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Oh noes, another Saki anime is coming

Uh-oh. If you were thinking that a likely Saki-led victory in this year's Saimoe tournament would lead to a cooling-off for 2013, there's reason now to think again, because the dastards have announced a new Saki anime project is ...


Damn you, Saki! Moe Mahjong dominates Saimoe group finals

Imagine my raising a fist and shaking it at the cruelty of the heavens, and you'll have my reaction to the latest news to come out of Saimoe, the yearly contest that rocks the moe world as anime heroines battle it out in that most poin...


First Impressions: Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb

Drop what you are doing, because this seasons God-tier show has arrived to place its wide faces on your watch list. It's the return of Hidamari Sketch, with the school-going art girls starting a fourth season of apartment-based shenanigans....


Imouto at the ready, Oreimo returns in April

Everyone's favourite closet otaku little sister will be returning for a second season of Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai, not that she's happy about that or anything. The announcement comes from the Dengeki Bunko Autumn Festival...


No Swan Songs: Symphogear getting a second season

Here's some news that I half-expected, yet am somehow surprised to hear nonetheless: it seems a new season of Senki Zesshou Symphogear is in production. According to series art director Thomas Romain, the announcement was made at the S...


First Impressions: Busou Shinki

Perhaps the most distinctive thing about this Busou Shinki anime isn't its mecha musume designs. Those come courtesy of the figures, so the show doesn't get the credit. Nor is its top-flight CG fighting. Those come from 8-Bit, who...


Purr in delight: Nekomonogatari (Black) getting an anime

Time to rejoice, fans of all things -monogatari, because yet another installment of the favored -monogatari property, Bakemonogatari, is on its way. Not content to animate Nisemonogatari (Bakemonogatari's 2nd season) some months ago, as wel...


Celebrate three decades of Macross with Macross FB7

Sometimes it's hard to believe that Macross is just about thirty years old now. It wasn't a terribly long time ago that I thought that it was all still Robotech. Bandai knows that, and instead of going back to the well of Space W...


Semper Fi: Strike Witches creator makes Marine Corps Yumi

Boy, otaku sure do love their moe moe military manga! Maybe it's the juxtaposition of hyper-cute girls on the hyper-masculine world of the armed services. Or maybe they like girls in many uniforms. Either way, it's a thing, and Strike Witch...


Display your waifu on Ore no Yome, the Otaku Pinterest

Hey! You know what's hot right now on this series of tubes?! The Pinterests, that's what's hot! It's all so...Pinteresting, the way all the housewives and regular, non-2D-obsessed net denizens are into posting their favorite arts, crafts, a...


Rejoice, for Akazukin Chacha will live again

Yes, Akazukin Chacha is back! And, depending on how - or where - you spent your anime-watching childhood (particularly Southeast Asia), that can be cause to rejoice indeed. For me, Akazukin Chacha calls up fond memories of the mid-nineties,...


Moe Can Change! still looks pretty moe to me

For the record, no, I do not think moe can actually change into something palatable to my tastes. Rather, Moe Can Change! is the name of an upcoming OVA from Frontier Works based on Ambition's game of the same name. The original game is a ...


Girls und Panzer is the latest from Squid Girl director

The next project from Squid Girl and Another's director Tsutomu Mizushima has been announced. For his first work not based on a pre-existing manga or novel, Mizushima is directing Girls und Panzer, a story about high school girls driv...


There's no safe way to use Senran Kagura Burst tissues

By "safe", I mean "in public, without wrecking it or making you look like an otaku creeper". You just can't interact, or for that matter not interact with this promotional tissue box for Marvelous sexy 3DS action game Senran Kagur...


Get a Web Koihime Musou beta key from us and Gamania!

[Update: Gamania Entertainment has changed the beta sneak peek date to April 10th 8:00 pm PDT/ 3:00 UTC, your keys will be effective on that date. Any players who received their codes by March 28th will be receiving an additional 300 in gam...


Look surprised: K-ON! movie is making a lot of money

Like it or not, K-ON! is an incredibly succesful franchise. Testament to that is the news of how much money has been generated following the release of the film just two days ago. Just to reiterate, it's been out two days. With me? Good.&nb...


Do you know how much all the K-ON movie merch costs?

I'll tell you. A lot of money. More specifically, over 70,000+ Japanese Yen, according to an anonymous otaku who may or may not be the person who spent roughly $920 to buy all that stuff. Yup. Face masks, eye shades, clear files, posters, c...


Rejoice, Xbox 360 pervs: Oneechanbara Z going overseas

Well, it might be, given that D3 Publisher went so far as to do their gameplay trailer dubbed in English (check it below), with Japanese subtitles instead of the other way around. This doesn't happen too often for Japanese games withou...


Have a taste of Moe-dern warfare on your 3DS

Oh, how I would love for that to be the true name of Moe Moe Daisensou Gendaiban 3D. Although, considering it mainly involves vehicles, it would be closer to a "Moe Moe Battlefield" type of game. But no, I think I'll stick with the pun. In ...


Exclusive: Make Zombies with Sword Girls' card crafting

It's not just zombies you'll be able to craft in the upcoming moe online card battler Sword Girls, but after checking out the exclusive card-crafting tutorial Zeonix furnished us with - a perfect complement to Destructoid's in-depth preview...


