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NYCC 2013 photo

NYCC 2013: Yen Press picks up High School DxD

Yen Press brought quite a few interesting announcements to New York Comic-Con this year. Their biggest license announcement was that they'll be bringing readers High School DxD, the manga adaption of the popular light novel series. It's abo...


NYCC 2013: Kodansha brings all the Attack on Titan goods

I've been telling you that Attack on Titan is popular. Vertical's gotten in the game too with the light novels. Kodansha isn't letting up, though, as they announced four new Attack on Titan titles they'll be bringing out: Attack ...

Anime photo

NYCC 2013: Sentai licenses Beyond the Boundary

With plenty of news filtering out of New York Comic Con today, Sentai Filmworks have announced they've acquired the license to distribute Beyond the Boundary for home video release. Our own Karen Mead is currently keeping up ...

NYCC 2013 photo

NYCC 2013: Vertical licenses Attack on Titan light novels

Vertical has been on a roll recently with their licenses, and at NYCC 2013 they picked up some more interesting titles. Perhaps the biggest news is that they'll be releasing the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall light novel series. The books...

NYCC Cosplay photo

NYCC 2013: Cosplays

New York Comic Con 2013 is underway. Building on prior years, Thursday is now a full day for a lot of the vendors and events at the con, and the crowd is out in force. Compared to last year even, the exhibit hall floors are way more packed....

NYCC photo

Never Fear: Viz to give out free stuff at NYCC

New York Comic Con starts tomorrow, and that's...maybe not as it exciting as it could be? Back in the day, we had our very own New York Anime Fest. But then NYAF merged with NYCC; then NYAF disappeared entirely, but there was still plenty o...

 from  tomopop

NYCC '12: The toy roundup

Now that NYCC is pretty much covered, I'll be dropping in with some anime-related toy stuff that we wrote about at Tomopop! Check out these links: Gallery: Vash the Stampede Kotobukiya booth overview Namco Bandai and ShiftyLook booth overv...


NYCC '12: Kodansha rolls out Sankarea, Vinland Saga

Next up in today's slew of NYCC news: Kodansha is bringing over Sankarea, No. 6, Vinland Saga, and Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode. With Dallas Middaugh on board (sans cowboy hat), Kodansha Comics is rolling out some nicer titles, and is worki...


NYCC '12: Yen Press adds Puella Magi spin-offs and more

If you thought that your Madoka fix has been quenched, think again! Yen Press is adding two Madoka Magica mangas in the form of Puella Magi Oriko Magica and Puella Magi Kazumi Magica. Both stories will most likely treat us to a new&nbs...


NYCC '12: JManga adds Yozakura Quartet, Elemental Gelade

JManga loves to have people scream at their panel. A lot. For just about any reason, too. Now that I have my hearing back, I can finally get down to their announcements! They've got a few titles coming up this week: My Heavenly Hockey Club,...


NYCC '12: Vertical adds Twin Princess, Helter Skelter

On Friday, Vertical announced a pair of new titles: Twin Princess, the sequel to Princess Knight, and Helter Skelter. Twin Princess is another piece of the Osamu Tezuka pie that Vertical continues to collect, and should be a great buy ...


Huzzah! NIS America picks up Denpa Onna

On Sunday at New York Comic Con, NIS America announced that they'll be releasing Shaft's Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko in America land next year. Directed by Yukihiro Miyamoto (Arakawa Under the Bridge), it was a fun 13 episode series that lo...


NYCC '12: ComiXology releases three Ishinomori mangas

Today is a great day for fans of old school mangas, since comiXology and Ishimori Productions Inc. are teaming up to release three mangas by Shotaro Ishinomori for digital release. If you were a long time fan of Toonami and Adult Swim's ani...


In New York? Why not meet with Viz for Shonen Jump Alpha?

One of the coolest places for an otaku in The Big Apple (besides the New York Comic Con/Anime Fair, of course) is the Kinokuniya bookstore. It's a spiffy place to get a ton of otherwise Japan-only books. Viz know that fact, and plans to tak...


Headed to NYCC? Don't miss Yuu Asakawa

Crunchyroll reports that voice actress extraordinaire Yuu Asakawa has confirmed she'll appear at this year's New York Comic Con! The event is being held at NYC Midtown's Javits Center from Oct. 11 - 14. Here's a link to where you can buy ti...


