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Moe Hokuto no Ken photo

Fist of the North Star goes Moe

Yes, you read the title correctly. The classic dystopian blood, guts, and martial arts series Hokuto no Ken is going moe. If Kenshiro could, he'd hit the tsubo to explode his own brain before this upcoming contest by NicoNico even takes pla...

Persona photo

Big Persona announcement coming May 2

In a move that coincides with the marketing build up to the second Persona 3 movie, Midsummer Knight's Dream, there will be a live Persona-related stream on NicoNico come May 2, 11:30 p.m. JST. In the stream, there'll be a brief "digest" of...

Persona photo

Atlus wants to deepen their bond with you

Persona 5 was recently announced, and fans are absolutely ecstatic. Who isn't? Well shortly after the game was announced, Atlus held a talk show. Mafia Kajita, a freelance writer, and Tomomi Isomura, a voice actress, were featured...

Persona photo

Atlus finally starts counting down to Persona

Yessss. It's finally happening! Well, sort of. We already know that Atlus has been working on Persona 5 for quite a while (and the company that Sega now owns hasn't been shy about playing the tease), but that hasn't stopped eager fans ...

Hayao Mizayaki retires photo

Watch Hayao Miyazaki retire...live on the internet!

In case you hadn't heard, legendary animator and all-time anime great Hayao Miyazaki is retiring. Best shed a tear, and perhaps consider opening your wallet to pick up any of his films you haven't seen yet. "But wait!" you say. "Miyazaki's ...


Wait, what? Miku Miku Dance program gets an anime

In this week's helping "How in the world did this get approved?" news, it seems there's a new anime on the horizon. Given an opening date of February 6th, it's on a rather close horizon, to boot. Its title? Straight Title: Robot A...


Purr in excitement at the Nekomonogatari (Black) trailer

Rejoice -monogatari series fans, for your catgirl goddess has arrived! Or rather, will be arriving soon, as Nekomonogatari (Black) has just received a trailer in advance of its December 31st airing. In case you've been hiding und...


Fu, Sion, Ha: Niconico.com to fuse with niconico.jp

In slightly sad news, the English version of Nico Nico is going to be taken down by the end of 2012. However, Nico Nico is going to be reborn as it becomes one with its older Japanese counterpart. Starting October 17th, both sites are going...


An oldie but goodie playthrough of Final Fantasy VI

My apologies if you've heard of this one, but I have been enjoying it too much to not share. Let's Plays are good fun for any video game fan and, if you're studying Japanese, these kinds of videos are great. A nice mix of real Japanese plus...


Kyousogiga returns with a short online series

The original Kyousogiga ONA landed in December of last year, offering an intriguing, insane and colourful look at not-Kyoto. On its own, it didn't really reveal a whole lot about what the series is about or where it was going, only that it ...


Get hype for anime songs, NicoNico streaming Animelo free

Anime songs are a thing now. Have been for quite a while, and Animelo, the yearly "anison"-centric live event, is just one days-long, hyper-exciting proof of that. This year's event, Animelo Summer Live 2012 ~Infinity~, is set to kick off S...


Miku turning five, releasing two new albums

Wow, five years old. 2007 feels like such a long time ago, but the time is coming. Everyone's favorite breakout virtual diva, Hatsune Miku, turns the ripe old age of five this August. That's practically a Queen's Jubilee* in internet time, ...


Nico Nico to stream Madoka Magica's finale in English

Looks like Nico Nico is not done with the contract that they made with Kyubey and Aniplex, since they are streaming the final episode of Madoka Magica in English before the final DVD and Blu-ray volume arrive in North America on June 1...


Read Strike Witches: The Witches of Andorra for free

If you're looking for something free to read, head over to Kadokawa Niconico Ace, a magazine that's part of Nico Nico Seiga, the still-frame spin-off of the Nico Nico Douga, or niconico as it is now called. The magazine's latest issue featu...


Nico Nico Douga becomes niconico in site revamp

It's official: as part of a site upgrade, the insanely popular video-sharing website Nico Nico Douga will now be known simply as niconico, intentionally missing caps and all. We might have seen it coming after the parent company Dwango laun...


Say bye bye! Various anime shows part ways with Nico Nico

Don't you hate it when things disappear after a certain amount of time. However, there are times when we have to let go of certain things in life. This also applies to Websites, since Nico Nico decided to get rid of some of the an...


Watch Sakura Con from the comfort of your own home

Can't make it to Sakura Con? no problem! It was just announced that the streaming service Nico Nico Douga and its English language counterpart Niconico will live-stream Stereopony's Sakura Con performance taking place this Friday at 6:30 pm...


New HoiHoi-san anime is ready to squash your bugs

Kunihiko Tanaka's comedy manga Ichigeki Sacchu!! HoiHoi-san is about a future where bugs are so resistant to pesticides that companies sell little robot girls not only as exterminators, but also as dolls to dress-up. It's a parody of the gi...


Live Nico Douga broadcast for 2nd Trails in the Sky OVA

Good news for fans of the XSEED published PSP RPG, Trails in the Sky (Sora no Kiseki). This Friday , Nico Douga will be having a live broadcast of the first and second Trails in the Sky animated OVA's. This will actually mark the premier of...


