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Code Geass spin-off gets the trailer treatment

As we creep ever closer to the August 4th release date, more and more information on the new Code Geass project seems to be surfacing. Understandable, considering how highly the franchise is regarded over there. Today saw the release of a ...


The World God Only Knows gets an OVA. Thankonomics.

Oh boy, I do love me some TWGOK. While it's not an announcement of a third season, I feel that those of us addicted to the show will take this new OVA with open arms. It's to be bundled with the limited edition version of volume nineteen, b...


Crush them, Giant Robo! Giant Robo gets a Blu-ray release

At any moment you should hear a loud roar as the ground shatters around you, because the Giant Robo OVA directed by Yasuhiro Imagawa the man that brought us G-Gundam is getting a 4k HD remaster on Blu-ray when October 26th co...


Corpse Party OVA will be 18+! Rejoice!

We haven't heard about the Corpse Party OVA and the game it's bundled with since April, but it seems this news was worth waiting for. Kedwin, the character designer for the games, mentioned that the limited edition bundle in which the ...


Moe Can Change! still looks pretty moe to me

For the record, no, I do not think moe can actually change into something palatable to my tastes. Rather, Moe Can Change! is the name of an upcoming OVA from Frontier Works based on Ambition's game of the same name. The original game is a ...


Code Geass Gaiden is a four-episode OVA

It's been a while since we last heard news on Code Geass Gaiden: Boukoku no Akito, but we've finally got a little more information, and interesting information at that. According to Ichiko Hashimoto, the lady behind the music in the Code Ge...


Corpse Party OVA comes bundled with the latest game

You may have not have noticed, but a lot of us folk here at Japanator really dig Corpse Party, so it makes the news that we are actually getting an animated OVA all the sweeter. The drawback is that you'll need to purchase the limited editi...


Nogizaka Haruka returns to conclude the anime

It's almost three years since Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Purezza aired, but it seems that there is still more rich-otaku action to be had. The official Dengeki website has revealed that the series will be concluded in the form of four OVA ...


New HoiHoi-san anime is ready to squash your bugs

Kunihiko Tanaka's comedy manga Ichigeki Sacchu!! HoiHoi-san is about a future where bugs are so resistant to pesticides that companies sell little robot girls not only as exterminators, but also as dolls to dress-up. It's a parody of the gi...


New Squid Girl OVA bundled with next manga volume

Thought that Squid Girl was content with just a second season, did you? Then, uh, I guess you're wrong, because there's more on the way! The 12th volume of the manga is set to release on August 8 in Japan. If fans buy the limited edition, t...


More hammer time! Kyousogiga sequel announced

[Update: To celebrate the news, the original episode of Kyousogiga will be viewable on both Nico Nico Douga and Youtube for the rest of the month! Unfortunately, there are no subtitles on the Nico version, and you'll have to wait until the ...


Watch the Code Geass: Nunnally in Wonderland promo

If you have a wondrous superpower like a Geass, there has to be some temptation to abuse it for your own enjoyment, right? That's what Lelouch does in Code Geass: Nunnally in Wonderland, when he uses his Geass on the entire cast to help tel...


Tales of Symphonia: United World gets one final anime OVA

Since the Gamecube's Tales of Symphonia was a pretty big hit for Namco, it's makes sense that they'd make some anime adaptations of it. To date, there have been three Tales of Symphonia the Animation OVA series released, the latest being Ta...


Best Valentines Day news? Miya OVA, confirmed!

The heartwarming romance anime of this season Amagami SS+ will be getting the OVA treatment like it's predecessor, with a special Miya Tachibana episode being bundled with the seventh Blu-ray release. While it's disheartening that this twel...


Nunnally in Wonderland Blu-ray has English subs in Japan

With Bandai dropping out of the anime distribution market in America, there's no telling what will happen with series that would normally have been licensed and localized by the company, even those made by its Japanese branch. Code Geass: N...


Final Denpa Blu-ray delays Erio by two weeks

The official website for the Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko anime has stated that the final Blu-ray release will be delayed by a further two weeks. The show, that started way back in April of last year, has an unaired episode that will now be ...


First 7 minutes of the 2nd Trails in the Sky OVA are up!

Falcom and the powers that be have decided to bless us with some footage of the second episode of their Trails in the Sky OVA (Sora no Kiseki in Japan). The youtube clip is apparently of the first seven minutes of the hour long episode. For...


Rejoice! Kite film remake is "groundbreaking" & "not 3D"

Earlier this week, I posted up a news story about the new live-action Kite adaption being manned by director of Shark Night 3D and Snakes on a Plane fame David R. Ellis. If anything, I was just a bit skeptical on this adaption being somethi...


Fullmetal Alchemist movie getting screened in theaters

Even when they're limited releases, I never get tired of seeing anime come to US theaters. There's still something special about watching it on the big screen. The latest anime to get this treatment is Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star o...


More Hanasaku Iroha... probably!

Hanasaku Iroha, at least to me, was the sleeper hit of the Spring 2011 anime season. A show with a relatively standard premise managed to deliver a thoroughly enjoyable story, and many were sad to see it end. However, there's a nugget of ne...


Code Geass Gaiden: Bokoku no Akito goes direct-to-video

The first animated sequel to Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion has a release date! Sometime in November 2011, we'll be able to see a Lelouch-less story set after the events of the original anime, in which Elevens (a.k.a. Japanese) have t...