It's Moe Day, celebrate it with a headphone moe gallery

Happy Monday, everyone! Or should I say, Moe-nday? OK, I apologize for that, but bad puns don't change the fact that today is Moe Day! How do we know that, you ask? It's Moe Day because some kanji otaku noticed that the radicals of the char...


Sword Girls is no children's card game

Well, to be fair it could be a children's card game if said children didn't mind the uber-moe character designs spread out all over every card. If someone can adopt that mindset for the likes of Busou Shinki, then they can do so for Sword G...


C'mon let's dance: Angel Beats! dated for July release

Section23 and Sentai Filmworks announced some time ago that they've snagged last years Angel Beats!, and now, they've finally released some more details on when we can get our grubby little hands on it. The date July 26th was revealed for t...


YES: K-ON! manga relaunch to cover HTT's college years

YES, YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES. The new comic launches in Manga Time Kirara May 11th, and stars Yui, Ritsu, Mio and Mugi as they go through life at university. The next Genshiken? I think so. Also launching in Manga Time Kirara Carat is ano...


Viruses go moe in Kawaii Security

In the latest attempt to moe-ify everything, Sansai Books plans on releasing Kawaii Security on March 14. Through the use of cute drawings, the book is meant to educate readers on the subject of computer viruses and how to keep them from wr...


This is what A Channel might be like

I don't really know much about this spring's upcoming anime, A Channel, except that some seem to speak of it in ways that suggest it being a contender for Lucky Star's cute-girls-shoot-the-breeze crown. Whatever the truth to that statement,...


The next wave of Squid Girl's invasion is confirmed!

I liked Squid Girl. So did Lauren. Apparently, a lot of other people in Nippon-land did too, because Invasion! Squid Girl has just been confirmed for a second season. So yeah, she's gonna be Squiddin' us sometime soon. Few details have been...


Put your art skills to the test and design a new Vocaloid

Hey, Vocaloid Festa is almost here! What's that, you ask! It's a community event for that most community-driven of virtual idols, the Vocaloids! Creators the world over will congregate to celebrate the future of cheesy techno-pop. Yamaha, o...


Catherine gets classy retailer swag

Now that we're roughly a month from the Atlus' sexy puzzle/homewrecker game Catherine's store date and with a playable demo coming in a matter of days, this is probably the last time I'll be able to gush like a hype-addled fan, ignorant of ...


OH SNAP: Manga author protests Bill 156, refuses award

In a gesture that can only be regarded as a big middle finger to the Tokyo Metro Government and Governor Ishihara, a prominent mangaka has decided to refuse an honor given to him by the upcoming Tokyo Anime Fair.Noboru Kawasaki, known for h...


A Channel trailer shows off the ghosts of moe past

Studio Gokumi must have been big fans of Lucky Star circa 2007, because they've managed to find another cutesy 4-panel manga called A Channel and make an anime out of it. No, there's no Konata, but forgive me if I can't shake the Lucky Star...


Wake up to Squid Girl!

Her adopted sister, Eiko's, daily pain can be your daily pleasure!If you install the Ika Musume (aka Squid Girl) iPhone app, you can hear Ika Musume's energetic voice telling you the time every hour! Ika's silly expressions will change cons...


Rub Hinako all over your filthy body

Isshoni Training is an OVA series in which a moeblob teaches socially inept otaku how to live. Issoni Training 026: Bathtime with Hinako and Hiyoko is the latest installment, in which otaku take a bath with main character Hinako and her fla...


Kugyu fans delight: Hayate the Combat Butler film coming

What better way to celebrate the anniversary of Tsundere Day than with the announcement of a new movie starring the Queen of Tsundere, Rie Kugimiya ("Kugyu" to you otaku). An announcement in Weekly Shounen Sunday confirmed that a ...


Rio's Rainbow Gate trailer is completely pointless

While watching shows like Otome Yokai Zakuro and Arakawa Under the Bridge (which, conveniently, we cover in our weekly Annotated Anime) make me feel a little more positive about the anime industry, it's shows like this one, Rio's Rainbowgat...


Issho ni Training 026 Ofuro/Bath trailer is almost porn

It is. Watch the trailer for Issho ni Training 026 Ofuro/Bath after the break (it starts around 1:36) and look at what's going on there. No more exercise clothes, no more pajamas, this is just a naked girl in a tub, and then another girl jo...


Sentai set to release Clannad movie and dub After Story

Fans of sickeningly overbearing moe will be pleased to hear that more Clannad is coming their way. ANN reports that Sentai Filmworks' David Williams confirmed in the AnimeOnDVD forums that Key's Clannad movie would be re...


Strike Witches movie announced

What's better than girls with no pants and rocket legs on T.V.? Girls with no pants and rocket legs on the big screen! According to the Nico Nico Live stream, a Strike Witches movie is on the way! Details are scarce now, but ...


NISA bringing console-tan RPG Neptune to English

Hey, remember Superdimension Game Neptune, that oh-so-meta PlayStation 3 game featuring contemporary game consoles and developers personfied as cute anime characters? Of course you do!NIS America remembers, too, which is why they've just an...


Former Prime Minister Taro Aso hawks moe sake

Woah, moe sake? Feels a little deja vu in here. But here's a new twist: Taro Aso, former Prime Minister of Japan from 2008 to 2009, is encouraging young Japanese people to drink moe sake.Kotaku heard about a recent event...


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