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Japanator Live photo

Japanator LIVE - Nier Automata

[Stream will begin at 10PM US Central Time over at the Japanator YouTube page and the video of the stream will also be posted here during and after the stream, so check it out!]   The new year is finally here so le...

God Eater 2: Rage Burst photo

Review: God Eater 2: Rage Burst

Monster Hunter is one of the behemoths of gaming in Japan, it still sells like crazy every time and has made its own genre (Yes, I know about Phantasy Star Online). Many have tried to hunt down the same success but only one franchise ever c...

Persona 5 photo

PS4 and Persona 5 get dramatic price drop song commercial

Two new PlayStation 4 models just got announced yesterday, where the original PlayStation 4 got a price drop to $299 (or 29,980 Yen in Japan) in the form of a new sleeker slim model. In the US, Sony conducted one of their "PlayStation Meet...

God Eater Resurrection photo

Review: God Eater Resurrection

The Monster Hunter franchise's meteoric rise in Japan in the past decade has given birth to a new genre that is still going strong in Japan with numerous contenders that spring up every so often. While many Japanese games that tried to...

Golden Week Sale! photo

Celebrate Golden Week with great discounts on PSN!

It's Golden Week once again and the Playstation Network is here again with some discounts on Japan-inspired games and movies! I've been waiting for these games for a few of these games to go on sale since I love Japanese games and may pick ...

Dissidia  photo

Dissidia Final Fantasy is looking pretty hot

Time to get brawling in Midgar! Team Ninja's newest outing for Square Enix is a fresh entry to the Dissidia fighting series. The upcoming Sony PS4 game is an adaptation of the arcade game, with some sexy new upgrades. I never really got in...

PS Vita photo

Get ready to make great manga on your PS Vita

Japanese game publisher Granzella announced intentions to bring out their manga making app for the Playstation Vita, Manga Ka Keru sometime this year. While there doesn't seem to be many details about the app, the Vita's multiple touch scre...

Bloodborne photo

The hellish theme of Bloodborne remade

You may or may not have seen the full leaked trailer of a early-build 'Project Beast' trailer that's been passing around in the internet ether (Now known as Bloodborne), but what struck me was the unrelenting song accompanying the great vi...

Video games photo

Play Battle Princess Arcadias this June in NA and Europe

Some of you may have been following the NIS-developed Battle Princess Arcadia, a side scrolling action RPG for the PS3. We've been treated to a few screenshots and videos, but NISA just dropped the release date for the localization: June 17...

Demon Gaze photo

Review: Demon Gaze

There's something comforting and satisfying about Japanese turn-based RPGs, growing your party and exploring the unknown in the name of loot and power. Every progressive inch forward is one step closer to realizing your ultimate demolition ...

PSN photo

Sony unleashes JRPG sale on PSN for Golden Week

April 29 is the beginning of Golden Week, a series of holiday over the course of several days that's been converted into a sort of national spring break. In order to celebrate it this year, Sony is discounting a ton of Japanese games on PSN...

Suikoden II photo

Star of Destiny: Suikoden II finally coming to PSN

Well, this news just made my day. It seems that the ESRB ratings, always a good source for accidentally outing new games, has opted to rate a very old game: Suikoden II. Konami's classic JRPG (and one of my favorite games of all time) might...

PSN sale photo

PSA: PlayStation 99-cent weekend is on, get Tokyo Jungle now

Doing something this Easter weekend? Well delay that, because you may want to check out the PlayStation Network store's new 99-cent flash sale, which puts a buttload of games on sale of just short of a dollar. The list is a mix of PS3 and P...

Video game photo

Project Diva F 2nd developers talk PS4

It appears that the creators of the Hatsune Miku: Project Diva series are excited for its next (possible) iteration on the PS4. Producer Seiji Hayashi expressed: "Although nothing has been decided yet, personally I think it’s hardwar...

Video games photo

Freedom Wars for PS Vita coming to the west this year

Great news for PS Vita owners! Freedom Wars, a new title in the "monster hunter" genre by Shift (God Eater), was just announced for a localized release for the west, accompanied by a new trailer on the Playstation channel.  You play a...

Video game photo

Hotaru no Nikki debuts story trailer

Nippon Ichi's small team project, Hotaru no Nikki for the PS Vita, released a trailer that conveys some of the story and atmosphere you'll see in the game. While no gameplay in motion is shown, there are some beautiful panning shots of env...

Persona photo

Persona 4 appears on ESRB for PS3, still rated M

Here's a quick hit and a no-brainer all in one. A listing for Persona 4 appeared on the ESRB's website recently, indicating some sort of release in the near future for the Playstation 3. No other information was given, but I'm going to take...

Girls und Panzer photo

Four-minute Girls und Panzer Vita game trailer, Vor!

Remember that tiny peek of the Girls und Panzer PS Vita game I showed last week? Where we had ten seconds of actual video? Forget about that. THIS is the trailer we've been waiting for. It's a rather substantial trailer, running at nearly ...

