel manga based off of Levi, the protagonist in Attack on Titan. I haven't finished the series yet, nor have I read the manga. Everyone is talking about how amazing it is, though! I was already pumped to co...


NYCC 2013: Kodansha brings all the Attack on Titan goods

I've been telling you that Attack on Titan is popular. Vertical's gotten in the game too with the light novels. Kodansha isn't letting up, though, as they announced four new Attack on Titan titles they'll be bringing out: Attack ...

Kodansha Comics: October photo

Gear up for Kodansha Comics' October releases

In case you need a reminder of what comics should be on your shopping list this month, here's a look at what Kodansha Comics is releasing throughout October. Some highlights include the Sailor Moon Box Set vol. 2 (Oct. 29th), Fairy Tail vol...


Attack on Titan manga gets a promotion within Kodansha

Kodansha have announced that not only will they be selling Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) digitally in all eBook formats (starting July 16th), but starting this August, fans will be getting the comic monthly through the rest of this y...


Genshiken returns to anime

The popular manga, Gensiken Nidaime is finally going to make its way to an anime adaptation! The show will be a followup to one of my favorite show, Genshiken --which chronicles the hilarious antics of a group of motley otaku, and...


NYCC '12: Kodansha rolls out Sankarea, Vinland Saga

Next up in today's slew of NYCC news: Kodansha is bringing over Sankarea, No. 6, Vinland Saga, and Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode. With Dallas Middaugh on board (sans cowboy hat), Kodansha Comics is rolling out some nicer titles, and is worki...


JManga adds Kodansha titles to its roster

In an attempt to become the Crunchyroll of published works, JManga has added another sizable feather to its cap: Kodansha will list a number of their series on the site, with more to come down the line. As of now, they've added School Rumbl...


Oh, my! New Sailor Moon anime announced for Summer 2013

This was...well, now that the cat's out of the bag it's not unusual, but I certainly didn't see it coming. Kodansha have announced a brand-spanking new Sailor Moon anime series is in production to hit the tubes next summer, in conjunction w...


Devil Survivor is ready to survive in manga form

Are you ready to survive? If so, grab your nearest DS because the lockdown is being placed on Tokyo again. The first Devil Survivor game is getting adapted into a manga in the July issue of Monthly Shonen Sirius. Satoru Matsuba (W...


Kodansha licenses Battle Angel Alita: Last Order, Danza

Following some issues between Yukito Kishiro and Shueisha's Ultra Jump, Kishiro moved Battle Angel Alita: Last Order to Kodansha's Evening magazine. That meant that Kodansha now owns the publishing rights for new chapters of the manga. Sinc...


Sankarea will have OVAs bundled in the next two volumes

Any of you guys reading Sankarea? Well it's good news if you do, as we now have a website confirming that the next two volumes of manga will contain OVAs. I don't doubt that many of you will never of heard of this manga, so allow me to drop...


Genshiken second season manga in the US this fall

Looks as though we will be getting the second season of the Genshiken manga care of Kodansha. The story continues for the club of the Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture, headed by the fearless Ogiue as she tries to keep what clu...


NisiOisin's next work is set to be a detective story!

Weaver of words NisiOisin is looking to move away from his Monogatari series and begin anew. Kodansha has announced that his brand new novel series will be called Tantei Toshi Densetsu (Urban Legends Detective). No word yet on what we can e...


NYAF: An interview with Kodansha Comics

One of the biggest surprise announcements earlier this year was the return of Sailor Moon, courtesy of Kodansha USA. On top of their push into the US market with their releases of other series like Negima, Air Gear and Ghost in the Shell, K...


Kodansha vows authenticity to original Sailor Moon

Kodansha Comics recently sat down for an interview with an About.com writer, Deb Aoki, and revealed that their reprint of Sailor Moon and Codename: Sailor V will be as authentic to the original as is possible for an English transl...


Kodansha reprints Love Hina and Tokyo Mew Mew!

Get excited! Kodansha's U.S. branch, Kodansha Comics has revealed omnibus versions of Love Hina and Tokyo Mew Mew! The first omnibus edition of Love Hina will contain volumes 1-3 of the manga and cost $19.99, while Tokyo Mew Mew's...