Rurouni Kenshin's getting a new OVA, but it's not Jinchu

Sorry, fans. I know that's what most of you demanded with every rumor of Kenshin's return, but it's not happening this time, either. Instead, you're getting Shin Kyoto-hen, a retelling of Kenshin and crew's famous fight against gunpowder-gl...


A-Channel returning as an OVA

If this rather glaring advert is to be believed, A-Channel will be returning to your telly box as an OVA in the future. Details are scarce, so you will have to hold tight for more news about the female foursome. Until then, go watch Yuru Yu...


Gunbuster posing up for a special edition Blu-Ray release

Everyone who loves the phrase "hard work and guts" and doesn't live in Japan, prepare to get jealous: The Gainax OVA Aim for the Top! Gunbuster is expecting a complete Blu-Ray re-release, complete with bonus footage, new commentary and more...


Rejoice, lunatics, this is Type-MOON's Carnival Phantasm

[Update: Thanks to Catrophy for the corrections!] And it's adorable. I know I've put down some sort of ultimatum before demanding that all future Type-MOON adaptations be taken care of by Ufotable, but I'd be happy to grant Studio Lerche cu...


Ufotable delivers more Fate/Zero anime service

Prep your salivary glands, Type-MOONinites, because it's time to drool. The company behind Saber and her dashing black suit released a new trailer for the upcoming Ufotable-animated TV series based on Fate/Zero, due in October. Unfortunatel...


Rejoice? Rurouni Kenshin OVA BDs have dual-language subs

I'm aware of quite a few people that consider the only part of Rurouni Kenshin worth watching to be the direct-to-video OVAs, which told the origin story of Kenshin's scar and later served as a finale of sorts for the TV series, where never...


MSG: Unicorn Ep. 3 trailer goes up, as do my trousers

Quite a few months back, I was incredibly impressed with Bandai's first release of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. Although I haven't finished the review for the second episode (it's still in the works, keep an eye out for it!), the second epis...


Shiki to get additional episodes on final DVD/Blu-rays

If you've been keeping up with Annotated Anime every week (or in some cases every couple of weeks) you'll know that I'm a huge fan of Shiki, the vampire-horror show where only the good die young and the sun actually kills blood suckers. Wit...


Sad face: Goodsmile denies Black Rock Shooter 2 rumors

Not two days ago, in a dazzling display of journalism we (and many others, I'll have you know) reported that Black Rock Shooter, the Ordet-animated OVA based on a song based on a figure based on an illustration, would be getting a sequel, a...


Black Rock Shooter getting a sequel

What's that, you say? An anime based on a vocaloid song based on an illustration by a vocaloid fan? That's not a thing that can exist!Or can it?!It definitely can, and it's soon to get a sequel! Of course, I'm talking about Black Rock Shoot...


Angel Beats! maker P.A. Works making a new anime

Unfortunately for Yui-lovers and Yurippe-ists, it's not any kind of sequel to Angel Beats! or something crazy like that (though the planned Blu-ray epilogue episode is still in the pipeline), but instead something made in cooperation w...


Nana to Kaoru OVA will devilishly tickle your S&M fetish

You like all that fun S&M stuff, right? I mean, after all, lots of you read Sundome. So, prepare your gears for grinding, because we're about to get another hot load of fetishizing with Nana to Kaoru's OVA debut.The show is about childh...


4 minutes of Mazinkaiser SKL will pump you the hell up

Actually, it's three minutes and fifty-two seconds, but that doesn't matter because it's a trailer for Mazinkaiser SKL, the new OVA sequel to Mazinkaiser. It's too badass to restricted by something as petty as time. Nothing with "kaise...


Linkin Park's Joe Hahn remixes Black Rock Shooter for DVD

The Black Rock Shooter OVA is currently being given away for free in the Japanese magazines Megami Magazine and Monthly Animedia, as well as eventually being streamed online. But what if you liked the OVA like Colette did and want to pay th...


Air Gear gets an OAD with its 30th manga volume

Are you a fan of Oh! Great's popular skating manga Air Gear? Do you pine for more episodes than what 2006's anime adaptation by Toei Animation could provide? Then get excited, because more animated goodness is heading your way - in Japan, a...


To Heart 2 getting OVAs for Manaka, Yuuki but no Tama-nee

I'm disappointed with To Heart 2. Not because it's a bad game or that it was never released in English (beyond some fan translation drama), or that the anime adaptation was something of a flop, but because no one seemed to care about its be...


K-ON!! BDs getting obscene-sounding short films

You all know it: K-ON!! is set to get an inevitable Blu-ray release, and it'll sell like gangbusters unless a new Evangelion movie or Bakemonogatari shows up to contest the spot. Now KyoAni have sweetened the pot, announcing that the Blu-ra...


Black Rock Shooter OVA to stream for free

It was announced on the official Black Rock Shooter website that the fifty-minute OVA will be available streaming for free, but unfortunately the details are still a little hazy. Nico Nico Douga will host the BRS production staff on the sho...


Roberta returns in Black Lagoon's new OVA series

I think I missed the boat on the whole Black Lagoon craze, but I know enough to recognize that it stars a bunch of bad-ass motherf'ers living on and around some island in Southeast Asia, and that Roberta is a battle maid who has beef with t...


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