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Lawson is giving away this stupid Nisemonogatari hat

Remember Yotsugi Ononoki, the familiar from the "Tsukihi Phoenix" story in Nisemonogatari? Remember that derpy hat she wore? Now you too can put that silly hat on your head! From May 22 to June 4, Lawson convenience store customers can buy ...


Hatsune Miku goods are now available at Hot Topic

Alright Miku fans, pack it in, Vocaloid is over. Hot Topic has started selling various Hatsune Miku-branded merchandise at its oh-so-counterculture mall stores. You can buy shirts for girls and guys adorned with the blue-haired idol's ...


Strict-G takes Gundam into the realm of pricey fashion

A lot of merchandise for geeks isn't well designed. Oftentimes all you need to do to make an item sell is slap a logo and some stock character art on a t-shirt or box, and boom, fans will eat it up. Items with a bit of thought put behind th...


Put your guns on for Sengoku Basara leg mouse pad

Boob mouse pads still make me laugh a bit inside every time I see them. Maybe it's just the idea that they're real products, maybe it's how classy they try to make some of them look. For whatever the reason, it makes me smile. Girls (or any...


Hello, Kitty Genesis Evangelion

Sanrio, GroundWorks, and Khara have teamed up to bring you a Hello Kitty, Evangelion mash-up. This is to coincide with the third movie coming out this fall, Rebuild of Evangelion: You Can (Not) Redo (or Q in Japan). There are a total o...


Anime apps, now ruling my smartphone world

A long time ago there was this app called Bisei Tokei: some developers cleverly rounded up a dozen notable Japanese voice actors and made them say lines from our favorite anime. The end result was an iOS app that would turn your iPad or iPh...


Tiger & Bunny 3D mouse pads are clearly a work of art

I absolutely adore Tiger & Bunny. Shows with tons of colorful characters have a way of sucking me in quickly and without fail. Given its western sort of sensibilities, I really didn't expect the show to gain a huge following in Japan. O...


Casio wants you to take some Ultra pictures

Casio has released a special version of their Exliim EX-S200 camera in celebration of Ultraman's 45th anniversary. Dude, I have to have this! The camera and case are adorned with beautiful images of his Ultra-ness, and c...


New Citizen watch brings some sexy back into Appleseed

Citizen Watches Co. Ltd have just shown off some drool inducing images and video of their new Eco-Drive Satellite Wave line of watches. Apparently these new time pieces will use GPS triangulation to automatically adjust time, no matter wher...


Rub Hinako all over your filthy body

Isshoni Training is an OVA series in which a moeblob teaches socially inept otaku how to live. Issoni Training 026: Bathtime with Hinako and Hiyoko is the latest installment, in which otaku take a bath with main character Hinako and her fla...


K-ON!! fans can waste money on a branded cassette player

Oh man, the marketing guys in charge of K-ON!! must think they can take a dump in a box and have people buy it as long as it has a picture of Mio on the outside. Check out their latest scheme as found by Alafista: fans who preordered t...


Awesome Evangelion chopsticks!

The makers of the infamous Lightsaber Chopsticks, and the Sengoku Warlords Samurai Chopsticks now bring you the Rebuild of Evangelion Entry Plug Chopsticks! What otaku wouldn't want a set of these? There are chopsticks available for fo...


Advertise your love of moe with K-ON ties and other merch

It seems that no matter what industry professionals like Dai Sato seem to think of it, shows like K-ON remain massively popular with the core otaku crowd and aren't going away anytime soon. So what else is a license owner to do besides ride...


Otakon '10: FUNimation reveals anime prepaid debit cards

Are you sad that when you go to the supermarket checkout, you're stuck using boring old credit or debit cards with eagles and other patriotic things on them? Do you wish that cute girl putting your groceries in your bag knew just how much y...


It's sexy time; Shunyama's One Voice hits stores

For those of you, like myself, who worship the art of Shunya Yamashita, your newest testament is here. That's right, Kotobukiya has finally published Shunya Yamashita's latest art book, One Voice. The third to date, One Voice features some ...


Forget bars, stay at home with moe sake

It's nice to go out to have a few drinks at a bar, but being social has a cost - as in literally, from your wallet. As a poor, recent college grad, I cringe every time I think of how much I could be saving by buying a few beers from a store...


Haruhi Fruit Juice...has Haruhi on it! How unexpected!

This summer heat wave has been brutal for me so far. I know many states probably have it worse than New York, but that doesn't mean we're not suffering here too. We're even seeing massive power outages from people using too much air conditi...


Rakuten buys Buy.com

Rakuten is like a huge Japanese online shopping mall. We've linked to offerings that fall under their umbrella countless times since Japanator has been open for business. They've grown up to be one of the largest internet companies in the w...


