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PSA: PlayStation Network Store to go down in Korea

Now yes, I know this site is called "Japanator", which would nominally keep Korean news off our radar - not until we launch our peninsular offshoot "Joseonator", anyway - but I'd think this news is significant enough to put up. Sony will be...


Gravity Rush demo available in North America today

Gravity Rush is my current game of the year. If you're following me on twitter, you've probably grown sick of the way I drone on and on about how much I love this game. Everything from the aesthetic to the amazing feeling of flinging yourse...


Jet Set Radio grinds on to the Vita

Looks like our graffiti loving group is not only going to be on Xbox Marketplace and PSN, but also on the Vita this summer. The Vita version will be a direct port of the HD version with Vita enhanced controls. Meaning that the graffiti tagg...


Rare no more: Digital Devil Saga series coming to PSN

  Ah, Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga. Produced back in the pre-Persona craze days, when Atlus USA could only afford to do one print run of any given series (a rep they still hold today, though to a much...


Guilty Gear is back!

Well how about them apples? Arc System Works' high speed and mildly insane classic fighting game series is looking to make something of a come back with the PSN and Xbox Live release of Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus. A port of the upcomin...


PSA: PlayStation Network is now called something else

Because keeping things simple isn't in Sony's nature, the entertainment giant has announced that as of today, PlayStation Network is no more. Account holders are getting sent emails outlining the new terms of service updates, which are fair...


Ragnarok Odyssey demo downloads exceed 100,000!

I've been enjoying every moment with my Playstation Vita. Recently I've been playing a whole lot of Tales of Innocence R, which I've been surprised to find is actually a pretty big improvement over the DS version. The next big game I'm exci...


Japanator Recommends: Corpse Party

It's a shame that the humble visual novel so rarely sees a release outside of Japan. Games like those in the Ace Attorney series have helped generate interest out here in the west, but they are still far from commonplace. However, companies...


Japanator Recommends: Cladun x2

Most of us will be fairly familiar with the kind of titles that NIS America take out of Japan. The Disgaea series is perhaps the most well known collection of titles amongst the catalogue, but they have also brought us other stunning games ...


Finally, Final Fantasy Tactics PSP is on PSN

  Final Fantasy Tactics on the PSone is one of the greatest strategy games ever made, and also one of the greatest Final Fantasy games ever made. Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, the remastered PSP rel...


Macross Frontier live event inside Playstation Home

What? Something cool is happening on Playstation Home? You gotta be kidding me! A full "Virtual Live" Macross Frontier concert will take place inside of Playstation Home, complete with fully 3D rendered Ranka and Sheryl. Do you ha...


PSA: Japan PlayStation Network back up on July 6th

The picture you see above is an illustration of the lovely Dame Ravness, a lady knight and recruitable character in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. I've been playing that game a lot recently and it's very good. I'd recommend it for any...


Kara no Kyoukai is on the PlayStation Network, go get it

I'm currently punishing myself for letting this pass under my radar, but it turns out that all seven episodes of the awesomely animated, ufotable-produced adaptation of Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners is now available for y...


PSN back up in Asia, apology packages are a bust

In case you've been under a rock for the past month or so, or simply not a PlayStation owner , you should know that the PlayStation Network went down. Went down big time. But that was a while ago. It's back up again. Mostly. The store's sti...


Japan's Playstation Network is finally up

According to reports, Sony has finally restored access to Playstation Network throughout Japan and the pacific rim. Access to the Playstation Store remains disabled, but every other basic service, including Playstation Home (joy,) will be o...


Yay! PSN coming back soon-ish, so change your passwords

No one ever thought it would take this long, but it did. The PlayStation Network is on the road to recovery, after nearly a month of downtime following a catastrophic hacking attack that saw the perpetrators make off with untold amounts of ...


Panic! Your PlayStation Network data is probably at risk

If you've been trying to get online with your PlayStation 3 in the past few days, chances are you've not met much success. That's because the PlayStation Network's been offline, six days and counting. Now Sony's chosen to break out the bad ...


Thanks for participating in the Ys giveaway contest!

If for some reason you weren't aware, we had an awesome contest on Twitter over the course of Thursday and Friday giving away PSN codes for Ys I and II Chronicles for their PSP or PSP Go. Along with XSEEDGames we gave away five codes t...


Japanese PlayStation Home gets Disgaea 4 space!

It seems like the Japanese version of PlayStation Home is always getting these nice additions that America never gets to see. Well this time is no exception. The Japanese PlayStation Home is receiving a Disgaea 4 home space. The new space i...


Aksys is bringing Arcana Heart 3 over, here's a trailer

Fancy some 2D fighters that don't feature characters from filthy gaijin comic books or old man Guile? Aksys has a new option for you. The folks behind 999 and Record of Agarest War have just announced that they're handling the North America...


Macross Frontier concert to be held in PlayStation Home

If you've got a Japanese PSN account and access to the Japanese version of PlayStation Home then you're in for a treat! PS Home will be hosting a virtual Macross Frontier concert featuring avatars bearing the likeness of Sheryl an...


