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Final Fantasy XV photo

Go on a Sunday drive with Final Fantasy XV

Based on what we've seen so far, the most interesting parts of Final Fantasy XV  are looking less like "epic adventure" and more like "awesome road trip". And I'm totally down with that notion. Riding in a car with your buds can ...

Cosplay photo

Beat Down Boogie shows off PAX East '15's cosplays and games

For a good while, I've been interested in attending one of the PAX conventions. Unfortunately, there were a few life-related events that prevented me from traveling to these events. Once again, Beat Down Boogie does another video that show...

PAX 2013 photo

PAX: Cosplay

At every convention that I go to the first thing I normally scope out are cosplayers. Why, you may ask? Well, to be frank, cosplayers are the people that literally wear their passion on their sleeves. It’s something that I know that I...

PAX 2013 photo

PAX: General impressions

The Seattle video game epic that is known as PAX Prime is now over. All four days were loud and crowded as usual, but what would you expect from a convention that had been spawned from Penny Arcade. The total amount of things to see and do ...


PAX Prime 2012 Preview Spectacular

PAX Prime 2012 in Seattle ended last week, though it was more than both Josh Totman and I could handle. Waiting in lines, walking all around the convention center and rushing to scheduled meetings could take a lot out of you, especially wh...


PAX 2012: SEGA

If I had to choose my favorite guys at the show, it would be SEGA hands down. These guys took care of us like no one else. They got us in to play some of their hot new titles that are coming up in the next couple of months to well into 2013...


Congratulations: Kirby fans break a world record at PAX

To all of you Kirby fans that attended PAX last weekend, I would like to commend you for your hard work in helping Nintendo with their event in commemorating Kirby's 20th anniversary. Your combined effort manage to change the world rec...


PAX 2012: Cosplay

Just like every good convention that is geek related in any sense. There is always going to be someone in a costume. Luckily, I was there with my trusty camera to capture as many of them as I could. There was so much good quality cospl...


PAX 2012: Day 2 and Day 3 Gallery

PAX Prime has been busy as hell for Josh Totman and me. SO busy, in fact, that we just couldn't keep up last night with the galleries. Instead, we're opting for a one large post that sums up the final two days of PAX 2012. Check back here f...


PAX 2012: Day 1 Gallery

In case you didn't know, Japanator is at PAX 2012! We're here to take kewl pix and score hott gamer chicks who love games almost as much as your personality.  We don't have much to report now (check out our brother site Destructo...


Here's the best cosplay of PAX prime yet

At least, it's the best to a Valkyria Chronicles fanboy like myself. And look, they even have Hans, the winged pig mascot of Squad 7![Thanks to Kris of SegaAddicts for the picture!]


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