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FLCL's sequel brings out The Pillows goodness on June 2

Whenever a title finishes its run, there's a good chance that its story is complete. As FLCL's new seasons hit us with a cool trailer, I'm still siding with those who think that they aren't necessary. Aside from the original show havin...

FLCL photo

FLCL 2 trailer is here for you to Furi your Kuris again

[Trailer has been fixed and is not blocked anymore] There was news earlier last year about a sequel to the beloved anime classic FLCL, which is an anime that many older anime fans above the age of 25 will very fondly remember from the...

Ghost in the Shell Primer photo

Ghost Dive: Your essential primer to Ghost in the Shell

It's been more than two decades since the original Ghost in the Shell film came out, and the name still resonates as one of the most well-known examples of Japanese anime around. At the same time, it's been quite a while since the film...

Garm Wars photo

Garm Wars: The Last Druid looks amazing

Momoru Oshii screened his latest live-action Production I.G. film, Garm Wars: The Last Druid this week at The Tokyo International Film Fest. The amazing looking film is actually his first English language outing for the veteran film maker,...

Psycho Pass photo

Annotated Anime: Psycho Pass episode 1

Psycho Pass season two is in full swing and as usual, your favorite Editor in Chief is late to the game. So, things kind of pick up right where season one left off, albeit a bit too casually. In fact, the whole episode plays off like anothe...

A Letter to Momo photo

A Letter to Momo opens in America this week

The award winning Production I.G. film A Letter to Momo, is set to hit theaters this week, and with any luck might be hitting your home town. The beautiful looking film has the makings of a classic, and is a tale of a shy kid meeting super...

Psycho-Pass photo

New Psycho-Pass movie trailer shows us a lot of nothing

I've been waiting patiently for any new information about the upcoming Psycho-Pass film, slated to hit theaters this winter. You can imagine my frustration when the site posted a teaser trailer, that shows us absolutely nothing! I was a pr...

HAL photo

Check out the first seven minutes of HAL

This one seemed have just slipped by me. Studio WIT, which is a subdivision of the mighty Production I.G. has a new animated film coming out, under the unassuming title HAL. The name gives me some serious Space Odyssey flash backs of glowi...

Review: Hal photo

Review: Hal

Wit Studio is probably best known for their work on the hit anime Attack on Titan, but in stark contrast with high octane action and drama we might associate with Wit, they released a quiet yet ambitious short film OVA, Hal. Being a relativ...

News photo

Production I.G. to adapt Sugiura's Sarasuberi

Last week Production I.G. announced plans to team with Colorful's Keiichi Hara for an upcoming animated feature. The film will be an adaption of the acclaimed 80s' historical manga Sarusuberi from the late Hinako Sugiura who passe...

Haikyu!! photo

First Impressions: Haikyu!!

If we were ranking these new shows based on animation quality alone, Haikyu!! would be king of the mountain; out of everything I've seen so far this season, only the first episode Captain Earth has better animation...maybe. Possibly. T...

Anime photo

New two part Gargantia OVA coming fall 2014

[Update: Added official key visual] We've known for some time that a sequel to 2013's Gen Urobuchi/Kazuya Murata original TV anime, Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, was in the works. At this weekend's AnimeJapan event, it was revealed tha...

Blood-C photo

Blood-C summed up in 60 seconds

You may remember that I wasn't too hot on Blood-C or its sequel, The Last Dark. It really suffers from a listless plot that doesn't do much with its interesting lead character. However, it does have interesting moments, many highlighted in...

Anime photo

Moribito added to Neon Alley's mid-season schedule

Viz Media's streaming network Neon Alley is half way through their fall season of programming. To mark the occasion they'll be adding some new programming to their schedule, starting with the mid-season debut of 2007's Moribito: Guardi...

Card Captor Sakura photo

Card Captor Sakura production material books on the way

Card Captor Sakura is one of my top ten favorite anime series of all time. It's charming, heart warming, exciting, and unique in many ways. I personally think it's Clamp's best work. AnimeStyle will be publishing three separate production m...

Review photo

Review: Blood C: The Last Dark

One of my largest criticisms in my review of Blood C was that it had no definitive ending. Yes, there was a resolution involving most of the characters in town, but it was clear that the show was a 12-episode precursor to the movie, The Las...

Blood C photo

Blood C receives animation award

While it isn't a perfect show, Blood C is an alright horror show that looks and sounds solid. It seems that other publications agreed, as the 12 episode program was awarded the 2013 Reaper Award for Best Animation. Presented by the horror s...

Ghost in the Shell ARISE photo

Ghost in the Shell ARISE border 2: Ghost Whispers trailer

While not without problems, I enjoyed the first entry of Ghost in the Shell ARISE.  I've always been a big GitS fan, and though ARISE made some odd changes (voice actors, character designs), on the whole it felt like a worthy successo...

Psycho-Pass photo

Psycho-Pass will continue!

One of my highlights of this past year was definitely the gritty sci-fi series, Psycho-Pass. The Production I.G. hit brought a lot of Western sensibility as well as some lovely gory moments to the mysterious show. While things wrapped up q...

Psycho-Pass 0 photo

Listen closely to Psycho-Pass 0

I never really got into audio books. I tried to use them when cramming in college, but would always find myself skipping tracks to something more interesting. If there is any sure fire way to get to sleep, try playing an audio book. The id...