SNK Playmore to flood PSN with classic titles

I'm not quite sure how to take this news. It's cool to see classic SNK titles headed for the Playstation Network, but at the same time, I own most of these. In fact, we're talking multiple copies. Still, I'm sure someone might wan...


Spelunker HD coming to PlayStation Network...right now!

I only know two things about the original Spelunker. First, that it was stupid-hard, to the point that many Japanese gamers consider it a classic "crap game" (a title usually reserved for truly terrible and so-bad-they're-good ...


Record of Agarest War 2 gets sexier

Record of Agarest War 2 is getting a PlayStation Move patch. Oh, what ever could you do with it? Play the whole game in a brand new way, or simply add touchy-feely controls to bathhouse and massage minigames?Yeah, we're gonna go w...


Get it while you can: High School of the Dead is on PSN

Wanted to experience the fanservice-filled zombiefest that is Highschool of the Dead, but lacking in a subscription to The Anime Network? You were largely out of luck, with regards to officially-sanctioned means of viewing.But don't worry, ...


New details on Tokyo Jungle confirm that yep, it's weird

[As posted on Destructoid] When I posted about Tokyo Jungle yesterday, I noted that the game promised something called "hunting action." Many of you took this to mean that Tokyo Jungle was yet another contender for Monster Hunter'...


Konami's getting its anime all up in your PlayStation

It might sound counter-intuitive, but in Japan, there's actually not that much anime available on Sony's PlayStation Network video store, especially compared to what you can find on the North American or European PSN versions. It might be r...


You can get the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 demo now

We've talked about the new Naruto Shippuden fighting game before, and I stand by my words when I say it looks pretty damn awesome. Whatever you might think of Naruto as an anime, the Ultimate Ninja Storm games are a ton of hyperactive fun.A...


Sony tugs Queen's Blade off the PlayStation video store

Wait, that didn't sound right.It always surprises me to be reminded that Sony's PlayStation Network video store is a veritable treasure trove of downloadable anime goodness. If you're not averse to dubs and are willing to deal with its slow...


Fate/EXTRA isn't a Persona clone! It's got battles in it!

No, no, no, Fate/EXTRA is in no way a clone of the latter-day Persona games. Sure, it's on the PSP, just like Persona 3 Portable, but there are a lot of RPGs on that platform! And yeah, half of its game play consists of a high-school-life s...


Despair, for you might never get another Sakura Wars

OH NOES!An interview with NIS-America president Haru Akenaga on Siliconera noted that Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love (which I heartily recommended here) hasn't sold quite as well as expected. This might be pure speculation on my part, but fo...


BlazBlue gets ready to squeeze every last penny from you

Last year's BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger from Guilty Gear veterans Arc System Works was a breath of fresh air in a stagnant genre. While in 2009 fighting games received a sudden renaissance across the board, including prominent new entries in...


FINALLY: Xam'd DVD/Blu-rays coming in September

It's finally happening. I remember 2008 like it was two years ago, back when everyone was watching their anime in low, low resolution. The dinosaurs walked the earth then, too!Upon trudging out of the primordial soup, Sony went and announce...


Japanator Recommends: Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love

If you're reading this review, the chances are good that you're more receptive to Sakura Wars' "anime-ness" than the average gamer. In fact, you might be aware of Sakura Wars' earlier western presence as licensed manga and anime. ...


Suggestive eating GO! Record of Agarest War launches

IT IS TIME.The time has come, gamers, for you to prove your sense of shame - or lack thereof. Record of Agarest War is arriving on store shelves (digital and physical) right now, courtesy of Aksys Games. Agarest War features suggestive...


Record of Agarest War due April 27th

Given Aksys Games', er, enthusiastic marketing campaign for Record of Agarest War on the PSN and Xbox 360, you would be justified in thinking that the game was some kind of visual novel, or not unlike voyeurism sim Dead or Alive: Paradise. ...


Oh my: Clannad getting a PS3 port

Of course, it's only for Japan for now, but seeing that the classic Key visual novel Clannad is coming to an HD console is encouraging news even for western gamers, for two reasons:The Clannad PS3 port will be a PSN downloadableAll they're ...


Sakura Wars is out, goodies and downloadables to follow

If you didn't know yet, Sakura Wars:: So Long, My Love is out! The greatest game about American mecha-pilot actresses of this generation - no, of all generations - has graced us all with its presence! You can pick up the dual-language PS2 v...


Blade Kitten is clearly pandering to our tastes

I mean, sure, it's not as if Japan holds the monopoly on having part-cat-part-girl protagonists who ride aliens and swing around floating swords, but it's hard to deny that Krome Studios wants its upcoming PlayStation Network platformer to ...


Get back to Kamuro-cho with the Yakuza 3 English demo

Many begged and pleaded for it, and SEGA finally gave in. Yakuza 3 is on its way to English-speaking shores, and it's stepping off the boat soon, like next month soon. Folks who don't know what the hooplah is all about, or folks just w...


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