Kodansha USA brings Sailor Moon back into the spotlight

I'll admit it: Sailor Moon was as big an influence in my anime career as Dragon Ball Z. I think I made a more concerted effort to watch all of Sailor Moon rather than DBZ -- hence the reason I'm really getting into watching Dragon...


Rest in peace, Kodansha International

"It's a tough economy" is a favorite saying these days, and that's likely because the statement is true. Just ask Kodansha International, the English-language publishing arm of Japanese giant Kodansha, Ltd.  As reported by The Japan Ti...


Kodansha finally shows off its US titles, disappoints me

It's about time that Kodansha got to movin' and groovin' with publishing manga.ICv2 has a list of Kodansha's first round of manga titles to hit shelves in May 2011. This list has what looks to be all of the titles they're taking over from D...


Japanator Kind of Recommends: Hagakure The Manga Edition

Hagakure: The Code of the Samurai is based upon original stories dictated by Yamamoto Tsunetomo, a samurai retainer who lived from 1659-1719. Unable to follow his master in death, Tsunetomo shaved his head and became a Zen priest. The ...


Kodansha USA taking over Del Rey's manga efforts

Surprise!It's been a while since we've heard about Del Rey manga, other than some of us industry folks seeing unfair departures happen, and it looks like the writing on the wall proved true -- Random House is pulling out from the manga mark...


Kami no Shizuku set to come out in the US by end of 2010

Here's a quick bit of news pointed out to us by Deb Aoki: in the course of an interview with CNNGo, the authors of the hit wine manga Kami no Shizuku (Drops of God) mentioned that by the end of 2010 we'll see the English-language adaptation...


Learn more about Love Plus' FIVE new manga series

I have to admit I was somewhat confused when Kodansha announced that five new manga series based on Konami's girlfriend-simulator Love Plus would be debuting in various Kodansha-run publications.I mean, five series?! The game only has three...


Kodansha posts 5.7 billion yen in losses last year

For fiscal year 2009, Kodansha posted a heavy 5.7 billion yen ($64m) in losses, following FY2008's 7.7 billion yen ($86m) in losses. All that talk about the manga industry in trouble is clearly pointed at the Big K. I wonder, are they going...


Wait, what? Love Plus is getting a manga? FIVE mangas?!

Yes, five new manga serials are set to be launched by Kodansha in five different Kodansha-run comic anthologies, all apparently connected to Love Plus and some unnamed "super special" spring title. More details regarding this huge...


We knew it! Kodansha sets up shop in the US

Ah, it's almost as good as a direct IV of manga implanted into my veins. There's no sometimes-Kodansha or once-in-awhile-Kodansha. It's a full-blown effort now, with their new offices in New York City, and a new like called Kodansha Comics....


Kodansha letting its licenses with Tokyopop expire

Just when things started looking like they'd turn around for Tokyopop...Word comes from MangaBlog that Kodansha is letting its licenses with Tokyopop expire, meaning that some of the biggest titles that helped Tokyopop get where it is today...


A wild Kodansha appeared! Use master ball!

I can always turn to Gia to grab some of the biggest news first: one of her readers caught wind of some fun Amazon Canada listings, which labeled Akira Vol. 1 and Ghost in the Shell Vol. 1 as titles being printed by Kodansha. These two seri...


Bakumatsu Medaka-Gumi manga by the Z Gundam writer

The scriptwriter, Akinori Endo, has worked on a couple of old classic anime series. While he's written for Five Star Stories and Legend of the Galactic Heroes, he is better known for writing for Z Gundam. This historical manga Endo will be ...


Urasawa announces newest manga series, Billy Bat

Naoki Urasawa, or the new god of manga as I like to call him, creator of such classics as 20th Century Boys, Monster, Yawara, and Pluto, has announced that he will have another baby in manga form. Its name is Billy Bat, which I have to admi...


Del Rey responds to the whole Kodansha hubub

You know, sometimes I hate it when companies have blogs. That means they can address things in a simple and easily-accessible manner, instead of just responding to every press question that they get. I kid, Del Rey. I'm glad to see that you...


Start the presses: Kodansha IS coming to the US

Well, looks like my talk to Del Rey was wrong. ICv2 is reporting that Kodansha is coming to the U.S. after all! Gia did some nice detective work and tracked down the Nikkei article in question, which talks about Kodansha setting up shop com...


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