First Madoka Magica dubbed episode premieres on NicoNico

As a promotion for the upcoming Blu-ray/DVD release of Puella Magi Madoka Magica in the States, Aniplex of America is showing people what their English dub is like. And they want not just the West to see it, but also Japan. The first dubbed...


Subbed Black Rock Shooter series to be streamed worldwide

Nico Nico Douga has announced that they will be streaming the new Black Rock Shooter 8-episode animated series worldwide with subtitles in eight different languages. Directed by Shinobu Yoshioka (Black Rock Shooter OVA) with the c...


Nico Nico picks up not one, but three shows for simulcast

Awaiting for the proper moment to strike, Nico Nico unleashes their final dynamic special. The first of three is Highschool DxD, which Funimation has already succeeded in picking up. Following up from obtaining the ecchi comedy of the seaso...


Jail threat for illegal Unicorn sharing

It seems the Internet police are hard at work in Japan, as 46-year-old Kenji Igarashi is threatened with a one year jail sentence. He landed himself in hot water by picking an the advance sale copy of the third volume of Mobile Suit Gundam ...


Shakugan no Shana finds a home with Nico Nico and Funi

Looks like FUNimation and Nico Nico are wasting no time in snatching up titles for streaming. Last Friday, they announced that they'd be streaming the first four episodes of Shakugan no Shana Final on their services beginning that day. I'd ...


NYAF: Woah, FUNi and Niconico get hitched, form Funico

Now THIS is big news, especially for the streaming crowd. North American anime giant FUNimation has officially shacked up with Niconico.com, the English-language incarnation of Japanese Youtube-killer Nico Nico Douga, to form a joint ventur...


Rejoice! Now you have no reason not to watch Fate/Zero

Well color me surprised. In what I believe to be a first for the industry, Aniplex will be teaming up with Japanese video site Nico Nico Douga to stream Fate/Zero worldwide starting October 2nd at 1:00am Japan time. Even more incredible is ...


Not at Anime Expo? Watch Mikunopolis on Nico Nico Douga

"Mikunopolis". That's what they're calling Miku's big Anime Expo debut concert which happens at 2000 (8PM for you 12-hour folks) on July 2nd. That's this weekend! Just three days from now! It's too bad that I can't go, though. I'm stuck her...


Nyanicorn is the Nyancat game

Hey! You know "Nyan-cat", that Vocaloid/Utau-song-turned-internet-meme? It's got a game now, called Nyanicorn and clearly based off of Adult Swim's Robot Unicorn Attack, except with "Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!" by daniwellP instead of "Always" ...


Wait, what? Nico Nico Douga building a dance club

You read that right. Nico Nico Douga - Japan's nerd video den and home of the scrolling "wwwwwwwwww" - is building its very own dance club. Well, it's more of an event hall, really, but it's certainly constructed like a dance club, and is l...


Niconico.com is now open!

Niconico.com is now open as Beta. It's our own taste of Japanese video site Nico Nico Douga, complete with commenting directly on videos. The team is still working out the kinks, but you can join in the early fun now. Go now: NicoNico.com W...


Strike Witches movie announced

What's better than girls with no pants and rocket legs on T.V.? Girls with no pants and rocket legs on the big screen! According to the Nico Nico Live stream, a Strike Witches movie is on the way! Details are scarce now, but ...


Avoid the noise: 'The Cove' to stream on Nico Nico Douga

About a week ago I reported on the cancellations of select screenings of The Cove in Japan, and the confusion/protests that followed. Many of you voiced your opinions on the situation and it was good to see that level of response. I didn't ...


Supercell's next single featured on Naruto Shippuden

Get ready, Naruto fans! Composer and lyricist Ryo, of the Japanese band Supercell, has announced that the group's third single will be featured on Naruto: Shippuden starting on July 1st. Who's excited?For those who may not know, Supercell i...


Hyadain reveals secret identity: Kenichi Maeyamada

If you've paid any attention to the internet remix world in the past couple years, you've probably heard of Hyadain. A talented artist whose works began showing up on NicoNico, earning him quick fame and adoration for his incredibly catchy ...


Black Rock Shooter OVA to stream for free

It was announced on the official Black Rock Shooter website that the fifty-minute OVA will be available streaming for free, but unfortunately the details are still a little hazy. Nico Nico Douga will host the BRS production staff on the sho...


Someone REALLY wants you to watch this Idolmaster video

Japan's Youtube-alternative Nico Nico Douga has an interesting little feature called "video sponsorship." Now, that's not quite the same as random ad videos or the viral stuff companies like to try putting out. Instead, video spon...


Touhou + Michael Jackson? It works for MikuMikuDance Cup

We're big fans of hilarious music video mashups here at Japanator -- how much time have we spent laughing it up over that NewS/Russ K CM? If you hit the jump, you can be treated to a dose of Marisa and friends from Touhou Project rocking it...


How's this for Manly? Steve Plays Mario Land

You want Manly? I can't imagine anything more manly than this video. Steve is...a man. He's a man with big balls for releasing this hilarious video to the world. Originally from Nico Nico, and now taking YouTube by storm, this guys named &q...


Uh-oh: Nico Nico allowing comment streams on DVDs

In what is surely going to be a momentous occasion for otaku everywhere, Nico Nico Douga - an otaku-oriented version of Youtube - has unveiled a new feature that implements its signature scrolling comment streaming system to work while view...


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