Video games photo

PS Vita Game Hotaru no Nikki looks beautiful

When htoL #NiQ: Hotaru no Nikki was first announced, we only had a few descriptions to go by: It's being created by Disgaea developer NIS, it's a downloadable title, and you play as a firefly leading a young girl through a dark, treach...

Sword Art Online photo

Will there be a Sword Art Online game for the PS4?

This is a question I ask myself daily, to be honest. Who wouldn't want to play a Sword Art Online game for the PS4? Even though I don't own one myself, you bet I'll be purchasing one in the future. The producer of Sword Art Online: Hollow F...

PlayStation 4 CM photo

Watch Sony's latest Japanese PlayStation 4 ad

Check out Sony's latest commercial for the PlayStation 4, set to launch in Japan on February 22nd. The ad features a multi-cultural cast of gamers and cosplayers who, rather than actually play anything, jump around and pose for the camera....

Natural Doctrine photo

SRPG sends you to game over land if you lose one member

I'm not really a gamer. I've enjoyed some games in recent memory like Ni No Kuni but for the most part, I get frustrated by video games so I stay away from them and now that I've heard this bit of news about the upcoming strategy RPG Natura...

Mobile Suit Gundam photo

New Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story announced

In the last couple of years, the only two types of Mobile Suit Gundam games I've seen come out are either part of the Musou series or of the Extreme variety. You're either crushing a ton of chump units in space or you're duking it out in an...

Space Dandy photo

FUNimation drops some Space Dandy streaming science

I don't know if you've heard, but Space Dandy is kind of a big deal. With such a big release hitting both Japan and abroad in so many places, FUNimation has gone and posted where and when you can watch it. You can watch Space Dandy over at ...

To-Love-Ru photo

To-Love-Ru Darkness puts Vita screens to good use

Fans of touch-screen antics and scantily clad school girls take note: To-Love-Ru Darkness is getting a dungeon crawler for the Playstation Vita. The game, known as To-Love-Ru Darkness: Battle Ecstasy, is a dungeon crawler that has the usele...

Dragon's Crown photo

Dragon's Crown drops its fifth and final patch

The tail on Dragon's Crown is pretty impressive. A couple of months later and Atlus is still dedicated to improving and adding to an already feature filled game. Well, with the fifth patch, it seems that Atlus is done, but man, they have le...

Vidya photo

Final Fantasy XIV coming to steam?

If you were one of those people waiting for permission from your Steam overlords to purchase a copy of Final Fantasy XIV, you're in luck. In a recent notice relating to server maintenance, it notes that additional "worlds" or servers would ...

Digaea 4 Return Trailer photo

Disgaea 4 Return gets a new trailer

The Disgaea games are great fun, but it's becoming an increasing problem to find some good time to sit down by the TV and play some console games. In fact, it's the commute to work where I get most of my gaming fixes, so the PS Vita is act...

Persona photo

Persona director says fans will be happy

Have you already caught wind of this snazzy website? I hadn't. At first glance, it may not seem like it has anything to do with a new Persona game, but some internet sleuths digging through the page’s code have found tags related to t...

HD: Re;Birth PV photo

Hyperdimension Neptunia's Vita remake gets a trailer

Enjoy the Neptunia series, but just couldn't enjoy some of the problems in the original game? Compile Heart has got your back, as they'll be releasing a remake of Hyperdimension Neptunia for the PlayStation Vita on the 31st of October. Ins...

Atlus photo

New AquaPazza trailer features team Utawarerumono

Here's another trailer for Atlus' upcoming 2D fighter, AquaPazza, this time focusing on team Utawarerumono's Hakuowlo, Oboro, Karulau and Touka. There's not much else to add, other than their moves looking pretty spectacular, and while Hak...

Vidya photo

Disgaea D2 officially released in North America

That's right, it's official. Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness has hit stores in North America, quenching our thirst for endless grinding, large numerical values and strategy, and while I usually avoid the series like the plague,  becaus...

Review: One Piece PW2 photo

Review: One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2

"A fusion of Dynasty Warriors and One Piece? Sign me up!" That was my reaction to the news that One Piece: Pirate Warriors (reviewed) was in production, sometime near the end of 2011. It was one of the titles topping my "games to import" li...

Final Fantasy VII photo

Would you like some live-action Final Fantasy VII?

If you can't get Hollywood or SquareEnix to do it, then let the fans do it! Shinra Productions LLC out of Pittsburgh is looking to get funding for a live-action web series based off the Final Fantasy VII video game. This is a big undertakin...

New FF9 Sidequest photo

New sidequest discovered in Final Fantasy 9

The ninth instalment of the Final Fantasy series is held in high regard by a lot of people, which only makes it all the more shocking that a previously undiscovered sidequest has been found a good thirteen years after the game released. Ind...


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