NYAF '10: Dark Horse licenses Drifters and Kekkai Sensen

Dark Horse appeared at the New York Comic-Con with some exciting announcements. Two new manga have been unveiled for release in 2011, one of which I'm very much excited about since it's by the creator of Hellsing: The se...


NYAF '10: Video tour of awesomeness!

While at NYAF/NYCC, Crystal and I wanted to show you guys just how packed with events, merchandise, and most of all people the convention center was. So, using the most high-tech equipment known to man (i.e. a digicam bought on clearance by...


NYAF '10: Cosplay Roundup

Hey hey, we gots some cosplay here for you. As you may know, New York Anime Festival has sort of been absorbed by New York Comic-Con this year, so we tossed in a few non-anime costumes in here that are awesome in their own right. And for th...


NYAF & NYCC to combine forces for 2010 con season

Maybe it's just me but every time someone mentions anime and comic conventions in the same sentence, I end up picturing those terrible, western produced, knock-offs like Captain Planet. Sure, from a distance they look like anime, but t...


A little bit more exposition on Yen Press and Yotsuba&!

Brigid from MangaBlog took a few minutes at NYCC to talk to Kurt Hassler, the head of Yen, to get some more information out of him in regards to their upcoming release of Yotsuba&!First off, volume 6 will be coming out in September, and...


Podtoid-san 95: You've got questions, we've got answers

Okay, it wasn't necessarily a Q&A session per say, but we decided to address some of the comments from our recent NYCC coverage. That said, I could think of no better way than to record a quick, high audio quality show to acco...


NYCC 09: Viz licenses new series from Rumiko Takahashi

Ah, Viz. Ever the eternal tease. From their panel at NYCC, they announced that they've licensed a new series from Rumiko Takahashi, and that it'll be awesome, but are keeping the information about the title itself on-the-mum.To fill out the...


NYCC 09: Day 2 round up

The concept of time is so foreign to me at the moment. That said, this rock and roll lifestyle is all about the fun. New friends include:Narutaki and Hisui from Reverse ThievesMichael Pinto from Fanboy.comBrigid from MangablogVampt_Vo from ...


NYCC 09: FUNimation

Fun note to start off with. For some reason we havea full house of like 150-200 people in here and Adam Sheehan thought this panel was one of their screener panels. Gia was actually charged with keeping the peace while he went to get his la...


NYCC 09: Bandai Entertainment

Now, I'm a big Robert Napton fan, but sometimes I wish he'd bring a friend to his panels. Compared to the upbeat festival Bandai put on at Otakon, I can't help but feel like having co-panelists might make Napton happy. Reminders of things B...


NYCC 09: Yen Press

New titles:Time and AgainSpice and Wolf: Novels currently, but the manga is informally announced.Raiders:Laon: Nine tailed demon has his tails removed and must look for them. Art looks pretty hot. The Crescent Moon Story: Ha! Man commishion...


NYCC 09: Vertical Publishing

Aww, Vertical Publishing is the cute. They are all like, “No one wants to come to our panels but press…” and all the journalists are like, “but we love you.”Black Jack: Black Jack will continue shortly. Public...


NYCC 09: Takashi Miike and Sho Sakurai press session

Watching trailer, knowing almost nothing about Yatterman, I am now all about this movie. A blend of vivid colors and very serious demenor of the trailer paints a picture similar to the recently released Speed Racer movie.Takashi Miike and l...


NYCC 09: Floor impressions, day one

As my first big, multi-phasic con, I’m on sensory overload. Too much stuff! Okay, so totally swag tastic. We got these really cool towels promoting the new Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy book. Swag list includes: Towels, with &ldquo...


NYCC 09: Del Rey Manga

Del Rey will be celebrating 20 years of clamp via a smattering of products. A xxxHolic guide book, Tsubasa art book, and Clamp in America will hit this year. Clamp in America strikes my interest.New Titles: Night Head Genesis – b...


Yen Press acquires the Soul Eater manga

Our double agent Gia has let us in on a little secret, a secret she found while at the Yen Press booth at New York Comic Con. It seems that she came upon some Soul Eater posters there, indicating that Yen Press has licensed the series, and ...


DMP is trying to revv your engine at NYCC

Look to get a bit more Speed Racer in your life? Well, while you're sitting amongst your themed lunchboxes and clocks, counting down the minutes until the new film is released, DMP wants to remind you that they've put out a new collection o...


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