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First Madoka film might be released this fall

The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here: we've received news that Akiyuki Shinbo is seeking to release the first Puella Magi Madoka Magica film, aka The End of Madoka, sometime this fall. While very few details about the proje...


Japanator AM Episode 53: Less words, more money

[Download][Stream]  Welcome to another episode of Japanator AM, where Brad and Elliot both comfort each other with their common hobby of pedophilia. Gross... This week, we dive right into a heated discussion with our head honcho Brad R...


Madoka gets all artsy fartsy

There was a pretty interesting exhibit this week at the Tokyo National Art Center, displaying some art work and cool stuff from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. The show featured some really cool witch imagery, and even a...


Branch off into different contracts with Madoka Portable

March 15 is almost here, and Kyubey is waiting. What is going to be revealed here is going to affect your decision in making this new contract.  The lovely folks at Namco Bandai and Nitro Plus are showing off the various option that wi...


Crackle and Hulu jump on the Madoka contract bandwagon

Coming off the news that Crunchyroll would start streaming magical girl anime par excellence, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, two more streaming sites have laid claim to the hot property as well. Both Hulu and Crackle will be posting subtitled e...


Contract accepted: Crunchyroll streams Madoka Magica

Finding Aniplex's release of Madoka hard on your wallet? Well, Kyubei has offered Crunchyroll the opportunity to become a puella magi. In exchange for this pact, Crunchyroll has obtained the rights to stream all of Madoka Magica. The s...


Madoka phone strap to come with every bottle of tea!

If you live in Japan, you drink a lot of tea. This is a fact and anyone who tells you different is wrong. As such, you'll often find that companies that produce bottled tea like to team up with popular franchises to produce special items. M...


First Madoka Magica dubbed episode premieres on NicoNico

As a promotion for the upcoming Blu-ray/DVD release of Puella Magi Madoka Magica in the States, Aniplex of America is showing people what their English dub is like. And they want not just the West to see it, but also Japan. The first dubbed...


Gen Urobochi reveals his writing influences and more

Ok, this is really interesting. I'm a big fan of Gen Urobochi's work (Madoka Magica, Fate/Zero, etc) and the way he tends to subvert genre standards. The man's also not one to shy away from a darker kind of ending, something that I really r...


Make Kyubey your pawn with this Madoka chess set

Takara Tomy has just taken the wraps off a pretty interesting new chess set, based on Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I'm not much of a chess player myself, but wouldn't mind conjuring my inner Bobby Fisher, and play a coupel games on these. The...


Chris' Pick of 2011: My Kind of Magic

[The end of each year is a time of reflection, when one should take a look back and think about life, love, and, most importantly, the Japanese cartoons we've watched. To that end, each of us at Japanator has gone and picked our favorite se...


Homura stars in Madoka Magica third-person shooter

Are you looking for a Madoka Magica game to call your own but don't want to carry an extra gadget around to play Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable? Animate knows that this is the era of mobile gaming*, so they've got you covered with Puell...


You need a Charlotte Hug Scarf

Holy cow, I don't know if I've felt a need for a clothing item this much in a long time! AmiAmi has just put up an adorable Charlotte Hug Scarf, from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. This is adorable!! Too bad it won't be out until ...


32nd Annual Nihon Sci-Fi Awards recognize Madoka Magica

We've seem to have been rolling in the Madoka news lately, because aside from being released in the US early next year, the series is now nominated for a rather big award. Every year, the Nihon Science Fiction Taisho Award recognizes&n...


New Madoka Cafe is full of some delicious gems

Are you the kind of person that thinks of some delicious Kyubey face when you get hungry? Wow, me too! There is a new pop-up Puella Magi Madoka Cafe that opened today on the fifth floor of the Akiba Culture Zone building. The...


NYAF: Blu-ray and English dub for Madoka out Feb 14th

Aniplex of America have announced at the New York Comic Con that the Puella Magi will soon be appearing on DVD and Blu-ray outside of Japan. The first volume of these will be released next year on February 14th, followed by the remaining tw...


