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Canada gets anime tourism commercial from Your Name creators

Last year marked the release of Your Name, one of the most successful anime films to come out in Japan and worldwide. Your Name wowed audiences with stunningly beautiful animation and evoked many emotions within its viewers while nett...

Vertical photo

Vertical announces a lot of manga licenses at Katsucon

Last weekend at Katsucon, North American publisher Vertical announced a few interesting licenses for you to enjoy in the physical format. Why am emphasizing the "physical" aspect? One of the first few licenses they announced is an omnibus o...

Your Name photo

Your Name is set to arrive in the US in 2017

[Update: The film is set to release on April 7, 2017] Your Name (Kimi no na wa), the astoundingly successful anime film of 2016, will finally reach our US shores next year, thanks to the great foks at Funimation! If you've been living ...

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Don't forget about this year's Makoto Shinkai Day

Spring is almost here, and do you know what that means? You might say "the weather is warming up," but here in New York we still have snow on the forecast for Monday, so uh, NO. It is not necessarily warming up all that much. But it is time...

Shinkai interview photo

Japanator Interviews: Makoto Shinkai

Wow, talk about an awesome day! Back at Anime Expo this year I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with one of my favorite masters of anime, the illustrious Makoto Shinkai. If you've been living under a rock for the last few years you m...

Shinkai short photo

How about some Makoto Shinkai for your lunch break?

I hope you've settled down with a lovely lunch this afternoon. If you have a few minutes to spare I suggest you throw some headphones on and nestle up to a fantastic new short film by the always amazing Makoto Shinkai. Even if it's dinner ...

5 mins of Garden of Words photo

Watch 5 minutes of Makoto Shinkai's The Garden of Words

Get the tissues ready. Makoto Shinkai's latest work, The Garden of Words, is hitting wide release in Japan at the end of the month, and last night we saw the first five minutes of it air on TV Tokyo. In this snippet, we get a sense of what...

Garden of Words at GCFF  photo

Cheers, Australians: Garden of Words to be shown at GCFF

Congratulations, anime fans of Australia, the Gold Coast Film Festival in the Broadbeach area of Queensland, Australia is going to feature the world premiere of The Garden of Words as part of their 'Cool Japan' Gold Coast lin...

Global Shinkai Day photo

YES: Children Who Chase Lost Voices to join Shinkai Day

So I just realized that Global Shinkai Day is starting this Friday, and Crunchyoll is adding more content to its special Makoto Shinkai weekend event. To be more specific, Children Who Chase Lost Voices will be streaming on Crunch...


The Garden of Words trailer looks like a garden of feet

Oh man, Makoto Shinkai really knows how to setup a beautiful scene in his stories. Even though I am not a big fan of his works, I cannot deny the sheer gorgeousness found in the colors and lighting of the first trailer for The Garden of Wo...


Makoto Shinkai's 'Someone's Gaze' teaser trailer

Just like with his previous works (Voices of a Distant Star, 5 Centimeters Per Second, Children Who Chase Lost Voices) Makoto Shinkai can create gorgeous anime. His new anime short Dareka no Manazashi (Someone's Gaze) follows the ...


Review: Children Who Chase Lost Voices

Makoto Shinkai has grown and evolved with each subsequent project, and his latest feature Children Who Chase Lost Voices is one of his best works yet. He's come a long way since the glory days of the moving Voices of a Distant Star, both in...


Season's Greetings: Makoto Shinkai is making a new movie

I am going to be perfectly honest with everyone on here, I'm not the biggest Shinkai fan around here. Though I will admit that his movies do get better with each new film that pops out of his mind. Before you smite me with your rage, I didn...


Sentai licenses Shinkai's Children Who Chase Lost Voices

Sentai Filmworks is at it again -- licensing yet another Makoto Shinkai property. Back in the days of ADV Films, the company licensed 5 Centimeters Per Second and Voices of A Distant Star, so it's no huge surprise that they announced t...


Crunchyroll holds fourth annual Global Shinkai Day

For the fourth year in a row, Crunchyroll is streaming three films by Makoto Shinkai in what it's calling Global Shinkai Day. From March 9-11, you can see Shinkai's most well-known work: Voices of a Distant Star, The Place Promised in Our E...


Otakon 11: Makoto Shinkai press panel interview

Long delayed, but nonetheless, here is the first part of a series of write-up promised about a man who waxed poetic about loving at a distance in anime film. You might know him as Makoto Shinkai, but I know him as a humble guy trying to mak...


Monday Madness: Our Innocence

So this weekend I finally got around to watching the highly acclaimed 5 Centimeters per Second and I was pretty much utterly destroyed. The story and writing in that show is fantastic, and it probably doesn't help that I can relat...


Otakon 11: Otakon to host Shinkai premiere [Update]

[Update: The film will now have subtitles, says Otakon staffers. Hooray!] Have you been dying to see Makoto Shinkai's latest work, Children Who Chase Lost Voices from the Deep? Well, Otakon's got your back. Sort of. The film will be screene...


Makoto Shinkai's latest: Hoshi o Ou Kodomo trailer now up

Do you like gorgeous animation? Do like being able to pause a movie at any given time and have that frame always be a perfect computer wallpaper? Do you wonder what Makoto Shinkai has been working on all this time?You're in luck. Yesterday ...


Makoto Shinkai's latest project: Hoshi o Ou Kodomo

Break out the tissues because Makoto Shinkai is back with a vengeance. His latest work, Hoshi o Ou Kodomo (Children Who Chase the Stars), is going at full force, and according to ANN, a teaser trailer for the work will hit Yahoo! ...


Crunchyroll licensing Shinkai's 5cm per second! Buy it!

Makoto Shinkai's an anime auteur easily on par with the likes of Miyazaki and Oshii. His works are a bright spot of complexity and depth in an industry that many perceive to be in creative downfall, soon to be drowned in a sea of moe, GAR a...


Global Shinkai Day START on Crunchyroll

THE TIME HAS COME. You have until 5PM(PST) on Sunday to watch Voices of a Distant Star, Five Centimeters Per Second, and Place Promised in Our Early Days, all of which are temporarily available streaming on Crunchyroll, and for free no less...


Surprise! Makoto Shinkai is working on another film

On Sunday, musical sensation Eminence Symphony Orchestra had a surprise guest: Makoto Shinkai made his way on stage (punching out several security guards and members of the band in the process) to talk with the audience. After a rousing spe...


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