Buy this mousepad to support your foot fetish

I have a thing for Houkago Play, a fantastic one-volume series from Japan about a guy and his ultra-tsundere girlfriend. Their relationship is so choked with sexual tension, all they do is play videogames while she berates him. But she's re...


Otaku clothing: One is hot, one is not

One of these pieces of otaku clothing is hot, the other is definitely not. I think we're all on the same page on this. I hope we're all on the same page on this.Let's start with the Mobile Suit Gundam pants. Look, we all like Gundam, but we...


Nodame Cantabile's live-action Chiaki gets his own figure

[As posted on Tomopop]Being that I absolutely loved the Nodame Cantabile live-action drama, I find myself wanting this more than I probably should, but I really can't help that Medicom does such a fantastic job with its "...


Several Japanese carriers to offer unlocked phones

For years I've been wanting to get my hands on a sweet NTT Docomo or Softbank phone, but have been unable to due to government enforced restrictions. While it was theoretically possible to own a Japanese handset, using one in Amer...


Wear moe girls on the inside of your surgical mask!

Digging up in the attic, you might have come across a box of grandpa's old ties. At first glance, the ties seemed to be pretty boring and plain, until you flipped them over and noticed naked girls or pinup pictures on the inside print of th...


Be the coolest kid in school with this moe sofa

For the low low price of 100,000 yen ($1081), you can own your very own moe sofa! That's right, if you're that desperate to scare girls away from you, then this will be the perfect accessory to achieve those aims, all while fulfilling your ...


Ultra-hip Strike Witches jackets sell out in 13 minutes

50 people are now the coolest kids in their respective schools, guaranteed. After just 13 minutes, all 50 of K-Supply's customizable Strike Witches jackets were sold out. Costing 30,400 yen (after shipping), the jacket could be customized w...


This is happening: Ladies vs. Butlers! replica panties

Sometimes, I worry that something like this is going to be the last post before I die. All the good work and legitimate effort I've put into my writing career is marred by this one last item. Nonetheless, I am determined to bring all the La...


The Toradora! straps collection will weigh my phone down

It's no secret that I love me some Toradora!, and if you ever pay attention to the Japanator twitter account, you'll see that I post pictures of Taiga from time to time, attempting to induce sugary-sweet heart attacks in my followers. So fa...


Sega's February Kimi ni Todoke plushes are HHHNNNGGG!

My God. The cuteness, it's killing me. Sega, for their UFO catchers, decided to put these cute little Kimi Ni Todoke bag straps as one of the prizes, ensuring that whoever takes a look at your bag will suffer an instant overload of cute in ...


Do Want: Yotsuba 2010 calendar

Tell me what day it is in the most light-hearted, mindless way possible. Give that to me and have me start my day out right everyday. This page-a-day calendar, running from April 2010 through March 2011, would certainly do that. Up for preo...


Smoked cheese: Perfect companion to the Haruhi movie

This past weekend, The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi movie hit theatres, and is sure to make a big splash in the otaku community. Instead of getting popcorn and M&Ms to make your movie-going experience complete (I dare you to suggest...


Get some Evangelion bike shorts to go with your Eva bike

Remember that super-awesome Neon Genesis Evangelion bike from Media Magic that we told you about recently? Well, the folks at Media Magic knew that they couldn't simply end things with just an Evangelion bike -- they had to give you all the...


#otakumanup and wear your Love Plus love on your chest

Love Plus has grabbed our staff's attention recently. The addictive romance sim has sucked people in and proved to be a huge hit to the folks at Konami, who really wanted to see this title succeed. Well, the merchandising is in full force, ...

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Perform some kick-ass tricks on your new Evangelion bike!

When I was in Japan, all the cool kids were practicing their extreme bicycle tricks at the train stations late at night -- as though it were 1997 all over again. So, now those cool kids can be even cooler with these official Neon Genesis Ev...


SMT: Persona 3 Portable to hit stores on July 6th 2010

There's no reason you shouldn't have already seen this coming, but now it's official. Atlus is about to drop some massive amounts of awesome when they release Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 for the PSP stateside. It looks like the ...


New Tenori Tigers shirt arriving at J-List

Our good friends over at J-List.com tipped us off about their latest shirt they've got coming in: a Tenori Tigers shirt, spoofing the Japanese baseball team, the Hanshin Tigers. If you've watched Toradora!, you know that Taiga Aisaka is giv...


Touhou oil painting for the true fan (auction of the day)

Who here likes Touhou? What's better than bullet hell shooters featuring shrine maidens? Not much, apparently, as Pixiv artist Kabaji has put up on the Yahoo! Japan auction site three Touhou oil paintings featuring: Marisa, Rumia, and Cirno...


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