Kick-Heart photo

Kick-Heart gets an award kicked its way

Who says good things don't get recognized in today's society, eh? A definite Good Thing, Kick-Heart, the Kickstarter-funded pro-wrestling anime affair from Masaaki Yuasa and Production I.G., has just gotten the nod from New York's Animatio...

Friday Night Fights photo

Friday Night Fights: Grace vs Momo

*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! The crowd was roaring last week, and kicks were flying all over the place! Chun-Li and Chie were both decimating the J-tor Arena as their foots clashed gloriously. As the tide of victory was going in Chun-Li's ...

TRIGGER Kickstarter photo

Editorial: The Success of the Little Witch Academia 2 KS

In less than six hours, TRIGGER reached the goal of $150,000 on their Little Witch Academia 2 Kickstarter project. While this certainly doesn't break any KS records, it is nonetheless a huge victory for fans of animation and original conten...

Yamato 2199 Dub photo

AX '13: Yamato 2199 getting English dub

Hey, remember Star Blazers, the English incarnation of Space Battleship Yamato? Well, it's back! Sort of. Production I.G. and its partners are apparently opting to take advantage of Star Blazers' greater recognition in the west, and is pro...

FI: Gargantia photo

Final Impressions: Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

Full Metal Alchemist: Sacred Star of Milos was a much better film than anybody ever expected it to be. Kazuya Murata's first animated feature, Milos was a beautiful looking feature that felt like a substantial side story in the FMA mythos.&...

Genshiken trailer photo

It's almost time to see our Genshiken pals again!

All members of The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture please stand up! It seems like the wait has been forever, but Genshiken: Second Season is almost upon us! The always amazing Production I.G. are running the show this time, ...

GITS Arise preview photo

The first 8 minutes of Ghost in the Shell Arise rise up

Hankering for another dose of Ghost in the Shell and schlocky Microsoft Surface promos aren't enough to do the job? Bandai and Production IG have just the thing for you! How about eight full minutes of Ghost in the Shell Arise's first epis...

Blood-C Review photo

Review: Blood-C

When I watched Blood C in Summer of 2011, I thought it was a show that had a lot of promise. It started out with the distinct feeling that something wasn't right in an idyllic town that was being pressed upon by nightmarish beasts. Unfortun...

GitS: ARISE trailer photo

Ghost in the Shell: ARISE gets a dramatic trailer

Despite some odd design choices, I'm actually really looking forward to the upcoming Ghost in the Shell: ARISE OVAs. I've been a huge fan of the franchise since I was a kid, and I was thrilled to here we'd be getting more Major action...

Friday Night Fights photo

Friday Night Fights: Gunvarrel vs Gekiganger III

*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! Love Machine tried to absorb Diaboromon with all of his might, but he couldn't keep up with his multiplication ability. That said, Diaboromon finishes Love Machine off with a barrage of Web Wreckers. ...

Attack on Titan piano photo

Check out this cool piano cover of Attack on Titan's OP

It's not secret that I'm in love with Attack on Titan's opening theme, Guren no Yumiya (Linked Horizon). After discovering group leader Revo through Bravely Default's amazing soundtrack, I've been devouring anything the man has touched. Yo...

FI: Attack on Titan photo

First Impressions: Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan has the best opening theme of the season.  There, I said it. Linked Horizon's Guren no Yumiya is a quick moving, almost mesmerizing theme that sets the pace for the rest of the first episode. The visuals hit hard and fa...

Gargantia Impressions photo

First Impressions: Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

I love science fiction. Ever since my first encounter with Gainax's Gunbuster back in the day, I've had a soft spot for scifi anime. The technobabble, space battleships, giant robots; I'm immediately willing to give something a shot if it h...

Sentai's two new licenses photo

Surprise: Sentai grabs Majestic Prince and Shining Hearts

In case you haven't noticed, I was actually being sarcastic about my reaction to Sentai's two new licenses. In their never ending battle to license everything, they are using their preemptive licensing strike to grab Majestic Prince be...

IGPX returns to Toonami photo

Life on the fast lane: IGPX to return to Toonami's lineup

It looks like the final week of April is going to involve some new changes for Toonami, because IGPX (Short for Immortal Grand Prix) is racing back to the lineup after escaping from the limbo that resulted from Bandai Entertainment going do...

Sengoku Basara Last Party photo

Review: Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings - The Last Party

Under normal circumstances, it’s not advisable for one to jump into a continuing series without experiencing its earlier installments. While I broke this rule with Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings - The Last Party, my experience wit...


Ghost in the Shell: Arise OP is... uninspiring at best

Seriously, what happened here? After the incredible openings that both Stand Alone Complex TV series got, this is a complete disappointment. The only thing here that gets me remotely excited is the final shot of Motoko standing with the re...

Ghost in the Shell: Arise photo

Ghost in the Shell: Arise has a brand new trailer

Tonight, Production I.G finally revealed the first bit of footage from their new four film series, Ghost in the Shell: Arise. Their goal? To show the world the power of 2D animation. Those are big words, but I'm certainly cheering for them....


Ghost in the Shell: Arise gets a release date

At tonight's "Ghost in the Shell: Arise Project Launch Event," Production I.G finally revealed just what Ghost in the Shell: Arise is all about. According to President Ishikawa of Production I.G, one of the main goals of the project is to s...


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