Yes, this Kyubey doll is absolutely adorable

I think I let out a bit of a squeal when I saw this adorable Kyubey doll by Groove. I've never been a fan off dolls, but this Kyubey is off the charts cute. The dolls will hit stores in January, unfortuantely not in time to make i...


Latest Madoka tie-in features... guide dogs?

Those Madoka girls sure have been getting around haven't they! Their latest endeavour sees the ever popular snack-fiend Kyouko Sakura appearing on a poster for 'The National Federation of All Japan Guide Dog Training Institutions,' or more ...


Drink your way to Madoka bliss at Lawson

Kyubey jacket? Yes please. Kyubey alarm clock? I'll take one too. Kyubey slippers? I'll take two pairs! Madoka soft drinks? I'll drink a whole freaking case. I wish you could see the sadness in my eyes when I read the items could only ...


Madoka isn't over? Cue the speculation!

The sixth volume of the Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Blu-ray has a very interesting nugget of information hidden away on it. If you listen to the developer commentary, you can hear the following conversation, albeit in Japanese but you ...


Sign away your soul with a talking Kyubey pen

I love Kyubey. So empty, so evil, so collectable! The latest little Puella Magi Madoka Magica piece of merchandise I threw my money away on, is this cute talking pen they have over at AmiAmi. Looks perfect for signing those pesky ...


Plush Kyubey spreads love, hugs and fear

"What happens if you cross a hugging pillow with pure evil?" It's a question that many of us have asked ourselves. Japanese character-goods designer Cube snagged a license for Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica, and their latest piece of merc...


Doujin game Grief Syndrome brings Puella Magi to your PC

Comiket may have become infamous for the sheer amount of doujin manga it yields, but the games that also come from the event are nothing to look down on. Tasofro are a group who have dabbled in this very area, and at Comiket 80 they release...


Hidamari Sketch 4th Season Announced

If you take a gander over at the official website, you can see that a fourth season of the ever-popular Hidamari Sketch has been confirmed. This is not to be confused to the "Hidamari Sketch x SP" OVA that has been confirmed to be released ...


Madoka Magica Portable trailer is very convincing

I've pretty much been sold on picking up Madoka Magica Portable since we got a glimpse of all the deluxe package goodies that are going to be included. Well my soul (gem) feels even better now that we can get a look of some actual gameplay....


Madoka Magica Portable details unveiled

Are you ready to contract again? I thought so! Well, Madoka Magica Portable will be hitting the PSP on March 15, 2012 in Japan. The screens show some magikal dungeon crawling, and sweet character dialog scenes. Not my favorit...


Meguca is delicious in this Madoka Magica cafe

The folks at Good Smile Company, the makers of a variety of figures, have long operated the Good Smile Cafe near their company's headquarters in Tokyo. The latest theme at the Good Smile Cafe is Madoka Magica, and it couldn't be more devili...


Madoka cafe is a real thing!

Sad that Madoka Magica has come to an end? Don't be! From May 3 to July 18, the Good Smile Cafe in Japan is becoming the Madoka Cafe! The cafe offers Madoka-themed food, soul gem drinks, and witch-styled snacks. Inside the cafe there a...


Japanator AM episode 45: MADOKACAST!

[DOWNLOAD] [RSS] Ready for some spoiler-filled, Madoka Magica discussion? If so, get ready for our, uh, slightly smaller than usual show! Let's just say the internet gods opted to rain on our podcast parade. It was difficult and profanity-f...


Some Madoka fans riding a bus to see the final episodes

Madoka Magica is finally finishing up! This we know. However, only the Kansai and Kanto regions are getting it in the wee hours of April 22, from stations MBS and TBS respectively. In the Chubu region a.k.a. central Japan, CBC won't air the...


Madoka Magica returns April 22! No more suffering, Meguca

After a long and seemingly eternal wait, the official Madoka Magica website has updated, announcing the broadcast of the final two episodes of Madoka Magica will air on April 22nd! The episodes will broadcast early Friday morning, Japa...


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